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There is a new website and blog called Defend . The site was started by two fans who discovered who was actually behind calling for the advertisers of The Glenn Beck Program to boycott the show.

Here's the story:

Boycott Leader "Color of Change" a Radical Group

Founder a self-described black "nationalist" and "Communist"; Links to terrorist

Barack Obama's "Green Jobs" czar (one of 42 extra-legal czars), and the leader of the attempted boycott against Glenn Beck, is a self-described "black nationalist" and "Communist", who has ties to a former terrorist. Van Jones, founder of "Color of Change", a black militant political activist group, worked as a co-founder and director of the Apollo Alliance, which Glenn Beck recently exposed for its subversive ties with radical left-wing groups. Van Jones worked at Apollo with Jeff Jones. Jeff Jones was a leading co-founder (along with Bill Ayers) of the terrorist group Weather Undergound , who spent time on the run from law enforcement agencies while his group carried out a series of bombings of U.S. government buildings. Van Jones' group "Color of Change" began the boycott against Glenn Beck after Beck exposed Apollo Group and Van Jones' militant past.

QUESTION: As the "Green Jobs Czar" and thus a government employee, would Van Jones be violating any laws or ethics regulations if he were found to be encouraging and/or coercing corporate entities that he may be in a position to help or punish through his offices? Have an answer? Let us know.

Van Jones himself was put in prison over his role in the 1992 L.A. Riots that killed 53 people. when released from jail he said he came out a "Communist". Jones has since caused controversy and sowed the seeds of racial conflict in places as in Jena, Louisiana in late 2006, when six black teenagers severely beat a white student. Van Jones said the teenager assailants were somehow justified because of past discrimination of African-Americans, and race-baiting marches organized by Jones created tremendous conflict in Jena and across the nation.
Despite Jones' channeling of 1980s racial provocteur and convicted fraudster extaordinaire Al Sharpton, he was unable to convince a jury of his outrageous blame-the-victim defense, all six students were convicted of crimes ranging from aggravated battery to conspiracy.

Some of the Tweets over there are funny!


Obama announces a federal bailout for "Hardball" to boost their viewership. He only needs 2 million more viewers to catch Beck.

DefendGlenn Beck has 2.4 million viewers. Chrissy Matthews has 300k. Gee, should we put our WalMart ad on Hardball? Kabuki theater by ColorofChange

When the truth is exposed, the liars lose.

Day Two of DefendGlenn comes to a close. Progressive and Travelocity the BIG losers today. BIG! Thousands of emails today, keep it comin'. 2 days ago

DefendGlenn Blood bath for GEICO this morning. Never seen anything like it. Hundreds of emails in just a few hours saying they are canceling. 2 days ago

The advertisers who boycotted Glenn's show were punked!

These companies bailing on Beck are so dumb. Don't they realize they have been punked by a bunch of paid activists, college kids & bloggers? 3 days ago

Stats in from our first full day: 850,000 hits, 19,400 emails, 5,200 comments posted to the Support Wall. Thank you all. 21 hours ago

Perhaps the advertisers who finally realize that they have been "had" by left wing nutroots - will realize there mistake. Ratings speak volumes!

New Ratings-Beck 2.5 mil viewers. #2 Fox Show, #1 25-54 demo. Beck now 2.3x CNN+MSNBC COMBINED. Boycott? LOL! 17 hours ago

Contact advertisers at this link. Also, scroll down to see the comparison of cable show ratings at the bottom of the page! Fox rules!

Read the support wall!

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