Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bilderbergers - Devious Corporate-Globalist Scheme?

When something is placed before my eyes several times within one weekend here on the Internet, I sit up, take notice, and get the feeling that perhaps I should blog about it. I didn't want to blog about several conspiracy theories that have been "out there" for quite some time. However, they kept popping up over the last two days and perhaps readers here might want to share their opinions on them.

The first is the 9/11 "truthers" conspiracy theory that our government was behind (or, in some conspiracy theorists minds - was "allowed" to happen despite our government knowing about it in advance) the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The second is called the "Bilderberg group" conspiracy.

Here's how I got involved in a discussion of the 9/11 "truther" conspiracy.

Over at Citizen Well's blog, a commenter named "Marty Didier" wrote several off-topic comments claiming that he knew certain secrets that not many others would have been in a position to know about 9/11.

You can go to the link above and scroll down to read his comments. In fact, the blog owner shares some additional comments that Mr. Didier wrote at his blog in the past.

If you read the comments, it appears that Didier is linking the Clintons, Bush, and Obama into a "Political Mafia." However, most of his bashing rhetoric seems to be against the Clintons and Bush.

One commenter must have noticed and asked:

Maddie // March 12, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Hi Marty,
Only 1 question: will you be telling us more here
that will involve Obama?

This is where I felt led to reveal some doubts about Mr. Didier's credibility:

Christinewjc // March 12, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Sorry if this makes me into a “party pooper,” but I have my doubts about some things that “Marty Didier” has written.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”

The part that rang the alarm bells about him for me was when he wrote:

“I was told all about 911 in 1996 however at that time they were reviewing three sites and New York was one of them. “

Told by whom?
Is he claiming that our government planned the 9/11 attacks?

I draw the line of credibility with that one statement. IMO - he is not credible if this is what he believes.

Then, others chimed in:

JJ // March 12, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Christine previously wrote: Told by whom?
Is he claiming that our government planned the 9/11 attacks?

Not exactly——technically, they just allowed it to happen…………….read ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ by Michael Ruppert and more of Devvy Kidd’s research and it’s all over the net.
Lots of pictures, books, and material out there if you still believe that 19 Islamic terrorists with box cutters defeated a multi-billion dollar defense system and attacked the most guarded building on this planet, the Pentagon.

I thought, "Oh great...there are two truthers over there to refute."

Then, Jacqlyn Smith shared her doubts about him, too:

Jacqlyn Smith // March 12, 2009 at 11:35 pm

I’m with you Christine….This Marty person must be checked out before we go passing this information on to anyone. CW….do you know if what he writes is legit???

Mr. Didier then wrote another long comment.

I wrote:

Christinewjc // March 13, 2009 at 6:52 pm

I don’t believe you Mr. Didier. The “truther” theories about 9/11 being an inside gov’t job have been debunked - scientifically.

Those who choose to believe that crap have every right to do so.

But I don’t. (believe that crap)

Then, JJ replied again:

JJ // March 14, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Christinewjc // March 13, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Christine previously wrote: I don’t believe you Mr. Didier. The “truther” theories about 9/11 being an inside gov’t job have been debunked - scientifically.

Those who choose to believe that crap have every right to do so.

But I don’t.

(I have 90 items for you to debunk if you believe that 19 Islamic terrorists with box cutters defeated a multi-billion dollar defense system to take down the most guarded building on this planet, namely the Pentagon) was now time to set these people straight from their crazy conspiracy theory about 9/11.

Christinewjc // March 14, 2009 at 1:45 pm
JJ -
You probably won’t believe otherwise, but I will share two links that show you are wrong.

Perhaps others here who may be absolutely aghast about your accusations will be glad to see the truth of the matter.

Photos Of Flt 77 WreckageInside The PentagonExclusive Photos & Story

Popular Mechanics: Debunking the 9/11 Myths

Christinewjc // March 14, 2009 at 1:49 pm

Sorry. That previous link began at “page 2.”

Debunking the 9/11 Myths

Special Report: Popular Mechanics examines the evidence and consults the experts to refute the most persistent conspiracy theories of September 11.

Then, a blogger wrote:

MB // March 14, 2009 at 3:58 pm

google bilderberg group

google narcissist and Obama

I didn't google them. Didn't have to because the very next day (today) I found links to blogs with information about the Bilderberg group.

The first link was to someone named "Alex Jones" who just released (today) a documentary video on his site called, "The Obama Deception."

Here is a link to a review of the movie and the 1 hour, 53 min. YouTube video is also there on the page.

I watched the first few minutes. But when Jones turned out to be another 9/11 "truther," I decided to fast forward to the last 30 minutes of the film. I had read on another blog post that the last 30 minutes was "truly frightening."

It is difficult to accept such a huge conspiracy theory about many of the past presidential administrations. For me, I draw the line at believing that 9/11 was an "inside job." Perhaps you disagree with me and think that Alex Jones, Mr. Didier, and JJ are correct in their views. So be it.

