Thursday, August 06, 2009

Upset Obama Voters Growing in Number

Author Jennifer Rubin has written a column over at Pajamas Media: How Many Obama Voters Feel Let Down? The list of disappointed voters keeps growing.


Candidate Barack Obama ran a brilliant campaign, convincing moderates and even some conservatives that he was no radical while keeping the netroot base fully engaged. But seven months after taking office, the list of disappointed voters (at least those willing to admit they were had) is growing.

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I agree with the commenter who wrote:

How could you charaterized Obama’s campaign as “brilliant.”? It was filled with deceit and lies. I know what you’re getting at, but at least add a phrase acknowledging what I think most of us agree on.

I am also a writer, and I am careful not to criticize or nitpik others of my endeavor, but the baseline perception of your comments is a bit chilling — his campaign might have been politically “brilliant” but realistically “contemptible.”

Thanks, TG

Many months back, I learned that one Obama supporter, a guy named Mike Rucker (who used to comment here) wrote a post that claimed to have blocked access to my blog. Why would someone do that? Did he need to resist the temptation to click over here or what?

It's ironic. He hasn't posted much since July. But I noticed the subtext below his blog title reads:
a website from which your blocking software should have kept you

This particular person was quite a confusing personality. At one point, he seemed to like the idea of Obama with Palin as his running mate! I found such an idea totally odd and off the wall since as political ideology goes, they are polar opposites! The huge differences between them politically, ideologically, morally, and ESPECIALLY regarding their honesty and integrity on almost every subject out there would negate the possibility of them EVER agreeing on anything!

Since I didn't get to chat with Mike about it after being blocked by him from this blog, I guess I will never know whether or not he ever got to the point of regretting his vote for Obama.

Obama voters who now regret their vote for him - what say you?

Would love to know what brought you to finally realize your vote for Obama was a drastic mistake. You can post anonymously - I will understand.

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Pajamas Media

P.S. Need a laugh? Who doesn't during this political firestorm of incompetent government people and policies!!

THIS is funny!

Investigating Obama: To - - I want to report this guy lying about the healthcare plan.

See the video, too! If only someone could have placed the growing, lying Pinnochio nose on Obama's face! THAT would have been a hoot!


Kathy said...

I divide Obama voters into three groups. The very rich who are out of reach of his destructive policies, wild eyed ultra leftist crazies who, as they destroy our economy and life style become more angry and crazy because they are convinced that that destruction is the result of right wing policies, then there are the masses who get all their info from the evening news. These are the people we hope are waking up to the reality that government change the planet's temperature, it can't raise and lower ocean levels, and it can't create money out of thin air to ensure we will never face discomfort.

As for Obama, someone should tell him that he won the election and that he can quit campaigning.

GMpilot said...

"As for Obama, someone should tell him that he won the election and that he can quit campaigning."

Aye to that. Now if only some others will acknowledge that he won the election and quit trying to unseat him...

I for one think that seven months is too early to start judging ANY administration; seven months into his administration, GWBush was still a bit up in the air (especially on foreign policy), and there was still some acrimony on the Left about whether or not he had stolen the election. Anyone here remember that?
Six weeks later came 9/11/01, and things changed.
I certainly don't believe we need another event of that magnitude, and unlike some who post here, I'll restrain from giving a verdict now. Even Bush got at least 18 months!

"Since I didn't get to chat with Mike about it after being blocked by him from this blog, I guess I will never know whether or not he ever got to the point of regretting his vote for Obama."

Well, if you really wanted to know, you could go there some other way, Webmistress that you are...but I suspect that would require something you lack.

"Obama voters who now regret their vote for him - what say you?

Would love to know what brought you to finally realize your vote for Obama was a drastic mistake. You can post anonymously - I will understand."

If/when that should ever occur, I will admit it, right here. I know what schadenfreude is, and I do not fear your scorn. But be prepared for a long wait.

Gary Baker said...

"Even Bush got at least 18 months!"

A debatable point since as you mentioned there was all of the angst on the left about whether or not Bush won the election. The media could have helped the situation by announcing that Bush won every single recount held independently, but they chose to preserve the upset.

