Friday, March 20, 2009

More Disturbing Each Day

“Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.”
- James Madison
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I don't know about you, readers, but I find what is happening in the present administration and Congress more and more disturbing each and every day. In addition to everything that I have already written about Obama and Clueless Congress, now I am wondering when we can actually call what they are doing a form of treason against our country? More importantly, am I even correct that such acts could possibly be considered as treasonous acts?

People...I am confused about this. I admit it. I am not an economics authority. I am not a political authority. I am not one who can easily identify when a crime is actually being commited by Congress and/or our treasury department. But the bailouts and stimulus bills and pork-barrel spending that are happening now does not appear to be aimed in the right direction to help fix this economy. Period. I can only conclude that there is something very sinister going on.

Portions of the following commentary may just amount to opinion and conjecture, on my part. But I am wondering how many other people might possibly be thinking some of the same things?

I have already discussed the fact that this economic crisis was brought about deliberately - in order to get Obama elected. Could it be that those who started this train have now discovered that they cannot stop it? What usually happens to a runaway train with no brakes? Doesn't it crash and burn?

Yesterday, on the Glenn Beck program, the fact that one trillion dollars had been printed and pumped into our economy was discussed. Read Glenn Beck: Last Line of Defense You can also watch the video clip there.

Copy of article:

I've been telling you for weeks to not be distracted by the "big news of the day" because it's usually just a smokescreen. But on Wednesday, I fell for it myself. While everyone — including me — was taking sides on the AIG bonuses, something much more important was happening: The Fed announced it will pump a $1 trillion into the system by buying debt from our treasury.

Since they've lowered interest rates as far as they can, this is really a last ditch effort; it's like they put our entire economy up on the roulette table and the wheel is spinning.

To put this in perspective, think of America like a sick patient with a nasty staph infection. The doctors first try Penicillin to cure the patient. When that doesn't work, they try something else. And when all else fails they hook an IV to the patient.

That last line of defense was just hung over "patient America" yesterday, but we were all — and that includes me — too focused on AIG to notice.

Here's what this means: We're borrowing money from ourselves to pay for programs we can't pay for.

And that's why the price of gold shot up about 75 bucks in 18 hours. Investors aren't stupid. They know the risks this poses, especially to inflation and our dollar.

So let me play doctor here and give you the diagnosis without talking to you like a 4-year-old: The antibiotic we've just been given has never once worked in the history of the civilized world.

Can this time be different? Absolutely, but only if we've got the guts to make some life-changing decisions; decisions that will force us to shoulder some unthinkable pain in the short term, but decisions that may just save this patient's life. What do you think? Send your comments to:

Be sure to watch the video and see what one trillion dollars looks like.

Just two days ago, I asked a financial planner whether or not it is a good idea to invest in gold. After a brief explanation, he concluded that it's not really a "money maker," just comforting for some people to use as part of their investment portfolio. Little did he know what would happen the next day. As Glenn mentioned in his article and video, gold shot up $75 an ounce in 18 HOURS!

We have other countries "worried" about our dollar. I wonder. Are some of them secretly hoping that the dollar collapses and that America will be forced to come under the monetary system of the Euro?

I asked my husband, "Is any of this illegal?" Meaning - the printing of one trillion dollars like this? He said it isn't illegal. There is no law against it.


So, my next question is, could this be deemed as a treasonous act? Or does it just amount to sabotage?

Can we call Nancy Pelosi a traitor when she calls illegal aliens "patriotic" and the officers who have been hired to enforce the LAWS ON THE BOOKS and DEPORT THEM as "un-American"?

Do WE THE PEOPLE have any recourse against what is happening beside "voting them all out of office?" To me, that will take too long. America's financial system seems to be on life support!! Would WE THE PEOPLE be accused of sedition for protesting against what is happening?

I only caught a portion of Glenn's radio show yesterday, but he was discussing a questionnaire that asks many questions (i.e. Do you have a Ron Paul sticker on your car? or the "Don't Tread on Me" bumper sticker on your car?) which might identify you either as a suspected "militia member" or as a "domestic terrorist." No - I'm not kidding about those two questions on the list!

So, If you have a "Constitution Party" emblem on your car, you could be suspected of being a militia member?

In other words, if you don't "fall in line" and/or disagree with any part of the current administration, could YOU be labeled as a "domestic terrorist?"

Hmmm....I thought that this administration dropped the term "terrorist" for the Islamic "extremists" who want to kill Americans?

BTW, did you see that video of Obama at a town hall meeting in Orange County, CA where he described AIG as like "wearing a suicide bomber's belt while having the trigger in one hand?" (Trying to locate the video clip).

Then last night, we had the Gaffer in Chief (as my blogging friend Neil so aptly named him) insult the athletes of the Special Olympics. Go read Nice Deb's entire post. Remember the "nappy headed ho" comment from Imus? Recall what Obama said about it? It's there.

Could you imagine what would have happened in the media if President Bush ever said such a thing? Of course, Bush would NEVER even THINK such a thing about the Special Olympics participants. Just goes to show what kind of man Obama really is. Ugh!

Speaking of "the kind of man Obama really is," here is a very chilling report from Investigating Obama: Is This Our "Generated Crisis" by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Insurrection?

We have already seen the horrible and incredible damage Obama has done in less than 100 days in office. Can you imagine what will happen over the course of four years?

Can something be done?

Hopefully, Natural Born Citizen has shared a way out.

I can certainly understand his concluding points: a Christian, I’m somewhat convinced this nation has been judged by the Almighty and his fury may be descending as we speak. Such fury appears to be in the form of Constitutional cancer. I have prayed over my continuing role in this battle and the answer to those prayers said I am done here. As a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I place my faith not in any organized religion but in the words of the Lamb and the voice of God. Peace be with you.

Leo C. Donofrio

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Texmom said...

Very good post, and it expresses how so many of us are feeling. We don't want to believe what we're seeing, but it is getting too hard to deny. Praying for God's will for the future of our country.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks, Texmom. Yes - there are millions that are probably feeling the same way.

It is only those who are not paying attention out there who must still think that Obama was the right person to vote for. Ugh!!

There are hundreds of thousands who now regret their votes for him.

Only the ObamaBorg Bots (and the clueless) still hold onto that glass of Kool-Aid they drank during election time.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree. We need to keep praying for God's will for our country - and that He will be merciful enough to save us from this


Matt W. said...

Hey Christine,
It really depends on how you define treason. Certainly in a pure sense you could call these people traitors, since they are actively trying to destroy our great nation at it's very foundation. However, to get an allegation of treason to stick would be impossible since they are using the procedures of Government to ram this stuff through on us, even though they are violating the Constitution pretty much daily. One thing our Founding Fathers understood quite well was that the marvelous system that they put in place for us could not stand in the face of an apathetic populace. Only by getting people to wake up and see what is being done to us do we have a chance of getting the Country back on track.

I applaud Glenn Beck for getting people motivated, and the Tea Party movement much the same.

I believe that Mark Levin is getting ready to start something also. Should be good, we need all the momentum we can get.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the explanation. I think you are right. It would be very difficult to get an allegation of treason to stick.

Even though the Lamestream media isn't reporting it, there are dozens of TEA (Taxed Enough Already!) Parties going on with thousands of people showing up at them. April 15th should be the biggest of all.

I have heard of Mark Levin's new book through Hannity. I want to get a copy!

Hope you and your family are doing well! Nice to see you back commenting here.