Moving on, I discovered a blog post over at about - you guessed it - the Bilderberg group.

Bilderbergers excite conspiracists.

I read the article, but plan on going back to read the 101 comments tomorrow.

So...readers...what's your take on all of this?

Hat Tips:

Citizen Wells

Popular Mechanics


Hyperman said...

Marty Didier has intrigued me for the last year. I searched for all his comments over the net and assembled them in one word document. He repeats himself a lot with his introduction : 26 years in the family, my kids are still involved, etc. From time to time, he adds some new information / accusations, but he's always using the excuse that he can only access the net on public computers and he doesn't have the time to tell more.

His divorce papers are available online and they fit with his story and the names of his ex-wife's family he mentions here and there.

I still have a couple of theories:

- Maybe he's the real thing and Alex Jones and others were right
- Or he's on a revenge rampage after the divorce and he wants to dirty the name of his wife family.
- Or it's a mental health issue, like paranoid schizophrenia.
- Or it's a disinformation campaign aimed at his wife family from someone / an organization pretending to be Marty Didier.
- Or a combination of the above...

Anyway, it's an intriguing character.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Hyperman.

I have been "studying" Didier's comments for one weekend. You have been studying his comments for an entire year? Wow.

You have come up with some good theories about him.

Did you notice whether or not he posted comments just randomly? Or, did he post them in threads that were related to his "campaign?"

Which of those theories do you belief the most?

I am new to Alex Jones' investigations. The documentary that was released yesterday had some truth to it - no doubt about that. However, I am always leery of 9/11 truthers.

If someone lies about 9/11, how can you trust anything else they would say or write?

Thanks for stopping by. Your comment was very helpful.


Hyperman said...

I had read his comments first on, a blog I used to read until the owner turned out to be crazy. Most of the time, his comments were in context, but they always have the same intro : 26 years in the family, my kids are still involved... It also looks like he read my suggestion to update that number of years he has been using since 2004 (the earliest comment I found by him), he now writes "30 years".

I tried to corner him once with a detail that was not "computing" in one of his story, but the explanation he gave was very satisfying and made sense.

What I don't understand is why he keeps hinting that he knows a lot of secret stuff, giving his name and town to make sure we know who he is, but without offering much substance, giving us info that we could easily have gathered by reading Daniel Hopsicker's book or watching an Alex Jones documentary. I don't understand his goal or what he's trying to achieve.

Also, he often mention that he was personally targeted, that "they" have destroyed his computers in the past and that's why he only access the web through a public library. This for me is what indicates a potential mental health problem, it's typical for paranoid / schizoid individual to feel "special", it's all about them, they feel persecuted, etc. But I'm not saying it's the case, it's only a possibility.

Hyperman said...

About the 9/11 truther, there's something fishy about that whole 9/11 movement. But at the same time, I don't trust the work of the 9/11 (c)ommission. I pretentiously that a lot of people in the 9/11 movement got caught in disinformation traps.

I don't think a lot of people on this planet can pretend to know exactly what happened on that day.

The best work so far I have seen is the 9/11 timeline at History Commons.

ZachJonesishome said...

Hi. I just watched the movie and found it interesting. It has some bits of truth and some big leaps of imagination. I too have a real problem with the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. The main point I came away with is that the government is not the solution to anything and that we all must be very careful not to become sheeple.

This movie, in light of all the deception that Obama and his cult of supporters have shown during the election up until today, might get a lot of traction. The way the Courts and other elected officials have totally failed to require Obama to prove his "natural born citizen" status certainly smells like a conspiracy. If Courts can so easily turn their heads, look the other way and allow someone to serve as President who is very likely not eligible - what else is possible? I would never ask such a question a year ago.

The cult/sheeple mentality of Obama supporters scares the daylights out of me. It certainly does seem to be a time when we can lose our Constitution and Freedoms in the name of a "Crisis". Unfortunately, once government does something, it takes decades to undo it.

The movie is worth a viewing and consideration of its message in a board sense.

Thank you for all your work.

Christinewjc said...

Hyperman -

Thank you for the additional information and the link.

So - you think that the 9/11 OMMISION left out some key information? Without a doubt. Will we ever learn what Sandy Burgler put down his pants from the national archives??

No wonder we can't trust ANYONE in government anymore. It needs a complete overhaul - IMHO.

Perhaps "the 912 project" will launch such a huge movement of people (who will be instrumental in giving all of the Washington crooks a boot out of office) back towards following our Constitution, our Charters of Freedom, and what our Founding Fathers originally intended for this nation.

The cannonfire blog sounded familiar. Took a peak at it today and I think that I have visited it in the past.

Had to chuckle when you wrote, "a blog I used to read until the owner turned out to be crazy." People have said the same thing about me! Ha!

Do you have a blog? I'd like to visit if you do.

Have enjoyed your comments. Hope you stay until you find out how crazy I am. ;-)


Christinewjc said...

