Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama's Abysmal Lack of Discernment [Video Added]

Over at Gateway Pundit, I just read about Obama laughing during his 60 minutes interview. He laughs while our nation is in dire straits economically?? Even the interviewer couldn't believe it! He asked Obama, "are you punch-drunk?"

NOBama acts like a freakin' baby! He has a spiritual shallowness that shows his abysmal lack of discernment. We are seeing this phony deteriorate right before our very eyes.

Why does he keep appearing on news and talk shows? He is self-seeking for his own feelings and experiences. A narcissist at the core!

Think about it people. An infant is completely self-centered. The characteristic that is most descriptive of an infant is selfishness. They scream if they don't get what they want when they want it (forcing Congress to pass his stupid StimuWASTE and OmniBUST bills) - without even reading them??

All that ObamaFRAUD is aware of is his own needs and desires. Who in their right mind would say "gallows humor" when a reporter confronts him about laughing while our economy is in crisis? It is unconscionable to me that we haven't thrown his a** out of office already!

Just like an infant, Obama can't help others. He never says thanks for anything and can't give what is needed to fix this economy. So what does he do? He stays in "campaign mode" and tries to keep his "celebrity idol" image intact. I'm telling you people, his development is so lagging that I don't think we will ever see him get past the stage of helpless selfishness.

What a tragedy for our nation!!

Even leaders in other countries are snickering and laughing at him for his ineptitude!

ObamaUSURPER is totally preoccupied with self. That is why he can laugh during a 60 minutes interview. The guy has no conscience! He appears to have a dark soul - too. His comment gaffe about Special Olympics athletes shows how little he really cares about others. The same can be said about his tragically abnormal psyche and worldview regarding killing infants through abortion - even if they are born alive after a botched abortion.

ObamaCREEP has such a severe lack of discernment that it reveals a spiritual apathy that is deadly evil.

Guess I just needed to vent. I am finding it very difficult to hold back my anger at Obama for the many ways that he is utilizing to try and destroy our great country!

Please God - have mercy on us and save us from this disastrous man and give our nation a REAL, GENUINE LEADER FOR PRESIDENT!!

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Gateway Pundit

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Update on 3/23/09 :

Obama is so high on drugs in this video clip! Isn’t this obvious to everyone? I did not see the video prior to writing the above post last night.

Not only do we have a moron in the Oval Office, he’s also the new “Druggie-in-Chief!”

Punch Drunk Obama


Anonymous said...

You know how difficult it will be to overcome the adulation the American people have for the president. That is the only reason you criticize President Obama. He is your superior in every way. You could not come close to achieving his accomplishments.

Matt W. said...

There is a certain extent to which it's good that Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are totally incompetent... it limits the damage they could do. Can you imagine what a group of competent and skilled Marxist radicals could do with this kind of power? Scary to think about.

What kills me is that it's so obvious that the media is finding it difficult to cover for him. They built him up so much, and told us that the rest of the world was going to love us... then what happened? Those who hated us before still hate us now, with one very important difference... they no longer fear us. The don't believe Obama has the backbone to stand up to them, or the resolve to carry through if he did stand up. I always look back to the Iran Hostage Crisis... for over a year the Iranians thumbed their noses at Carter, they didn't respect him, and more importantly, they didn't fear him... Then they took one good look at Ronald Reagan and released the hostages. Reagan understood, peace through strength is a real peace... peace through appeasement is defeat, and the end of our way of life...

No matter what happens though, my trust is in God, He will provide, and while there may be much to fear in this world, there is nothing to fear in eternity.

Christinewjc said...

Anonymous wrote:

"You could not come close to achieving his accomplishments."

You are correct. I could not come close to achieving his accomplishments for evil.

Joe Biden! Is that you? Everyone on Fox News is looking for you this morning. Where are you hiding now?

Oh wait...I forgot. You couldn't possibly be Joe Biden. Joe isn't very Internet savvy.


"What is the website?"

Joe Biden asks an administration co-worker:

"What's the website number?"

Christinewjc said...

Dear Matt,

Thank you, THANK YOU for your excellent comment!! Words to soothe my aching heart for our country!

Was that question from the 60 Minutes interviewer a clue that some are finally putting down the Kool-Aid? I certainly hope so!

Thanks for the reminder about Clueless Carter and our hero, Ronald Reagan.

What is it about liberals who cannot accept that "peace through strength is real peace?"

Notice that the Lamestream media doesn't talk about the success achieved in Iraq. I read somewhere on a blog that the first group of tourists entered into Iraq this month!

Love this quote:

"No matter what happens though, my trust is in God, He will provide, and while there may be much to fear in this world, there is nothing to fear in eternity."

I am placing it on the front page of my blog right now! What a great reminder that as believers in Jesus Christ - we can have the "peace that surpasses all understanding" - no matter all the turmoil that is going on in the world!

God bless you my friend!


Christinewjc said...