Less debatable is the difference in response from an economic standpoint. Both presidents faced a huge economic crisis. Bush from 9/11. Obama from the mortgage crisis. Bush proposed cutting taxes and encouraging people to spend. Within a year, the economy had come back and tax revenues were up from before the tax cuts. Obama, despite his rhetoric and a token tax reduction, has signaled his intent to strictly control what kind of business will be allowed to flourish. The result is high unemployment, a higher deficit in the first year than Bush managed to rack up in his entire term, tax revenues low and shrinking. Private assets have been seized on an unprecedented scale. Business are afraid to invest. Heads of cabinets have been largely supplanted by "czars" which were appointed without senate consent, largely bypassing the intended checks and balances. Those opposing the president's policies are increasingly being branded as radicals. Demonstrably false information on the health care "reform" is being spread in an attempt to ram through the largest takeover of the private sector since the great depression. The government is now officially in the business of deciding who will win and who will lose in the economy. At the same time, the Justice Department under Obama is rejecting cases of voter intimidation and the administration is issuing threats to those would disagree publicly. At the same time, foreign enemies, far from responding positively, have continually escalated their hostile programs.

"If/when that should ever occur, I will admit it, right here."

Which begs the question: What outcome were you hoping for? If I were intent on destroying the American economy and reducing freedom, I would consider the administration a great success. As it is, I am troubled that not only has Obama already taken us in directions which have been demonstrated to fail (Japan - Auto Bailout, Spain - Green Jobs, California - Unions, services, and most everything else), but despite the deepening deficits and resistance, he is determined to finish the job.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Kathy!

Well said!

I might divide "the very rich" into two categories - though. The rich George Soros types who are hell bent on destroying America (and have been for quite some time) and those who happen to be rich but were duped by Obama's lies and teleprompter rhetoric during the campaign. I read somewhere that many Jews who voted for him now regret their votes.

The "creating money out of thin air" that the treasury recently did via printing a trillion dollars has already resulted in inflation. Have you seen the sky high cost of groceries?? No wonder 34.4 million people are now on food stamps!!

What is additionally sad about the food stamp rise is the fact that some are "selling" their food stamps at a discount for drugs - and those who bought them "discounted" then use them to "buy at a profit."

There is so much corruption surrounding Obama and his cohorts - corruption that I thought would be unimaginable because "the law" would arrest and prosecute. Apparently, it is "the lawless" who are in charge. They intimidate anyone who would attempt to arrest and prosecute them. Look at what happened to a police officer who only did a "background check" on Obama! He was suspended from his job!

What is Obama hiding?


And, the biggest thing that this fraud is hiding is that he is NOT ELIGIBLE to be POTUS!

Found the following in the comment section of another blog:

Bho boo // August 7, 2009 at 7:09 pm

You Article II s.1′er guys are just going to love this………THE CONSTITUTION DOES INDEED DEFINE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AS BORN OF 2 US CITIZEN PARENTS AND ‘IN COUNTRY’, further it defines allegiance by patrilineage!!!

Greg Goss wrote:

The Constitution and de Vattel’s Law of Nations has the answer to any questions regarding citizenship abroad and any laws crossing national boundaries:

EXCERPT 1. U.S. Constitution, Article II, §1:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, OR a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

EXCERPT 2: de Vattel’s Law of Nations circa 1758 Book 1, Chapter XIX, § 212:

The natives, or NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.

Finally, the main item in the Constitution that ties both together:

EXCERPT 3: U.S. Constitution, Article I, §8:

The Congress shall have Power…To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations

Yes, Law of Nations is CAPITALIZED, meaning our framers were citing a proper name. There was only one Law of Nations in 1787 officially declared. And yes, Congress has the power to create and enforce ANY LAW mentioned in the Law of Nations written by Emmerich de Vattel! It was sitting right under our noses the entire time.


US Citizen is defined by the 14th amendment
Natural Born Citizen is defined by The Law Of Nations, which is cited in the Constitution as its very basis
Not only does the Law of Nations state that a natural born citizen is born in country of two citizen parents, it ALSO says that the patrilineage determines allegiance, meaning Barack’s father who was British/Kenyan determined Obama’s citizenship.


Now, if only we could get an honest judge in one of the lawsuit cases to do what needs to be done!!

Thanks for your comment, Kathy!

Christinewjc said...


I doubt that Mike would appreciate hearing from me at his blog since he purposely blocked access to my blog. Perhaps what I was writing about Obama was getting to him. I'm just wondering if he is still in denial about his bad choice of voting for him.

If you can still believe that Obama is doing what's best for this country - especially after all of the damage he has done in just 7 months - then I doubt that anything else that could happen would ever change your mind about him.

Dan said...

GM Pilot

So do you really think that the US government, even under the complete and unhindered control of the purest of environmentalist, could actually change sea levels and the earth's temperature?