Hi Zach,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on this matter. I need to go back and view the entire "The Obama Deception" documentary. It just made me angry to find out that Mr. Jones is a 9/11 "truther." The last 30 minutes were quite say the least!

Oh my...when you wrote:

"The way the Courts and other elected officials have totally failed to require Obama to prove his "natural born citizen" status certainly smells like a conspiracy. If Courts can so easily turn their heads, look the other way and allow someone to serve as President who is very likely not eligible - what else is possible? I would never ask such a question a year ago."

It was like you were reading my mind! I have had many of the same thoughts and have racked my brain trying to figure it all out.

Maybe this "Bilderberger" conspiracy has some merit? Who knows...

You also wrote:

"The cult/sheeple mentality of Obama supporters scares the daylights out of me."

You, me and millions of other Americans too!!

I have to wonder how many are STILL supporters? There are A LOT of people out there who deeply regret voting for Obama. Of course, there will be those who would most likely fight to the death for his neo-Marxist policies. They agree with them all!

However, the ones who voted for "the other Obama" - the one who was propped up to be something he was not - now have the scales removed from their eyes and are now seeing the light of day. Obama's creepy cult, darkness and deception, and immoral policies are evil. Plain and simple evil.

We conservatives tried to warn the masses before voting day. But they would not listen. They got caught up in all the hype and the Media of Mass Deception refused to report the truth about his past and background.

The good news is that the tide is now turning against Obama - and he knows it.

I just hope and pray that Orly Taitz is successful in her quest to expose to all (especially SCOTUS) that Obama needs to be removed from office because he was never eligible in the first place.

I recently read on Leo Donofrio's blog that only an act of Congress can remove him. But I wonder whether or not SCOTUS can give a ruling and force Obama to show his documents.

I don't care which case wins - I just want at least ONE of them to be successful!

You keep up the great work you are doing at you blog. Your blog is a daily read for me.


Hyperman said...

oh, you're a "Birther"... those who believe Obama doesn't have his birth certificate, even if he provided the original birth certificate.

That conspiracy theory sounds like it's borderline racism. Nobody asked for McCain birth certificate even he was born outside the US, he's a good old white boy.

What would convince you that this theory is BS ?

Christinewjc said...


I wear the "birther" label proudly. Until Obama shows the public his vault-length COLB (not that phony "Certification of Birth" on the Internet), then I will continue to believe that he is not a natural born citizen - one of the three requirements written in the U.S. Constitution for POTUS.

You asked:

"What would convince you that this theory is BS ?"

If it turns out that his real birth father was either Malcolm X or Frank Marshall Davis.

According to this Obama timeline, his mother could have been impregnated by either of these two men. Or, since she is labeled as a "free spirit sexually" in the essay - his father could have been anyone.

But why all the secrecy?

I think that even if Obama's father was a U.S. citizen, he lost his citizenship when his mother took him to Indonesia when he was supposedly adopted by Lolo Soetoro. In that case, Obama/Soetoro Jr. would not be a U.S. citizen at all - unless he immigrated back into the U.S. and used the proper channels for citizenship.

If it's true that he is a bastard child of either one of these men, then we will know why Obama Sr. rejected him for most of his life.

Just theories. But Obama resembles either of these two men (especially Malcolm X) more than Obama Sr.

In any case, I sincerely doubt that Obama is hiding his papers out of some type of embarrassment because his father may not have been Obama Sr. There is much more to the story. We won't know the entire truth until we get answers to all these questions.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama -

The American People want to know, who sent you?

Obama has lived for 48 years without leaving any footprints -- none! There is no
Obama documentation -- no records -- no paper trail -- none -- this can't be an

Original, vault copy birth certificate -- Not released

Certificate of Live Birth -- Released -- Counterfeit

Obama/Dunham marriage license -- Not released

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license -- Not released [one website claims divorce papers have been found]

Soetoro adoption records -- Not released

Fransiskus Assisi School School application -- Released

Punahou School records -- Not released

Selective Service Registration -- Released -- Counterfeit

Occidental College records -- Not released

Passport (Pakistan) -- Not released

Columbia College records -- Not released

Columbia thesis -- Not released

Harvard College records -- Not released

Harvard Law Review articles -- None (maybe 1, unsigned?)

Baptism certificate -- None

Medical records -- Not released

Illinois State Senate records -- None

Illinois State Senate schedule -- Lost

Law practice client list -- Not released

University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None

P.S. I also read that Obama Sr. was only 5' 8" (guesstimate) but we all know that Malcolm X was a very tall man (6'3"?).

Isn't Obama 6' 2" ??

Hyperman said...

I'm sure these are all fakes too...



Raised seal

Why the stories about Obama's birth certificate will never die
Barack Obama was, without question, born in the U.S., and he is eligible to be president, but experts on conspiracy theories say that won't ever matter to those who believe otherwise.

Well, one thing is for sure, if that incredible conspiracy theory is true, Obama has balls.

Do you also believe he's a secret Muslim ?