Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama's Delusions

Caution! If you think that I talk tough about Obama, wait till you read Lame Cherry's latest post!

Sometimes I wish that comments were open at that blog. But perhaps that isn't this blogger's "style."

The author says exactly what's on his mind - the good, the bad and the ugly. And there is a lot of bad and ugly when it comes to Obama and his culture of corruption.

Just like the author and many of the commentators over at the Citizen Wells blog, I can't believe the level of corruption and the travesty of injustice that is swirling around Obama and his evil cohorts. It's just astounding to me! Can all these people be bought off so easily - and to such an extent - as to allow this bogus POTUS fraud to continue to destroy this nation?

I guess so. That is what it looks like.

But patriots across this nation are fighting with all of the resources available to them to not allow the horrid ObamaSCARE HELLcare bill to become law. My hat is off to all who are attending Town Hall meetings and letting their so-called "Congressional leaders" get bombarded with a well -deserved piece of their minds! Let 'em have it!

Congress is supposed to be serving US - WE THE PEOPLE. But many are only serving themselves - just to appease the WRONG kinds of people (lobbyists, cronies, etc.) as they think this will get them re-elected. As Ann Coulter stated on the Glenn Beck show the other day - she hopes that they keep thinking like this. Then, there will be a huge Republican comeback in Congress in 2010!

Take a look at the following excerpts from Lame Cherry's latest post:

The one person who is still on Obama's mind he never beat, even though he sent out his rapine mob to paint lipstick on the pig he so was demoralized by, is Gov. Sarah Palin.

Yes, Gov. Palin is who Obama still brings up in conversation that his Lady, this mere woman in Obama's eyes flattened that little twerp and he has never gotten over the drubbing she took him.

Want to know the secret in this? Even the New York Times still has Sarah Palin on their mind concerning Obama in trying to couch it that Sarah Palin melted down in those interviews. Nothing of the fact happened except in the eyes of the liberals. They set out to destroy her with slander and never did, all to deliver Obama the victory.

Think of that and smile. Obama in his delusion in thinking that he is the comeback kid, had to chug up from something, and the thing that stung him the worst in all his life, is Sarah Palin flattened him and he has never recovered.

He thinks he has made the hill, but all he has done is spin his wheels. Sarah Palin is America's future and Bearick Obama is Americas failure.

Into this besides the minions of the demon deluded press, we now have the demons who actually handed Obama this victory.

Ask yourself if you think demons are pleased in the least in having their little patsy take all the credit for what they accomplished?

Do you think demons who would wipe humans from the planet for the excrement they think they are as the bugs of nothingness, compared to their spiritual power, are enraptured to hear little engine Obama decree it was all me me me?

Always rules in this game, and Obama broke every rule there is or ever will be. He blasphemed God's Name, blasphemed God, told this demoniac press they are pissing posts and now just gave the slap to the demonic order responsible for his little chug a chug.

News for Bearick, there is a bigger deal coming and it would delight this demonic order nothing more than to twist hisself in the wind. These demons are about consumption and they would like to make a meal of this feast fitting for the one who is coming out of Europe.

I always state it is easier if one knows the rules and plays by them. Obama broke the rules and the demonic forces he is in bed with are going to inflict and he has no place in God to run as he covered up Jesus Name with a black cloth in the ultimate slap.

Ain't that a kicker, when you think yourself god and on top of the election heap and toss Christ aside with that Georgetown clique, that the day rolls around and God has His reckoning. Jesus the only Way and Obama booted Him out the door.

Justice is sweet as it plays out in the Master's rules.

Despite all the attacks continually being hurled at Sarah Palin, she has done what no other former American Patriotic Governor, now great American Patriot Citizen has dared to even attempt to do. This God-honoring, America loving, Founding Fathers advocating, Constitutional Republic serving, Conservative Christian woman has allowed herself to be USED BY GOD FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS - AND SHE IS SINGLE-HANDEDLY BECOME THE BIGGEST THORN IN OBAMA'S SIDE. This is why the press hates her and continues to attack her mercilessly. But the American people are seeing such attacks for what they really are now; a hatred so deep for someone who is the polar opposite of their disgusting radical Marxist America-hating ideology. GO SARAH! KEEP GOING! Whenever they attack - just know that they are on the defensive against you!

Oh yes. Others have done a lot to expose this Obamafraud. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and even the more liberal Lou Dobbs have all done their part to inform the American people about the fact that OBAMA is "One Big A** Mistake, America!"

The American people have awoken from their former stupor. They now see Obama for what he truly is - and they don't like what they see. Lame Cherry concludes:

Some advice, Prime Minister Bearick Obama, the forces are all against you, they have greased your wheels, greased your tracks and it is all down hill from where you are. What goes up must come down. It is the law. You are a pretender to the throne, but you just keep telling yourself that it is all you and you are the little Obama who could.

The signs have been against you from the day you were born. You are a political bastard and are to be orphaned by the world with no comfort that others have fallen into the abyss with you, as you are a usurper without nation nor nativity.


It's only a matter of time, people.

Hat tips:

Lame Cherry

Citizen Wells

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