Gary Baker said...


After a long time, and much prayer, I am going to try to get back into the blogging game. Come and see me sometime at:

I'll try to make it worth the trip.

Christinewjc said...


Good question! We all await GM's answer!

Christinewjc said...


After reading your comment last night, I couldn't wait till morning to see your new blog!! I am so excited to learn that you will be blogging again!

Left a comment at your blog earlier this morning. Next, when I opened my email, I read the following devotional. I want to share it with you and dedicate it to your efforts at your new "One of Seven-Thousand" blog of ministry!

Faith's Checkbook by C.H. Spurgeon
Sunday August 9, 2009

Pruning for Fruit-Bearing

"Every branch in Me that beareth not fruit He taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit" (John 15:2).

This is a precious promise to one who lives for fruitfulness. At first it seems to wear a sharp aspect. Must the fruitful bough be pruned? Must the knife cut even the best and most useful? No doubt it is so, for very much of our LORD's purging work is done by means of afflictions of one kind or another. It is not the evil but the good who have the promise of tribulation in this life. But,
then, the end makes more than full amends for the painful nature of the means.

If we may bring forth more fruit for our LORD, we will not mind the pruning and the loss.

Still, purging is sometimes wrought by the Word apart from trial, and this takes away whatever appeared rough in the flavor of the promise. We shall by the Word be made more gracious and more useful. The LORD who has made us, in a measure, fruit-bearing, will operate upon us till we reach a far higher degree of fertility. Is not this a great joy? Truly there is more comfort in a promise of fruitfulness than if we had been warranted riches, or health, or honor.

LORD Jesus, speedily fulfill Thy gracious word to me and cause me to abound in fruit to Thy praise!

May God bless you in this new, worthy endeavor!

In Christ,

Gort said...

Feel free to post my essays in full,they tend to sit idle in the open thread at IO Blog.Mostly,I hang around to educate Arlen on the bigger picture----- "The UNnatural Born Citizen Killer" by Messenger aka Carnival Barker [hey,I might as well get an extra moniker out of this usurpation] 7-18-09 The final scenes to the drama called– “UNnatural Born Citizen Killer” are being played out in an open - air Masonic theater.The United Nations baby did indeed grow up to be a citizen killer,for as the rule of law goes,so too does the free citizen.relegating the people to serfdom.As the curtain draws over the land of the free,and the home of the brave,the alchemical processing of Americans is finalized as they look at the Big Brother television screen being conditioned to receive manna from heaven in the form of a golden Willy Wonka birth certificate belonging to their messiah floating in the White House on the wings of a dove.Their faith is not in the true Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ,but rather in the politicians,celebrity lawyers,news reporters,movie stars,sports icons,and rock stars.,,,with their full obeisance to the false messiah Barack Hussein Obama aka “Lightning From Heaven” in Hebrew and Arabic..The quickening of the Endgame began in Georgia with the Cook case,but will revolve around Orly Taitz aka “Lady Liberty” with her lawsuit that includes Alan” Former UN Ambassador” Keyes[The UN Charter is taken verbatim from the former USSRs].I’m reminded of the song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.Yes,Orly is being played like a fiddle.Only the fiddle player is Joe Farah,not Charlie Daniels,and the Devil wins this time around.———–

Gort said...

See patriots come on the scene and blog mightily seeking help from the CFR-controlled MSM,and their traitorous representatives.Watch the black-robed tyrants of SCOTUS choose cases on light cigarettes over the most important issue in our history.Watch videos of Danny Bickel,and other court clerks sabotage filings.See a slideshow from CIA archives of the true patriots like Donofrio,Wrotnowski,Marquis,et al being tailed by spooks.See the animated feature of Dr.Orly Taitz coming on the scene and being raised to celebrity status.Watch her file lawsuits,briefs,and motions in super fast double quick time.See the sad drama of the beast government hammering Mario Apuzzo as he sweats and fights and puts together the best case possible believing the Constitution exists as our friend Leo once did.See the docudrama of Leo Donofrio educating people on radio shows and his blog,thus bringing World Net Daily to a frantic state,and the need to create the BC billboards to bolster their man Jerome Corsi’s position.See a short film of Americans around the world sitting at their computers blogging on the place of Obama’s birth.

Gort said...

