Monday, August 10, 2009

Commercial That Made Me Weep

I know what readers are probably thinking...what doesn't make me weep these days? Well, maybe you are right. I can easily be moved to tears by what I see all around us as heightened evil. I don't need to list all of the examples. Many loyal readers have read my views on this blog over the past four years. They are clearly spelled out in many posts. Just type in "abortion," "homosexual agenda," "child abuse," "p0rn," "Marxism"...the list goes on and on...into the Talk Wisdom blog search to read them all.

But the reality of what might happen to our nation's elderly if ObamaSCARE HELLcare is passed is just as devastating as all the other moral ills that are currently running rampant in our society today.

Take a look at this video:

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I saw it for the first time during The Glenn Beck Program broadcast this afternoon. Immediately, I physically reacted with tears in my eyes. Over the course of the one minute commercial, my tearful eyes advanced to actual weeping.

Why did I have this reaction?

I think that anyone would - or should - after viewing that video.

How about you?

The first thing that went through my mind was concern about the elderly people in my life.

In the next moment, I thought about my dad who died of inoperable lung cancer on Tuesday, May 30th, 1995.

You can read all of the posts that I have previously written about him here, here and here.

I can't help but think that if ObamaSCARE (or something similar like "Hillarycare") had been passed back in the 90's, then my dad may not have had that extra year and a half of life. Why? Because the government would most likely have deemed him "not worthy" to be given treatment. Their scary attitude would steal away that extra time because he was going to die soon anyway.

When did such an anti-life mentality come about here in America?

Well, it certainly must have been ratcheted up when "abortion on demand" became legal in 1973.

Margaret Sanger's dream of "getting rid of the unwanted and imperfect" had finally come to its ugly fruition. Too bad she is most likely burning in hell because of her rejection of Jesus Christ. Her well documented embrace of atheistic ideology - and sick mindset that accompanied her God-rejecting beliefs - would certainly explain her willingness to cheer on the indiscriminate killing of babies in the womb.

But now, we have gotten to the point where there are very creepy people advising ObamaFRAUD on health care. These "intellectual elites" (oh...really - sounds more like a death squad!) are into euthanasia and getting rid of the elderly when their lives aren't deemed "as important" as the lives of younger people.

How in the world did we get here??? It's frightening!

The ObamaFRAUD administration is openly advocating for a death culture. What's worse is the fact that their scheme is not even being disguised within the terrible "health care" bill. When people are desperate for money - as the thugs who are currently in the employ of SEIU and ACORN probably are - then the bogus POTUS & cohorts can succeed at getting them to do ANYTHING. Recall Alinsky's "rules for radicals?"

No wonder regular patriotic, hard working, child raising, God loving, country first American people are going berserk at Town Hall Meetings! They instinctively know when their rights are being trampled upon! The rights that were given to us - guaranteed by our Founding Fathers through the documents they created at our nation's birth - are, one by one, being taken away. Now, even the first and most IMPORTANT right - the RIGHT to LIFE is being tampered with! Should government people be making decisions on who should live or die? This is unconscionable - people!!!

Back to my dad.

It was during that one and a half years (doctor only gave him 6 months to live with treatment) that my dad got real with God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. If you read the posts above, you will know the entire story and his journey to Christ.

I think that this is why government must NEVER BE ALLOWED TO MAKE END OF LIFE DECISIONS FOR PEOPLE - EVER!!!

Only the Lord God gives life and deems when it is time for each person to enter into eternity.

My dad's mom (my grandmother) lived until she turned 101. What if proper care was denied to her in her 60's, 70's,80's,or 90's?

My mom is now 85 years old and her sister is 89 years old. What about care for them??

The coldness and dark hearts of anyone who would be in favor of this ObamaSCARE HELLcare scandal is just downright EVIL!

We need to continue to speak up, speak out, and PROTEST against this awful HELLcare plan!!

Refuse to be intimidated by the Obama thugs who are out there in full force - mocking, humiliating, bashing, and even going so far as to PHYSICALLY ATTACKING AND BEATING UPON those who are against this horrendous bill! What's worse - the thugs HAVE THE ABSOLUTE GALL TO EVEN LIE about those whom they have physically attacked!!

If you can, please go to 60 and contribute to their efforts to get the TRUTH out!

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John said...

Wow...I'm so sorry you had to waste your tears on so much right-wing propaganda.

Here's what the Post has to say about the Medicare cuts:

"Comprehensive health-care legislation approved by three House committees include changes to the Medicare program for 45 million elderly and disabled people. The bills:

-- Extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by five years.

-- Waive all co-payments on preventive services.

-- Provide 50 percent discounts on brand-name prescriptions in the coverage gap known as the "doughnut hole." Eliminate the gap entirely within 12 years.

-- Eliminate 14 percent in "overpayments" to Medicare Advantage plans over 10-year period; pay $10 billion in bonuses to high-quality plans.

-- Increase reimbursements to primary-care doctors, general practitioners and psychiatrists by 5 percent.

-- Reduce payments to skilled-nursing homes and rehabilitation centers by $15 billion over the next decade.

-- Pay medical professionals for counseling patients about end-of-life options.

-- Reduce payments to providers that have patients with high hospital readmission rates.

-- Grant biologic therapies 12 to 14 years of market protection before a generic version can seek Food and Drug Administration approval.

-- Cancel a proposed 21 percent cut in physician reimbursements, estimated to cost $228 billion over 10 years.

SOURCE: Congressional Budget Office, House Ways and Means Committee, Kaiser Family Foundation"

Lots of the savings come from cutting medicare advantage, which costs more than orginal recipe medicare and is considered a boondoggle by many on the left. The anti-reform ad above comes from the 60 Plus Association, a group that's very "right wing." It's surreal to watch Republicans attack Obama from the left –trying to demagogue him for making sensible cuts to a program they have long sought to reform.

David Frum wonders why Republicans are up in arms about medicare reform:

"The question for conservatives: If President Obama is willing to volunteer to put his hand into this beehive… why not let him? Don’t we also want a less expensive Medicare program? Indeed, without Medicare savings, the national tax burden must inevitably rise by at least four or five points of GDP as the baby boomers retire. History is full of ironies, and it may be that the success of the Medicare portion of Obama’s health plan is the essential precondition for the next Republican tax cut."

Me, I don't have to wonder. I know. Just more scare tactics from what's left of the Republican party. It's funny there's no mention of a "Death Panel". Maybe that's something the Wasilla Hillbilly '"just made up"! You betcha'.

Gary Baker said...


The news reported by the Post might be heartening...if any government medical program ever worked as cheaply or efficiently as expected. In the real world, the price generally starts about 50% higher than advertised and goes up from there. Take Social Security, for example. When Roosevelt first advertised that, it was supposed to be individual retirement accounts and GUARANTEED to never go over 6% including the employer part. It's now around 14%. I think that kind of puts you on the wrong side of the issue as far as "propaganda" is concerned. Add to that Obama has not kept one promise he made with regards to openness in the process, he is making guarantees regarding bills that aren't even approved or in some cases written, and Congress has already signaled that it feels no need to honor any deals made by the President, well, let's just say that you have no demonstrated credibility. It is kind of amusing though to watch the Dem leadership squirm because every lie they tell about the bill (get to keep your own coverage, not a takeover, not socialized medicine) is instantly debunked the moment the bill makes it out on the net.

Maybe you want your kids to work under fascist wannabees. Obama, Peolosi, and Reid seem to think that people serve best when they are providing revenue for the government. I'm going to try to keep mine as free as possible for as long as possible.