Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama COLB Ebay Seller Releases Video

Recall the ebay seller who claimed to have a copy of Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate? He also told people that he would show a video of it. Here is that video. You can decide whether or not the copy in the video appears to be a legitimate copy of Obama's vault-length COLB.

Video Link

Also, read several posts about this new development over at RepubX

This commenter over at RepubX makes a good point:

If anything comes out of this positive, it will again stoke the public mind about the birth issue. Everyone is so freakin caught up in this healthcare shit that they forget about this issue. THIS IS THE ISSUE!!! We need to focus on his eligibilty and that only! If obama is exposed, end of game with everything. Nothing is binding, we wipe the slate clean of this entire administration. We're running out of time!!!


If corruption wasn't king in Washington D.C. right now and lawyers, judges, Congress (many of them), the media, and the minions of thugs and masterminds surrounding and protecting Obama weren't running (no - RUINING ) our nation, this would have been taken care of a LONG TIME AGO!

I pray for this:

"Nothing is binding, we wipe the slate clean of this entire administration."

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