See a live show with actors dressed in 19th century cowboy garb as we bring you “The Plains Radio Escapades”.Then there is the audience participation show where we give live mainstream media coverage of the election and eligibility controversy where the patriots are demonized and called racists,and adoration and idolatry is shown for the Beige One.You can then play the newscasters or the racists Americans with the tin foil hats.We even have lines for you—”Patriots are racists”,and “Who cares aboiut this stupiid eligibility requirement”. and “The Constitution is outdated,and written by racist white dead males”.See Obama dressed up as Michael Jackson singing “We are the World” and “Do you like my Change ,honkies?”See the video footage of the Closed Door House Session of 2008 plannning a financial meltdown,government bankruptcy,civil unrest,and martial law for Sept.2008 to Sept-Oct. 2009.Watch filmed footage of the swine flu spreading just like in the move “Outbreak”.See the rubberstamping of virulent racist Sotomayor.Watch Ginsberg snooze on the bench.See interviews with our politicians and judges promoting eugenics,and a police state.Step right up folks.This is a one-of-a-kind show.There’s so much more to see.

Gort said...

That a ruling power elite does indeed control the U.S. government behind the scenes has been attested to by many americans in a position to know. Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the Supreme Court (1939-1962), said: “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” In a letter to an associate dated November 21, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” February 23, 1954, Senator William Jenner warned in a speech: “Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded.”"You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn.”
— Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (in a conversation with Justice William Douglas about racial preferences), quoted by William O. Douglas, The Court Years, 1939-1975 (New York, Random House, 1980)

Gort said...

My friends this world gets stranger by the day,sometimes by the hour,and in a couple months it will be by the minute.Before that banquet where Orly is served with that manna form Barry,there will be a huge rock concert as I mentioned above.The concert will be the televised presidential conference or address to the nation on tv,and the banquet will be in the hellish courts.Kids,it is either that or the stalling,misdirection,and obfuscation until martial law.One thing is certain,and that all of this is controlled by the Illuminati and the puppets in DC are following their directives.What’s sad is most people are falling fo it.Remember Ed saying Orly would be set up?That was one of the few true things he ever said.Now,all of a sudden Ken and Ed have Orly on and are excited that the truth is going to come out.And bloggers everywhere are excited over the MSM shills giving this coverage.Screw Lou Dobbs,Rush Limbaugh,and Sean Hannity.! And screw all the other MSM shills and newspapers now covering it.They are being given the greenlight to set-up people for the kill.Same with giggling Gibbs all of a sudden spending so much time with the WND fool.Farah has been informed of the BC distraction and that he needs to focus on the NBC issue,but hasn’t done so.They are all aiding in the destruction of this nation,whether willingly and knowingly or not.------ 7-20-09 note : The past few months the States of Montana and Tennessee have each passed their own “Firearms Freedom Act.[Second, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments].BATFE Assistant Director Carson Carroll sent an “Open Letter” to all firearms dealers within the States of Tennessee and Montana, telling them in no uncertain terms, “Federal law supersedes the [Tennessee or Montana] Act, and all provisions of the Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act, and their corresponding regulations, continue to apply.”[July 16th]They know there is and will be no respect for any State Sovereignty Movements or laws to protect against the Beast in DC.I think DR.Vierira is overlooking that salient point in talking about grassroots restoration of the Constitution in his writings.

Gort said...

But then,where were all these scholars and experts last year when we needed them?Writing columns or maybe they knew all this and decided not to stick their necks out.——- The other thing is that already there are articles on Rush jumping onboard with the BC issue,and people getting excited over it,and blogging about the MSM ” getting comfortable with the subject and will start reporting”,to paraphrase Phil over at RSOL.Incredibly naive people in our nation.Their trust and faith is misplaced in the MSM and politicians and they are going to get their just desserts.Sadly,we all have to suffer for that apostasy,from both the tyrannical leaders in DC and from the judgment and wrath of Almighty God. Solutions you ask? Know your enemies.Do not worship them because they play the conservative while selling America down the
NWO drain.Understand that the government is beyond repair.There will be no restoration without recalling every last one of them in DC,and that can't be done at the rigged ballot boxes.Get ready for revolution and civil unrest and race wars.Repent and seek Jesus Christ.Prepare your family for food shortages,pandemics,and a police state takeover.Or continue to get optimistic when the MSM shills cover something Barry has done wrong or the eligibility issue.Believe your vote counts.Believe the lies from the politicians.Laugh at conspiracies..........and pay the piper on the day of reckoning. p.s. Watch how the MSM NWO shills go from bash patriots mode to the dumb and innocent mode to the mea culpa mode,to the mad and indignant mode,and finally the I'm on your side mode

Gort said...

