Monday, March 09, 2009

Alan Keyes' Blog: Loyal to Liberty

I was excited to find out via WorldNetDaily that Alan Keyes now has a blog! It is called Loyal to Liberty - "Where faith gives reason for citizen action." What a great concept! Our Christian faith gives us all the reasons in the world to participate in citizen action; especially when we are witnessing right before our very eyes a power grab by Resident Obama and the Liberal majority in Congress. Notice that I didn't say Democrat majority. The reason is because there is a group of "blue dog" Democrats in the House who voted against the StimuWASTE bill while three RINO Republicans allowed it to pass in the Senate.

The liberal Senators and Congressmen are intent on dismissing the will of the majority of people in America. I have heard that the calls going into Washington were something like 1,000 to 1 AGAINST that bill!!

What does this tell us? It's unmistakably obvious.

There is a monumental disconnect between these elected officials and the American people that they are supposed to be representing!

I haven't done the proper research for this yet, but I am willing to bet that most of the 9 or 11 "blue dog" Democrats who voted against the wasteful spending are probably freshman representatives. They are most likely fiscal conservatives, too. They obviously haven't been corrupted by the Washington earmark gluttony that wreaks of the stench brought about by the lobby-frenzied, pay to play machine!! Let us hope and pray that they don't catch the disease.

Here are a few brief excerpts from Mr. Keyes latest post. He starts out with a comment from "Ed" that basically concludes:

In our battle to advance Reagan Conservatism how does promoting Christian morality help our cause?

At the Loyal to Liberty blog, Mr. Keyes lists and explains five tenets of conservatism. Here is just the list. Please read the explanations of each tenet Mr. Keyes blog.

1. The preservation of Freedom.

2. Securing the blessings of liberty.

3. Establishing limited government.

4. Promoting respect for law.

5. Preserving the moral basis of freedom.

Easy quiz. How many of these tenets do you think agree with basic Christian beliefs? Answer: all of them!

Lots of great information in the entire article! I especially appreciated the truth shared in this statement:

The real choice we face is between totalitarian government based ultimately on force, and self-government grounded upon respect for what is morally right.

So true today! Amen!

May we return to "self-government grounded upon respect for what is morally right" in America - just as our Founding Fathers intended!

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rebecca said...

Alan Keye's is my hero -- I think the hand of GOD was at work in placing him up against n0bama in the 2004 election in Illinois - to EXPOSE this communist fraud, the biggest pig and wretch in all history.

I was VERY disturbed to read this article on FOX NEWS today:,2933,506849,00.html

It really is the end time, isn't it? The atheists, the abortionists, the sodomites, the blasphemers... they are growing at an ENORMOUS rate.

Vermont is apparently the most atheist state in America -- NO SURPRISE THERE! It is the most vile, left-wing, disgusting state in the union. Home of Howard Dean, the evil abortionist and cult-meister behind n0bama and the demoWRETCHED party!!

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Christine,

Thank you for letting us know about Alan keyes blog i am heading over there right now.

Also i wanted to let you know that i just published your recent comment at Tamela's place and just now let Larry know that you had replied to his comment. So he ought to be looking at it soon.

Thanks for your encouragement :)