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Another End Times Theory?

Glenn Beck was right when he stated that "there is so much going on, it is hard to keep up with it all." Therefore, he suggests becoming a Constitutional Watchdog and focusing in on the one thing that means the most to you - or, pick and choose that one topic that you feel competent in researching and discussing. Share what you find with others.

I find that difficult to do. I may not be as competent about some subjects as others are, but the beauty of blogging is that I can write an essay and link to additional blog articles with authors who are more knowledgeable than I on any given subject.

This post will start out on one subject, but then switch gears towards another.

First, I just finished reading Citizen Wells:
Obama, Patrick Fitzgerald, August 5, 2009, Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, Obama indictment in jeopardy, Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox

I always find his long titles quite intriguing! When I saw Patrick Fitzgerald's name and "Obama indictment in jeopardy," my suspicions about Fitzgerald have finally come to fruition.


The events leading up to the Blagojevich trial are dragging on in typical fashion and I did not want the American public to forget about Obama’s strong ties to Chicago corruption. The Citizen Wells blog has for
many months stated that Obama should be indicted next. The question was, would Patrick Fitzgerald do his duty or be controlled by the Obama camp.

Now we have the answer.

I was hoping that Patrick Fitzgerald had integrity and patriotism.

Perhaps he received, in the tradition of Chicago thuggery, an offer he couldn’t refuse.

You can read the rest and find out the details of why Citizen Wells now has serious doubts about Fitzgerald's integrity and honesty.

My comment:

Day after day, one by one, it appears to me that people in a limited capacity for power (like Fitzgerald) are being bought off from prosecuting Obama and his thugs, threatened (both the individual and their families), and assimilated into the Obama Borg corruption machine.

Are there no honest patriots in high level positions anymore??

It is SO disheartening to see this high amount of corruption in our government – mind boggling! And to see so many individuals (like PeLIARsi, ReiDUNCE, Dodd the criminal, FranKOOK…I could go on and on!) trash our Constitution; ignore, spew hatred, and ridicule the true patriots who sincerely WANT THEIR VOICES HEARD against all the spending - just absolutely sickens me.

We seriously need God’s help. Only HE can come to the rescue to get us out of this terrible mess!

Keep praying…people.

I am telling you - never in my life have I seen such blatant corruption where so many perpetrators appear to be getting away with their crimes!

But they won't get away with the evil they have done in eternity.

God's Word is the TRUTH. When you have studied it extensively over the years, you do not have the "change blindness" that others seem to have. Although Glenn Beck's video demonstration at that link shows us a physical example of "change blindness," there is also a spiritual type of "change blindness" that is going on here in America.

I have written at least 35 posts regarding various aspects of the end times.

I realize that is a lot of posts to read in one sitting! Perhaps you can bookmark the link and take in one or two posts each day.

In the second post listed at that link, Dr. David Jeremiah stresses what is most important to remember as we go through the tribulations in this life:

Note that Dr. Jeremiah speaks of "divine directives." He stresses that as Christian believers, we are not to ignore them.

I truly believe that many Christians (like Stephen Pidgeon of the Alliance Defense Fund, for example) are following a divine directive in their lives - trying to do what is right because God's word informs us - "because the days are evil."

We are to not only wait for Jesus to return and rescue the faithful from a world that we don't belong in, but we are also supposed to be busy watching and working - doing the will of our Father in heaven all the days of our lives - to fulfill His purposes in our world.

Jesus warned us, "In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world."

He was telling us that we will experience long suffering while on this earth. We may even face dreadful times. It will be natural to experience discomfort in this world because we are "not of this world" anyway! Our real home is our eternal home with Christ in eternity. Meanwhile, despite our uneasiness as the signs of the end times become more and more apparent, we can still have confidence in such events because we know that they have been put in play by our Lord - the Creator of the universe!

Dr. Jeremiah puts it this way:

He (God) knows the end from the beginning, and because we are His friends, He is letting us in on the eternal secrets of His determined will.

[O]ur trust has never been in governments, civilizations, or cultures. By the standards of eternity, these institutions last but a moment, crumbling into dust to be swept away by the winds of history. They are helpful while they are here, but they have never been worthy of our trust. We have always put our trust in the One who stands above institutions, above history, and even above time itself - the One by whose power and permission these things exist, and who knows their times and the ends of their days. Only He is worthy of our ultimate allegiance.That person is the only One - our Savior, Lord and King - Jesus Christ!

America is not only at risk of losing Her freedoms from enemies outside our borders, but we are also in danger from enemies within!

One of the key "enemies within" has to do with the deliberate destruction of the traditional family. Note the following analysis:

In 1947, forward-looking sociologist Dr. Carle Zimmerman wrote a text called Family and Civilization. He identified eleven "symptoms of final decay" observable in the fall of both the Greek and Roman civilizations. See how many characterize our society:

1. No-fault divorce.

2. "Birth Dearth"; increased disrespect for parenthood and parents.