That's the kicker.That's when they will tell you what you want to hear,but steer you into bondage without you ever knowing it.History always repeats itself.This is nothing new......... Messenger aka Carnival Barker p.p.s.We are already seeing this with CFR-controlled MSM shills Dobbs,Limbaugh,Hannity,and a few others.The numbers will grow and even the Obama cultists will join in.And even though WND is mentioning the NBC issue they still harp on the BC and end most articles with the BC being key,which is a lie.It's the Hegelian Dialectic played out in a masterstroke of diabolical genious.The fury is built up and then a false flag event will make the pressure cooker blow --finis--- messenger

Gort said...

' Uncle Sam says: "Eat The Birth Certificate" by Messenger q- Is the BC significant ? a- No,it is not a POTUS eligibility requirement q- what are the requirements a- a natural born citizen at least 35 years old 3.have been a permanent resident in the United States for at least fourteen years.--- No person except a natural born Citizen, , shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. ArticleII Section I Clause 5 if the Constitution [note: the Founding Fathers were excluded with the grandfather clause - "or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution" q- What does natural born citizen mean ? a- unity of citizenship and sole allegiance at birth that requires not only birth on U.S. soil but also birth to parents who are both U.S. citizens by birth or naturalization.Keep in mind this type of citizenship is only required for the President and Vice President offices.The 12th Amendment covers the VP. q- But why is there a debate on the definition ? a- Because the Founding Fathers didn't condescend by putting a dictionary definition in the Constitution for us.There is ample historical evidence that shows us where they got the term and what it meant. q- But didn't the 14th Amendment redefine the term ? a- No.Absloutely not.The 14th Amendment gave a broad definition of citizenship,but did not meld it into any other classes,sub-classes, or types of citizens.

Gort said...

a- What about all these cases being discussed on the NBC ? a- Purely academic.The term is self-evident in the Constitution by noting the granfdather clause.But because SCOTUS has never gone beyond an implied definition and an actual ruling on a case specifically pertaining to a president or presidential candidate,there is a misnomer that there is ambiguity on the meaning.There certainly is divergent opinions by SCOTUS in those cases discussing the NBC issue,but overal,l the weight of the rulings,opinions,and writings on the subject argue in favor of the original intent of the Founding Fathers.The proponents of a "living document" position sidetrack the issue by trying to belittle the writings of legal and philosophical scholars the Founding Fathers relied on when formulating the words and ideas that make up the Constitution.Thus,there is a need to go over all these writings as well as educating Americans on inportant precedent cases and the documents that were handed down to us.We live in a dumbed down culture,and there is very little respect for the Constitution,and not much knowledge in history,else we wouldn't be facing the destruction of this erstwhile great nation,not only from the usurpation,but from a government that no longer addresses the grievances of its citizens. q- But don't we need Obama's BC to resolve this crisis ? a- No. q- But Berg and Taitz harp on the BC and say it will all go away.Is that true? a- No.Listen...the BC is a distraction,and a clever smokescreen to cover Obama's ineligibility. q- But how do we resolve the crisis ? a- Well,it's too late now.Quo Warranto is the answer.But our government at all levels and branches has neglected to do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.There is still the option of QW with interested parties,but that doesn't change the people controlling the game.Which is why we have the GJ Presentments and criminal complaints being ignored,and all cases being rejected,dismissed,refused to be heard,or stalled through legalese. q- So what is Leo Donofrio doing? a- Educating people and recording history,as a few others are.And it is impacting the the strategies of the conspirators.

Gort said...

q- Is the eligibility issue a conspiracy a- No.The coverup of Obama's not being an NBC is the conspiracy. q- Has Obama admitted he is ineligible? a- Yes.In his autobiography and on his official websites he admits his father was a Kenyan and a British Subject. q- What about his mother ? a- Doesn't matter.The information admitted about his father alone is enough to disqualify him as POTUS under the British BNA Act of 1948.We also know his father was here on a student visa,but never domiciled here as any type of citizen.So,the arguments on his mother's age and years living in the USA are moot points. q- What about the speculation of Obama being a dual or triple national with all the Indonesia,Kenya,and Hawaii talk ? a- Tangential information that would've come out in QW.Piggybacking all these wild speculations,allegations,and hearsay in lawsuits dooms them at the outset.Same with the BC,passports,and school records.That would've all come out in the discovery phase. q- So a BC is forthcoming ? a- Most likely,unless something takes place to usher in martial law.The stage has surely been set to release one. q- Will it be real or fake ? a- Who knows? It doesn't really matter.It will be presented and accepted as genuine by all but the half million or so Americans that know the man is not an NBC no matter where he was born. q- So,all this BC billboard business and obsessing over the BC has been counterproductive ? a- You bet.Yes.It is playing right into Obama's hands and was controlled and stage-managed all is one thing for average citizens to be confused over the BC issue.But the lawyers and journalists covering this crisis should know better.The less said about any specific individuals the better. q- But what about Mario Apuzzo? a- Listen,there are alot of good people that have fought and are fighting this usurper.He understands the NBC issue,and has quite a strong case.But it will fail.How we lost standing and why the government believes it has absolute immunity are subjects and history lessons for another day