Update on 3/23/09 :

Obama is so high on drugs in this video clip! Isn’t this obvious to everyone? I did not see the video prior to writing the above post last night.

Not only do we have a moron in the Oval Office, he’s also the new “Druggie-in-Chief!”

60 Minutes Kroft To Joking Obama "Are You Punch Drunk?"

Matt W. said...

Either that or drunk with power and giddy as a schoolgirl... not entirely sure which is worse, I think strong arguments could be made either way... but in either case, not a good thing...

I notice in that clip too, on the bottom it says that the Amazing Race is on next. Last night we got home and turned the TV on to watch the Amazing Race and saw him on there, and it was like, well, shoot...

Anonymous said...

I believe Obama is being critized not for his intelligence or because he is our superior, but because he is coming off as an idiot laughing stock. Before I read the drug comment, I too, thought to myself, 'is he high'? I honestly believe he was, and then Steve had to ruin his buzz by calling him on it.

This guy is unbelievable - I'm honestly frightened for our Nation. We had better wake up before it is too late!

Christinewjc said...

Catching up on my blog reading today, I found this:

Not only is the "Certification of Birth" a forgery, it appears that the birth announcement circulated by ObamaBorg Bots has been forged too!

Story has also been covered by:

Atlas Shrugs

John said...

"He laughs while our nation is in dire straits economically??"

What a joke...It's the Faux Outrage of the Week -- cooked up, as always, by the fringy right-wingers: President Obama's laugh on 60 Minutes. How dare he try to be a little lighthearted when going over the tremendous challenges that he inherited from George Bush and his court of merry neocons and CEO's?

The good "christian" blogger goes on to spew:

"Obama is so high on drugs in this video clip! Isn’t this obvious to everyone? I did not see the video prior to writing the above post last night."

Actually it isn’t obvious to everyone! Maybe you should have watched the whole interview, fool, instead of taking a small clip out of context. Oh wait...that's what the reich wing fringies do, isn't it? Anything to cook up another conspiricy theory...Obama's a muslim...Obama locks his grandmother in the attic...Obama's real father is Malcolm X...and on and on and on, ad nauseam. There was nothing inappropriate about Obama's laughter, particularly not for anyone who watched the longer interview, during which he was sober and serious throughout. Making it out to be anything more than trying to keep his sense of humor in the midst of a difficult job tells us much more about his critics than it does Obama.

Christinewjc said...


There is MUCH more to criticize about his appearance on 60 Minutes! However, since you don't like what I write, let me share a comment I recently read on the Nice Deb blog:

Author: Jane
He is an idiot (with my apologies to actual idiots for making them look bad by including Obama in their ranks).

When he says "Iraq is the least of MY problems", it sounds like his only concern with Iraq is how it MAKES HIM LOOK?! I'm wondering how that flies with the men and women giving their blood, sweat and tears to the anti-terror effort, sometimes dying or being maimed in the process. "Oh, well! At least the PRESIDENT isn't wasting any concern over us." Sleep well, soldiers, knowing you are the least of Pres 0bama's 'problems.' I just can't even articulate. He is a shameful embarassment.

See all comments on this post here:

Matt W. said...

More to the point, it's not as though he had been asked about the whole thing with getting a dog and laughed about it, were it something as inane as that, I too would have thought nothing of it and been telling people to knock it off, however, that wasn't the case. He was talking about very serious issues, and he starts giggling. I don't think people are making enough of this. Forget if he was high or not, when you're talking about all of the money that is being spent, and all of the bailouts and how unpopular they are, and how the people, the taxpayers, are getting fed up with it, and you start laughing, how does that look? Seems to me that saying he may have been high would be the more generous conclusion. To say that the idea that he has all this power and is doing as he dang well pleases with our money, and there is nothing that we can do about it, and that sense of power and authority has made him giddy seems far more likely to me, and far more scary.

This isn't another conspiracy theory, I myself have told Christine when I felt she was getting into that realm, and we are on the same side. So no, we are not over reaching on this matter, we are proclaiming the truth, which far too many want to ignore.

John said...

It's not that I don't like what you write. I find this blog infinitly amusing if not, by and large, factually incorrect on so many levels. That said, I would say that Jane is the idiot. Once again all one has to do, to be factual, is either watch the video in full, or read the transcript. Here are Obama's actual words from the transcript:

"You know, sometimes my team-- talks about the fact that if-- if you had said to us a year ago that-- the least of my problems would be Iraq, which is still a pretty serious problem-- I don't think anybody would have believed it. But-- but we've got a lot on our plate. And-- a lot of difficult decisions that we're going to have to make."

Now how anyone can say that Obama is intimating that "Iraq is the least of MY problems" or that "it sounds like his only concern with Iraq is how it MAKES HIM LOOK?!" or that the President would even hint at suggesting he has no concern for our brave troops is just so much far right-wing fringe hysterics...yet again. Talk about twisting the words to fit your agenda!!

Both of you are "a shameful embarassment"