Thursday, August 20, 2009

The "Avada Kedavra" of Political Discourse

This is going to be a follow-up to yesterday's post. While conducting my usual blog surfing this morning, I found a post over at Hot Air that contains an analysis that desperately needed to be said. Here-to-fore NO ONE was willing to say it! I'm actually glad that Glenn Beck finally told the truth about Obama's anti-white screeds, and the author at Hot Air, Dr. Zero, expanded upon exactly why the usual liberal leftist hatemongers went bonkers over that one comment!

But first, as you read this I want you to think for a moment and remind yourself of all the horrible things that the leftist Media - including hateful comedians (well...they are comical but often not funny!) the likes of David Letterman and Bill name just a few) who mercilessly ripped apart every prominent Conservative leader (especially Sarah Palin).

Glenn Beck and the Unforgivable Curse

Note this portion:

The comment that got Beck in hot water involved calling President Obama a racist, who has “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture.” Calling any liberal a “racist” is the Avada Kedavra of political discourse, the Unforgivable Curse. Admittedly, it seems like an unprovoked act of rhetorical aggression. It’s not like Obama and his party have been running around calling everyone who disagrees with them racists, mindless drones, un-American traitors, Nazis, assassins, or Astroturf lawn gnomes who get their opinions from their corporate paymasters. Oh, wait, it’s exactly like that.

That is SO TRUE! Even when a liberal leftist displays outright racism towards whites, they are supposed to get some kind of "pass" for doing so? What the hell is that? Must be just another one of those "Alinsky's rules for radicals."

Hot Air:

Perhaps we could defuse the tension by asking the boycott organizers if they think someone who sat quietly at Klan rallies for twenty years could credibly be accused of racism. I’m sure they would say “no”… and since that’s an accurate analogy for Obama’s decades at Jeremiah Wright’s Church of Racial Hatred, Beck would doubtless be moved to offer a polite apology, and we could call the boycott off. Maybe Beck could give President Obama an autographed copy of his book, with a “Sorry, dude!” inscription. Beck’s thoughtful gift would doubtless secure a place of honor in the White House library, alongside Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent by Eduardo Galeano, and Fugitive Days: A Memoir by Bill Ayers.
The rest of Beck’s comment, asserting that Obama has “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture,” should be easy for the President’s defenders to disprove. All they have to do is cite one positive thing Obama has said or written about white culture. Anywhere. Ever. Hopefully they can get back to us before GMAC needs another taxpayer bailout, to address the self-inflicted financial damage from its participation in the boycott. I wouldn’t recommend wasting any time going through Obama’s university compositions, assuming you can find where they’re buried, and get past the three-headed guard dog. He graduated from Columbia and Harvard, where “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture” is written in green on your thesis when the professor hands it back to you, along with “excellent sentence composition!” and “good use of original sources!”

Yep...this, indeed, would be quite a challenge:

"All they have to do is cite one positive thing Obama has said or written about white culture. Anywhere. Ever."

How sad and very tacky it was for Obama to verbally trash his white grandmother during the campaign. He virtually threw his own grandmother under the bus because he couldn't keep his hatred towards whites in check! Perhaps his wife Michelle has ingrained such hatred into her husband over the years that it just comes natural for him to have these "slips of the tongue."

So...I ask...why can't Glenn Beck get a pass for a "slip of the tongue?"

Two reasons.

1. He's white. That's a "curse" in itself to these rabidly racist anti-white people.

2. As the article reveals - calling a liberal "racist" is the "unforgivable curse" to the far left lunatics.

I am telling you - I'M SO SICK OF THIS!!! Obama gets away with all his LIES, CHEATS, THUGS, EARMARKS TO CRONIES, ASSOCIATING AND EMPLOYING RADICALS, CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL CRONIES (I could go on and on). yet Glenn Beck gets targeted for...what? TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA??

THAT is precisely why they are all so angry. THEY KNOW IT'S TRUE - OBAMA IS EXACTLY WHAT BECK SAID:

Obama is a racist, who has “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture.”

There. I said it too. So sue me. So curse at me. So harass me. So kill me.

Last time I checked the United States Constitution we still have free speech. Don't know how long it will last under ObamaMARXIST, though. So I will use it while I still can.

Wasn't it Larry Elder who wrote a book called "Ten Things You Can't Say in America?" I wonder if this was one of them? Can't call a liberal a racist! THAT'S A BIG NO - NO!!

And don't give me any bull crap about this bogus POTUS being "president" and deserving some sort of respect. George W. Bush was President (a legitimate Natural Born Citizen, at that!) for eight years and the nutroot crazies called him far more terrible (and untrue!) names.

I'm going to include the rest of the essay here. It's quite good and a must read for everyone!

