Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look Beyond The Bogus Bonus Smokescreen [Add-on!]

As usual, Michele Malkin's got it right and is exactly on point. Her new column Look Beyond The Bogus Bonus Smokescreen reiterates what Glenn Beck covered recently (the printing of one trillion dollars the other day) plus all of the other terrible spending that Resident Obama and the Democratic majority are doing - supposedly without the awareness and behind the backs of most Americans.

Great comments at The Forum

Heard on Fox News this morning that AIG employees are fearful for their lives! A memo went out to not wear their AIG badges in public, travel in pairs, don't discuss AIG. What is this? CONGRESS - EXPRESSLY THAT CROOK CHRIS DODD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DEBACLE!!

Here's a comment from The GOP Forum:

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Re: Malkin: Look Beyond The Bogus Bonus Smokescreen

"We will hunt you down!" thundered Colorado Democratic Rep. Jared Polis...

Who's this clown trying to fool? Neither he nor any of his comrades have any intention of going after their own who perpetrated this.

While this is going on, we'd all better heed Malkin's warning that this is a designed distraction from the Socialist-Democrat Party's scheme to destroy America as we know it.

Geez....America is turning into a vast wasteland of corruption with these absolute IDIOTS in charge!!!

AIG employees have to run for their lives while ACORN shamelessly still works to intimidate people? What is wrong with this picture, people?


Except for the giddy ObamaBorg bots and ACORN, I don't see too many people who are still joyful about the NOBama administration.


How long will America have to suffer under this inept, inexperienced, horribly ignorant, multi-trillion dollar mistake of an administration and clueless Congress?

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Michele Malkin: GOP USA

If you don't abide by God's truth, nor hold to our United States Constitution and what is good and right for our nation, then you get what's left: error, evil, and all that is bad and dangerous for our nation. - Christine

*******! Isn't THIS SPECIAL??

A Version Of Obama’s Civilian Service Corps Approved By House

Are You Ready to Pledge Your Loyalty to Lord Obama?


Update on Obama Citizenship being questioned:

Read this article: Taitz to FBI: Investigate 'tampering' at Supremes
'305 million Americans need to know if foreign national is usurping presidency'

Listen to the video tapes of an interview with Orly Taitz at Citizen Wells blog

Then, see the video clip of Orly confronting Chief Justice John Roberts during a lecture at a university in Idaho.

Orly had previously given the documents to Justice Scalia during a book signing.

Therefore, TWO JUSTICES are now FULLY AWARE of all of the information (provided that they read them!!) in Orly's arguments for her case (that is now suspected of being sidestepped through the alleged illegal tampering of a clerk at the Supreme Court!). If nothing is done from here, then we know that the Supreme Court must have been bought, threatened, silenced, or all three.

If it is found to be true that the SCOTUS clerk DID TAMPER with Orly's case, and something is done about it in the near future, then perhaps we have a chance of ousting Resident Obama.

More and more people are finding out about all of the Obama citizenship cases and the questions surrounding his refusal to release documents about his past.

It has been suggested on other blogs to bring copies of website links (Orly's blog, Citizen Wells, etc.) with you when you attend a Tea Party protest and give out the fliers to those who may not already know the details about Obama's citizenship issues.


SCOTUS Tampering I

SCOTUS Tampering II

READ THIS ARTICLE: Did Supreme Court clerk torpedo eligibility cases?

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Citizen Wells blog


ZachJonesishome said...

Excellent Article. I hope Americans will see through this mess to the politics of it.

I wrote a post this morning that you may enjoy. Hopefully. Have a Great Day and Thank You for your work. Zach

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Zach! I read your article today - it was terrific!! I am having trouble logging in to Wordpress lately, so I wasn't able to write a comment at your blog.

Keep up the GREAT work that you are doing - exposing the corrupt regime of Resident Obama!