3. Meaningless marriage rites/ceremonies.

4. Defamation of past national heroes.

5. Acceptance of alternative marriage forms.

6. Widespread attitudes of feminism, narcissism, hedonism.

7. Propagation of anti family sentiment.

8. Acceptance of most forms of adultery.

9. Rebellious children.

10. Increased juvenile delinquency.

11. Common acceptance of all forms of sexual perversion. 37

37. Adapted from Carle C. Zimmerman, Family and Civilization (Wilmington, DE: ISI Books, 2008), 255.

Note that Mr. Zimmerman did not mention "abortion." The reason is probably because back then, legalized abortion was considered absolutely unthinkable!

However, we could place it within the category of "birth dearth."

Let's look at the two terms together:

birth  /bɜrθ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [burth] Show IPA
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3. lineage; extraction; descent: of Grecian birth.
4. high or noble lineage: to be foolishly vain about one's birth.
5. natural heritage: a musician by birth.
6. any coming into existence; origin; beginning: the birth of Protestantism; the birth of an idea.
7. Archaic. something that is born.

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The emergence and separation of offspring from the body of the mother.
The act or process of bearing young; parturition.
The circumstances or conditions relating to this event, as its time or location.
The set of characteristics or circumstances received from one's ancestors; inheritance.
Origin; extraction.

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dearth  /dɜrθ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [durth] Show IPA
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a scarcity of provisions (1 Kings 17). There were frequent dearths in Palestine. In the days of Abram there was a "famine in the land" (Gen. 12:10), so also in the days of Jacob (47:4, 13). We read also of dearths in the time of the judges (Ruth 1:1), and of the kings (2 Sam. 21:1; 1 Kings 18:2; 2 Kings 4:38; 8:1). In New Testament times there was an extensive famine in Palestine (Acts 11:28) in the fourth year of the reign of the emperor Claudius (A.D. 44 and 45).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary


Abortion can certainly be considered a "birth dearth."

Why am I bringing this up? Because it leads into the direction that I want to take this post.

Last night, I watched a video over at Northeast Intelligence Network: Islamic takeover through open door policy . As the video shows us, there is no "birth dearth" in the Islamic world!

In the past, I have asked whether or not anyone knows if Muslims get abortions. I haven't gotten an answer to that question yet. I would think that it would be considered a great evil. However, the fact that "honor killings" occur within that faith community leads me to wonder about it. Being willing to kill full grown women and children and allowing collateral damage through their jihads doesn't make it appear that many are genuinely pro-life. But I digress.

This morning, I read about a new book called The Islamic Antichrist in an article over at World Net Daily

The article is entitled, "Obama: Foreshadowing of the Antichrist?"

In the past, I have stated that I do not think that Obama is THE Antichrist of the book of Revelation, but his evil ways certainly match a "spirit of antichrist" that is discussed in several verses of the Bible.

I do think that many Americans who voted for Obama - despite conservatives sounding the alarms with warnings and admonitions about his radical views and dangerous cohorts - were victims of "change blindness."

They wanted CHANGE!

It didn't matter to them (at the time) WHAT KIND OF CHANGE he would usher in. They were all caught up in the celebrity, idolatry, and smooth talking (from a teleprompter!!!) that Obama exhibited during the campaign. They believed that he was telling them the truth. With all of the broken campaign promises - to numerous to list - people are realizing how badly Obama lied to them...over and over and over again! He's STILL LYING!

Glenn Beck's "birthday tribute" to Obama yesterday was quite entertaining and humorous. But now that Obama is trashing our Constitution and nation - it is a sad reminder of all the warnings that voters apparently ignored.

Back to the subject at hand.

As the World Net Daily article discusses, the author of this new book is putting out the idea that the Antichrist will not necessarily come from "Rome," but could very well be the Islamic "Mahdi."


In "The Islamic Antichrist", Joel Richardson breaks new ground with this devastating account of the possible connection between the Biblical Antichrist and the Islamic Mahdi. The Bible predicts that in the last days a charismatic leader will establish a global following in the name of peace. The Koran also predicts that a man will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. The man in the Koran is called the Mahdi, or Islam's savior. However, the man in the Bible is the Antichrist. Could it be possible that this is the same person?

Richardson's stunning research and analysis suggest that it is. In "The Islamic Antichrist", he exposes Western readers to the traditions of Islam and predicts that the end times may not be that far away. His book will stun readers who are unaware of the similarities between the Antichrist and the 'Islamic Jesus.'

As the World Net Daily article notes:

Richardson's book stands in stark contrast to most other popular prophecy books of the last 40 years.

It remains to be seen what prophecy experts think of Richardson's speculation.

Since I haven't read the book yet, I cannot give my opinion one way or the other. I did notice, however, that Richardson seems to side with the mid- tribulation or post-tribulation view regarding the end times. According to the WND article:

Many evangelical Christians believe the Bible predicts a charismatic ruler, the Antichrist, will arise in the last days, before the return of Jesus. The Quran also predicts that a man, called the Mahdi, will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. Richardson makes the case these two men are, in fact, one in the same.

In that particular paragraph, the Rapture is not mentioned prior to the rise of the Antichrist. Perhaps it might be in the book. However, Richardson's theory may result in some interesting conversations about the end times.

The viewing of the "Islamic takeover through open door policy" video, and then the subsequent article about Richardson's book caught my eye. Could they both give us a possible clue about from where the Antichrist might arise?

Whether Richardson's assumptions are true or not remains to be seen.

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Citizen Wells

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Northeast Intelligence Network

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