Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is It Hateful to Ask Questions?

That's what Glenn Beck wants to know. This week, Glenn is presenting a special - The New Republic: America's Future? Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times. Tonight's show was simply awesome! Very scary - but being informed is far better than keeping one's head in the sand!

Here are some of the questions that Glenn (and, now, all who have been watching his show) wants answered:

August 25, 2009 - 2:05 ET

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Am I hateful if I ask:

- Who is "surrounding" the President in the White House?

- Do any of the President's advisers have criminal records?

- Are the President's advisers working to better the country or their own ideals?

- Who are the anti-capitalists in Washington?

- What roles do they have in crafting bills?

- What was "STORM"? What happened to the founders, where are they now?

- What qualifications must one have to be a Presidential adviser?

- What is the difference between a community organizer and a community activist?

- Do the czars have power?

- Should a communist have the ear of the President of the United States?

- What role did the Apollo Alliance play in crafting bills?

- Does the President know the co-founder of the Weather Underground is a board member of the Apollo Alliance?

- How many people in the administration are connected to the movement for a democratic society?

- What role does George Soros play... CONSTITUTIONALLY?

- Our unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is close to $100 trillion. Is there any way to pay for these programs without bankrupting America?

- We are in so much debt, why spend more borrowed money on cap-and-trade and healthcare programs before we stop the flow of red-ink?

- The stimulus package funneled billions of dollars to ACORN. How does giving billions of dollars to ACORN stimulate the economy?

- If it was so important for congress to pass the stimulus bill before they even had time to read it why has only a fraction of the stimulus money been spent 6 months later?

- Bush said he had to abandon free market principles in order to save them, how exactly does that work?

- Why won’t members of Congress read the bills before they vote on them?

- Why are citizens mocked and laughed at when they ask their congressman to read the bills before they vote on them?

- Was the cash-for-clunkers program meant to save the earth or the economy? Did it accomplish either?

- How did Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist become a special advisor to the president?

- Did President Obama know of Van Jones’ radical political beliefs when he named him special advisor?

- The Apollo Alliance claimed credit for writing the stimulus bill—why was this group allowed to write any portion of this bill?

- If politicians aren’t writing the bills and aren’t reading the bills, do they have any idea what these 1000 page plus bills actually impose on the American people?

- If the ‘public option’ health care plan is so good why won’t politicians agree to have that as their plan?

- If town hall meetings are intended for the politicians to learn what’s on our mind—why do they spend so much time talking instead of listening?

- Politicians are refusing to attend town hall meetings complaining, without evidence, that they are scripted. Does that mean we shouldn’t come out and vote for you since every campaign stop, baby kiss and speech you give is scripted?

- Why would you want to overwhelm the system?

- Is using the economic crises to rush legislation through congress what Rahm Emanuel meant when he talked about "not letting a crises go to waste"?

- What are the czars paid? What is the budget for their staffs/offices?

Hat Tips:

Glenn Beck.com

American Thinker

Former Talk Wisdom blog posts about Soros:

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Nobama's Radical List Grows

The following is an excerpt from From Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" book which is also posted in the "Nobama's Radical List Grows" link:

Bill O'Reilly has opined MANY TIMES that Soros is A VERY DANGEROUS PERSON. In his book, "Culture Warrior," O'Reilly shares much of the awful truth about this evil man. There are over two dozen pages that either mention or describe how despicable a man Soros truly is! You owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Culture Warrior and read Chapter One.

Soros has several partners in crime and organizations that he supports which are bent upon destroying America. WAY to much information to type out here. However, O'Reilly sums it up this way:

To sum up, Soros is a smart, ruthless ideologue who will stop at nothing to advance the secular-progressive offensive. He has no scruples, ethics, or sense of fair play. The guy reminds me of Colonel Banastre "Butcher" Tarleton, the most justly hated Redcoat during the Revolutionary War. Soros and Tarleton can both be associated with take-no-prisoner policies: In both cases, their prey, whether traditionalists today or colonial rebel fighters in the eighteenth century, were simply people trying to strengthen their country.

I mean it. for traditional-minded Americans, George Soros is public enemy number one. Without his unlimited cash (along with that of Peter Lewis), the S-P movement could not attack so readily and so effectively - and with such venom. Soros envisions a libertine society that soaks the rich (except for him) and forms no judgments on personal behavior. His one-world philosophy would obliterate the uniqueness of America and downsize its superpower status. His secular approach would drastically diminish Judeo-Christian philosophy in America and encourage his own spiritual philosophy: atheism. George Soros is truly an imposing force, and his elite media allies are making him even more so. We ignore him at our peril.


GMpilot said...

Who are your sources?

Christinewjc said...


Are you asking for the sources for the last paragraph?

It is a copy of a paragraph from the link posted just above the paragraph which includes - Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" book. Do you want to know his sources for the information?

John said...

I think GM is asking for your sources because most of them are just mind-numbingly unreliable.

Anonymous said...

I do know that when Bush was in charge it was unpatriotic to ask questions.

Who was on the energy bill advisory panel?
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
What are we doing to the inmates at guantanamo?

Many more could be asked.

Gary Baker said...

"I do know that when Bush was in charge it was unpatriotic to ask questions."

That was a charge produced by the left with no substantiation. i.e., you will never find an instance of President Bush insulting or demeaning those who were asking questions. Quite different from Ms. Pelosi terming people fascists and PrezBo telling the "people who caused the problems" that he didn't want them doing much talking. That might not be too bad except that the people majorly responsible from the problem are the only ones able to get a message out. Between PrezBo's wonderfully choreographed "Town Halls", the SEIU thugs packing halls and slamming constituents against walls, and the Democrats using the Franking Office to censor Republican mail, it's not as though there is much chance to oppose the libs.

"Who was on the energy bill advisory panel?"

A valid question. No doubt about it.

"Where are the weapons of mass destruction?"

I would recommend asking Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry, and most of the other leading Democrats. They all swore up and down on the record that Iraq was rebuilding its WMD program...right up until the point that Bush decided to take action. Then the gutless wimps slithered away.

"What are we doing to the inmates at guantanamo?"

Giving them a far more humane place to sit out the war on terror than any of our captured citizenry was granted while the ACLU uses them as an excuse to expose deep cover CIA operatives, a charge they made against Bush and Cheney with regard to Valerie Plame and neither retracted nor apologized for after it was shown that democrat Richard Armitage leaked the information which was no longer classified anyway.

Keep 'em coming. Far be it from me to stop a person from revealing the extent of their ignorance.

Christinewjc said...

John said...
"I think GM is asking for your sources because most of them are just mind-numbingly unreliable.

Says who?

Christinewjc said...

Anonymous -

That was then. This is now. Get over it!

GMpilot said...

As it happens, Christine, John is right...and so are you.

Your quesions are 'mind-numbingly unreliable', and they're certainly not your own, which is why I asked what your sources were.
BTW, I didn't ask what the sources were for the last paragraph. I'd like to know the source for all of it.

And yes, it is hateful to ask questions--at least, that's how you seem to think when I ask them!