Gort said...

q- So,in essence-- Uncle Sam is telling us to eat the birth certificate---right? a-- Correct.Every branch of government is aware of this Constitutional Crisis and has aided and abetted the fraud in the Oval Office and it is apropos to say that Uncle Sam is telling us to eat cake and eat the birth certificate,because the Constiution is null and void.That is what is coming to a banquet hall near you soon.The incessant blogging on the BC is exactly what was the desired outcome all along.It was and is a distraction and misdirection.Again.many,many people are fighting the usurper in earnest,and several lawsuits were strong,and should've been heard on the merits.But this has never been about one man usurping the Oval Office.It has been about dividing and conquering the people to destroy the Republic,and merge it into a Fascist New World Order. q- Do we have to eat the BC ? a- No.I'm not.The quicker people get off the BC Bandwagon and focus on the NBC issue the better.We need to fight until the end. q- So we should contact the MSM ? a- No.That's a waste of time.They are not ignorant of these facts. q- Contact our politicians ? a- Knock yourself out.That's been done,but more power to you.Better to educate yourself.Then educate others.Then demand action from the traitors in DC.And stop relying on the shills in the MSM for the truth.Read between the lines. end--- messenger

Gort said...

The Great Golden Willy Wonka Chocolate Baby Birth Certificate Set-Up-- by Messenger 8-3-09 The recent propaganda lies from the new Julius Streicher [James Taranto] via the new Der Stürmer newspaper[Wall Street Journal] is telegraphing the coming set-up of releasing a "genuine" birth certificate from Hawaii to researchers that understand the modus operandi of propaganda.Dr.Orly Taitz coming up with a third generation copy of a 1964 Kenyan BC has the birthers abuzz in the blogosphere with most of them believing it is either authentic or that it could be authentic.Now,without going into the chain of events that lean towards there being no BC at all from 1961,let us deduce why it is reasonable to assume that one from Hawaii will be forthcoming and authenticated by the experts.1.The BC has always been a distraction,and misdirection. for it is not a POTUS eligbility requirement. 2.If there were a genuine BC from anywhere it would have surfaced,and been debunked if from Kenya or Indonesia,and offered as proof of being born on US soil if Hawaii,as the admissions of the non-nbc staus is tacitly admitted by Obama in his autibiography and his official website.So,it is erroneous to assume that there has been all this stonewalling for months to hide that issue.3.Because Leo and Mario have kept the NBC issue alive,the MSM has found it necessary to spread propaganda as the Keyes case plays out as deisigned. 4.The Kenyan BC was brought out at this time to build up hope one last time,and to divert attention away from you and the Kerchner case.Because,regardless,of what transpires in that case,the NBC issue is a heavy focus on Mario's blog,and the Adverts in the newspapers.

Gort said...

