Friday, August 28, 2009

Tonight! What We Can Do!

Wow! Glenn Beck just played an awesome audio compilation (which is also a video that he will probably show on T.V. today) of Ronald Reagan warning the nation of how socialism will sneak in gradually through liberalism if we do nothing to prevent it from happening. Reagan quoted a former Communist party member who stated (paraphrased here) that America will not accept Socialism all at once, but piece by piece, it will infiltrate into our government until one day, it has taken over our Constitutional Republic and Capitalistic society.

If you have been following Glenn's series of shows this week that have been exposing the socialistic agenda and the thugs who will carry such an agenda out in the Obama Administration, then you have heard a lot of stunning bad news. Today, Glenn will share the good news. He is going to share what we can do about it.

After hearing the audio of Reagan's words, I'm sure that Glenn will be encouraging us into action. Some of my guesses as to what he will suggest that We The People do against this onslaught of Socialism being inflicted upon us are as follows:

1. Write your Congressmen and Senators - expressing your feelings about what is going on and how you object to it. Just as Ronald Reagan stated - even write to those who you think are on our side.

2. We need to clean house BIG TIME to get those who are putting forth this dangerous agenda. VOTE THEM OUT! Meaning, go to the polls in November, 2010 and vote out those representatives and senators who have voted for the awful bills that have been pushed through Congress.

3. Run for office yourself! What we seriously need are individual patriotic, conservative, Constitutional Republic honoring candidates (like Sarah Palin!) in office to get our country back on track in the direction that our Founding Fathers envisioned at the creation of our country.

4. Keep up the pressure at town hall meetings and show up at TEA Parties (especially the one in Washington D.C.) to voice your opinions, objections, and desires to place this country back on track.

5. Pass Glenn's series of T.V. shows on to everyone you know!! Educate others who may not be aware of what is going on. Maybe you could make a DVD of the series of shows from your DVR and gather people together to show it to a group who have not seen them yet.

6. Take the questions that Glenn has asked and ask them at town hall meetings. Place them on protest signs at TEA Parties.

I'm sure that there are many more items on Glenn's list that will help motivate us towards our goal to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

Don't miss the show tonight!

And, don't let the mockers and naysayers against Glenn get to you. They aren't deterring Glenn!! He's got an iron will in this endeavor and I, for one, am VERY GRATEFUL to him for speaking out! We needed someone like him to expose this travesty of justice and treasonous actions being done by this hijacking of the Democratic Party! Thank God for Glenn!

On the radio, Glenn just said:

"Sticks and stones may break his bones - but Glenn's got answers!"


Over at the "We Surround Them" website, I read the following comment (last initial only posted for privacy reasons):

Comment by Chris & Patty B. 23 hours ago

Hey everyone,

I attended the Towne Hall Meeting with Kevin McCarthy yesterday at CSUB in Bakersfield. We had approximately 3500 people that attended and all was very orderly and respectable. There were no infiltraters(SEIU,ACORN,ETC) present. There were many great questions on the health care (OBAMANATION) they call a bill. A lot of the questions asked were the same ones offered up by Glenn Beck so people are listening and seem to be waking up! We need to keep fighting this on all fronts and not let our guard down for one minute!

There are Communists, Marxists, Statists, and Socialists within the infrustructure of our government trying to get a foot hold and change America to their standards while shredding our Constitution in the process! I believe that starting with Obama (I will not call him anything else) on down, ought to be charged with TREASON and should be removed from office and arrested for their crimes starting with the violation of the oath of office they all were sworn to. They should be thought of as domestic enemies of this great nation and it's people! The reason they want to take away Talk Radio, Free Speech and our 2nd Amendment is because they know we are waking up and they don't want us to rise up against them! I hope and pray that it doesn't come to that because it will be bloody! I will not hand over my freedom to anyone without a fight! I am a veteran of the United States Army and a soldier forever defending America and it's people! I WILL NEVER QUIT !!!!!!

Here's another great comment from that website:

Comment by Janette G. on August 22, 2009 at 3:58pm

Revolution Time? Some food for thought By Herbert E. Meyer, from American Thinker;



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