Hot Air:

There’s no question that Beck’s comment was provocative and rude. If you happen to be in a room with Glenn Beck at the moment, and you’re reading this to him out loud, he probably just shouted “Exactly!” Political and cultural debates always feature provocation and rude behavior. The American media occasionally becomes very prim about this. Strangely enough, these occasions always coincide with the election of a Democrat President. The same people puckering their lips over the heated tone of Beck’s assertions, Sarah Palin’s “death panel” commentary, or the behavior of town-hall protesters, thought the temperature was just peachy when liberals were openly fantasizing about assassinating President Bush. The average liberal couldn’t order a burger and fries at McDonald’s without informing the cashier that Bush was a subhuman cowboy moron.

Our political discourse is heated because the stakes are so high. Obama has wasted trillions of dollars in taxpayer money, threatened the economy with permanent recession through his cap-and-trade bill, and tried to ram through a federal takeover of health insurance without debate. The Administration openly asserts that certain Americans “shouldn’t do a whole lot of talking,” and labels dissent from its agenda un-patriotic. Today we hear rumors that Democrats plan to shove their health-care debacle down the throats of a public that has become increasingly united in opposition to it, using parliamentary “nuclear options” to muscle it through Congress. The public is right to feel a bit testy when Congress talks about using “nuclear options” against it.

We have arrived at a moment when politics determines the survival of entire industries. Broken companies are dug up from shallow graves at the edges of the free market, and reanimated with massive infusions of tax dollars, for the benefit of the politically-connected union infestations that killed them. People who end up on the wrong side of health-care rationing could pay for their unwise 2008 presidential votes with their lives. There is no place where a taxpayer can go to secure a refund for his share of the squandered $787 billion “stimulus” bill… just as there will be no place to go when they discover socialized medicine is a disaster. There will only be a comment box at the local Post Office / Government Surgical Clinic, where you can scribble your complaint on the back of your organ donor card.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Average people should not require advanced degrees in medicine and economics to make informed decisions in the voting booth. They don’t have time to study the effects of deficit spending on the bond market, or the sad history of attempts to repeal the laws of supply and demand through subsidies and price controls. They have lives to lead, children to raise, and jobs that give them plenty to worry about. They respond to loud, rude, spectacular things, because they desperately want to believe the situation is simple enough for them to comprehend it, and cast informed, meaningful votes. The Left understands this very well, and grits its teeth when the Right starts playing the game. The people who blew billions of tax dollars fooling voters into thinking they could get “free money” to buy a new car, have no right to complain when a smart lady with a Facebook page coins a phrase that galvanizes opposition to their agenda… or when a guy with 2.5 million viewers uses harsh language to bellow a challenge the media should have issued much more politely, during the presidential campaign, for the benefit of their 50 million viewers.

Americans are becoming increasingly uneasy with the degree of politics that has been infused into every aspect of their lives. They’re only just beginning to realize how much worse this President has made the situation, in the seventy years since his election. (That’s what it feels like, anyway.) People trapped on a runaway train can be forgiven for screaming, especially when the conductor has made it plain that he cannot be talked into easing back on the throttle, and thinks anyone who tries it should be thrown off the train. It’s too bad the media gave Obama so many free passes during the campaign. I can forgive the angry look on Glenn Beck’s face as he tears them up.

Hat Tip:

Hot Air


madmath1 said...

I've been calling Obama a racist since he came out of his rock while he was in the Senate. I had read his books and if you replace Jews with Whitey or White America, you have basically, Mein Kaumpt. Everyone, including my family, thought I was an evil, right wing (when did that become an insult?), racist nut job and laugh and scorn at me. Now, for once, the one that's laughing last isn't laughing best. Worse, my mother still supports this man. She won't learn til he goes after her 401k I guess.

Christinewjc said...

I hear ya madmath1.

Does your mother ever read blogs or watch Fox News? I think that the people who only saw Obama via the Media of Mass Deception were fooled by all the "worshipping" that went on with the rabidly liberal leftist anchors on all of the news shows.

In my case, my 84-yr.-old mom (a lifelong Democrat!)had the good sense to vote for McCain/Palin. It was my brother (a high school U.S. Government teacher in VA)who drank the Obama Kool-Aid! He never reads blogs so he only got the Lamestream media's hype.

Since you read Obama's books, I would like to ask you a question. Do you think that the book, "Dreams of My Father" meant that Obama was relaying the actual "dreams" of his father? Or, perhaps, since Obama was abandoned at such a young age, did it mean that he - meaning Obama Jr. - may have "dreamed" up things about his father?

That previous thought came to me this morning while I was walking my dog.

At World Net Daily, author Jack Cashill practically proved that the book was not written by Barack but probably ghost-written by William Ayers. How nice. Have an unrepentant terrorist write a book for Obama? Disgusting beyond belief.

Since Obama lies (and/or hides) everything else in his life, isn't it possible that the book is mostly just a piece of fiction?

Christinewjc said...

Wow. I was just reading over at and here is one of the comments:

William Rains, , SC
Obama is a racist! Obama quote: From "Dreams"; "The emotion between the races could never be pure,” “Even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart." "There was something about him that made me wary,” Obama wrote. "A little too sure of himself, maybe. And white"

Obama is also a liar and a FRAUD.
5213 of 5708

It's a mystery as to how this guy - with that attitude - ever got elected.