They need damage control to continue until the Keyes case plays out in full. 5.Fiddler Farah came out with a mock-Leo rebuttal to the WSJ propaganda to spin it as showing that only the BC can resolve this. 6.The Defense defaulting in the Keyes case was a clear sign that Orly was chosen to be the recipient of the BC or multiple BCs. and that her case would be the one to destroy "Lady Liberty". 8.The BC smokescreen has worked so well that otherwise intelligent people are letting their guards down,as a real BC form Kenya would make it unneccesary to explore the NBC issue further.Which is good that you left the WSJ article up on top and stressed the importance of it. 9.What is not being addressed in the blogosphere widely enough is that the criminal complaints by military men accusing BHO of fraud and treason blow the eligibility cases out of the water.They are being ignored,while Orly's case is going foreward on cue.This is a clear sign that this is all contrived and controlled by the elites.--------The above hypothesis might not come true.But so far I've seen it play out as expected.And it is not even factoring in the bigger conspiracy.It's verifiable and factual history.While the criminal complaints are ignored we are misdirected by looking for the planted errors in this Kenyan BC like The Republic of Kenya and whatnot.And all this hoopla over a third generation BC.It is blatantly a red herring preparing the inquiring minds of the truth for the genuine article,whether real or a perfect forgery.And it misdirects people from exposing the dereliction of duty in our law enforcement agencies in ignoring the criminal complaints of fraud and treason.If Barry is legitimate,why have there been no arrests in over four months?If Barry has something to hide,why is the government ignoring these criminal complaints? Do you see what I mean about that issue alone speaking volumes about this all being stage-managed? One doesn't even need to go into great detail of the bigger picture to see that the eligiblity lawsuits are not going to be played out legitimately,even if heard on the merits.You hear nothing in the MSM about the growing criminal complaints against Barry.And that's not even bringing the GJ Presentments into the equation.Or this being a stonewalling technique until a generated crisis and martial law.Those criminal complaints took this all to a new level,which is why there isn't even propaganda and spins on that piece of dynamite.In contrast,the NBC issue is still a thorn in their sides.
the end--- messnger

Gort said...

p.s.Thanks for cleaning up the grammar.I'm articulte and know my syntax,punct,,and grammar well,but these blogs comments always mess it up after posting.Mostly on Google blogs,but sometimes on Wordpress as well...... Messenger p.p.s. Ithink the things I write are a little too deep for most people.That's why I decided to write essays o our current constitutional crisis.

Gort said...

Christine,for those that don't know,there is an "open thread" over at IO Blog.You have to scroll down at the bottom of the page and click "older posts".It's a few pages back.Here's link--- Take care----------- Jim/Gort/Messenger/Carnival Barker

Christinewjc said...

Jim Gort,

Thanks for all of your comments. It took some time for me to read through and screen them before posting.

I have posted all but one of your comments. You see, I have a hard time believing the 9/11 conspiracy theory that our U.S. Government knew about the plot. Perhaps you may think that I am being naive. I certainly hope that I am not.

Perhaps there were operatives in our government (or, more likely the previous Democratic government - recall Sandy Burglar's antics?) who had some intelligence on a possible attack here on U.S. soil. However, the 9/11 report and the debunking of the conspiracy theories by Popular Mechanics have led me to believe that it was a genuine attack upon our nation. The hundreds of additional attacks that were planned - and thus thwarted by the Bush Administration - is additional proof that we are at war; here and around the world, with radical Islamic terrorists.

Perhaps this particular subject will just have to end up being an "agree to disagree" point between us. That disagreement is why I never did promote that film done by Alex Jones.

I could very well be wrong and you and Jones could very well be correct on the issue. It is just that what I have read, studied, and learned since the 9/11 attacks has shown me (personally) that it was a lack of communication between intelligence communities (thanks a lot, Jamie Gorelick!) that allowed the attack to happen under the radar screen of domestic national security.

Thanks for all of your comments. You should have a blog of your own to keep track of it all. Maybe you do and I missed it somehow? Your profile does not show any links to your own blog or website. I will check out that open thread at Investigating Obama.

GMpilot said...

Mr. Baker:
When I said “even Bush got 18 months”, I meant he got it from me. I didn’t start to critique his policies until that much time had passed. The Left-at-large may have suffered angst from the start, but I did not, so from my POV, it is not ‘debatable’ at all.
Admittedly, my studies of the economy have been inadequate. But I know enough to know that trying to turn it around is like trying to do the same thing with a supertanker; it will not be easy, nor quick. I don’t expect to see results for at least another year.

”…the Justice Department under Obama is rejecting cases of voter intimidation and the administration is issuing threats to those would disagree publicly.”

Funny, there was some of that in the previous administration, too. Not exactly the “openness” that many had hoped for, but this isn’t our first time down this street.

”If I were intent on destroying the American economy and reducing freedom, I would consider the administration a great success.”

So then, you don’t consider the USA Patriot Act and the suspension of habeas corpus a reduction of freedom?

”As it is, I am troubled that not only has Obama already taken us in directions which have been demonstrated to fail (Japan - Auto Bailout, Spain - Green Jobs, California - Unions, services, and most everything else)…”

You’ll have to clarify those points for me. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.
Anyway, thanks very much for allowing our hostess to answer for herself this time.

GMpilot said...

CJW: ”I doubt that Mike would appreciate hearing from me at his blog since he purposely blocked access to my blog. Perhaps what I was writing about Obama was getting to him. I'm just wondering if he is still in denial about his bad choice of voting for him.”

Maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t. If you don’t ask him, you’ll never know, will you? Or are you content to just ‘wonder’?

GMpilot said...

Dan:”So do you really think that the US government, even under the complete and unhindered control of the purest of environmentalist, could actually change sea levels and the earth's temperature?”

Did I say anything at all about the government doing such things? No.
On a localized scale, of course, changing the earth’s temperature can, and has, been done. Hiroshima is a good example.
How about reading what I said, not what you thought I said?

Christinewjc said...


1. I am content to wonder. If he ever shows up here again and offers his own opinion, then so be it. I don't make a habit of chasing down Obama supporters who used to post here.

2. Your comment about me "answering for herself this time" is beyond childish. Do you understand what blogging and commenting are all about? It is for people to share comments about what is written. Not every blog owner answers every comment. Sometimes another commentator comes along and does a good job of answering and/or elaborating on any given topic. There is no need to repeat what has already been said by others.

If you are having trouble understanding what Gary is describing, then you must be watching the wrong T.V. stations. All of that leftist propaganda is destroying your brain cells and you are becoming assimilated into the ObamaBORG mentality.

Such a shame. I mistakenly thought that you were more informed than that.

If you routinely watch Olberdummy or anyone else at MSNBC, then you are getting the ole' Soros-led Obama goon-squad Marxist bullcrap stories. I suggest listening to talk radio - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck. Perhaps they will eventually break you out of your Obama Kool-Aid drinking stupor.

Then again, maybe not.

Like I said before, if you are not already awakened to what is going on right under your nose to destroy this nation through Obamarxist policies, then I doubt that anything else that would be shared with you will do the trick, either.

Gary Baker said...


"So then, you don’t consider the USA Patriot Act and the suspension of habeas corpus a reduction of freedom?"

As you wrote above: "How about reading what I said, not what you thought I said?"

For the record, I consider any infringement of habeas FOR CITIZENS as potentially a great infringement of liberty. As far combatants are concerned, lawful or unlawful, it has never applied during any type of warfare. Prisoners of War have traditionally been held without trial until the conflict ends. We have already seen recurring violence from combatants that have been paroled.

While I don't take lightly the potential abuse of provisions of the patriot act, it seems to me that the actual restrictions imposed under Bush have long since been eclipsed into obscurity by the Obama administration. Whereas Bush was accused of unlawful phonetaps (I say accused because I am unaware of any cases where claims were upheld), the Obama administration has already moved to deny persons involved in bankruptcy proceedings due process, seized private assets, destroyed vast quantities of wealth by announcing ahead of time that he will target specific industries for bankruptcy, etc. If the government listens to my phone calls, that's embarrassing. If they can arbitrarily destroy my business, impoverish my family and myself, control my access to health care, or tax me into serfdom, that is taking control of almost every aspect of my life. That is almost every aspect of everyone's life.

Clarification of points: In the 1990s, Japan faced an economic crisis that was in large part related to government intervention, particularly with regard to inefficient and failing businesses. By being unwilling to let them fail, the crisis and the pain was extended. This is highly analogous to the current auto crisis, where government regs and union demands have raised labors costs of American car makers to between 50% and 75% higher than Japanese costs. Despite their inability to allow for effective reform, the unions were granted large shares of the companies after bailout. This is a recipe to have the American taxpayer on the hook supporting unions and bad labor practices from now on.

Spain instituted a plan for "green" jobs some time ago. After a decade, it is estimated that every green job created cost 2.2 jobs somewhere else in the economy, and only 1 in 10 green jobs created is permanent.

In short, green jobs aren't savers, they are destroyers of the economy based on specious science. Add to this the money that cap and trade will take out of the economy if passed, and we're looking at a big uptick in poverty.

"Funny, there was some of that in the previous administration, too. Not exactly the “openness” that many had hoped for, but this isn’t our first time down this street."

I don't recall any threats being issued to dissenters. Perhaps you can enlighten me. And the cases that I remember being dismissed involved charges that voting machines did not accurately tally votes after the machines were checked. I don't recall any cases of people being threatened outside of polling places being ignored. Perhaps you can enlighten me again? This is especially important now that the Dem's pet unions are getting physical at town hall meetings.

Now that I have addressed your questions to the best of my ability, I would appreciate reciprocation: What would it take for you to think that voting for Obama was a mistake?