Saturday, August 10, 2013

Benghazi Bombshell Report Coming Soon

Apparently, there will be a big Benghazi bombshell announcement soon.  According to Walid Shoebat, who has posted a Benghazi Bombshell Report Update at his blog, has also posted a report concerning CNN's Erin Burnett pushing two conspiracy theories.  Shoebat surmises that this may be a possible "out in front" type of report so that the upcoming bombshell information might have less impact?

We shall see.

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GMpilot said...

"Any day now...any day now...any day now..."

So, someone at CNN is 'pushing two conspiracy theories', possibly to diffuse the impact of the 'bombshell' that's going to be detonated 'soon'. (BTW, was that a statement or a question? In your excitement, you didn't make that clear.)
Weren't we told about that bombshell back in November? Did someone cut the fuse? Has it taken this long to splice a new one?

We've had 'hearings' on Benghazi almost every month since then, mostly led by Rep. Darrell Issa. They have produced a great deal of heat but no smoke, and certainly no fire. Even Fox doesn't cover them any more. People are more concerned about what Congress's sequester is doing to the living, not what Obama's administration may have done (or not done) to the dead.
No one on your side of the line has ever explained exactly what they mean by a Benghazi “conspiracy”. Was Ambassador Stevens placed in an exposed spot and then abandoned, like poor Uriah was? If so, why? Who benefits from that? It's known that there was no stand-down order from Washington, and it's clear that at least two of the four were already dead when the news became known.

Yeah, I suppose we could have napalmed downtown Benghazi, but that would have simply begun a Libyan war, and that would have been inconvenient, especially when some senator thinks we should be attacking Iran.
So...where's the conspiracy? What's the conspiracy? I can think of a possibility or two, but they can't possibly be as crazy as the ones I've actually seen in the right-wing blogosphere. (I have you to thank for certain links, hostess. As mentioned earlier, I'm limited to only one political cesspool.)

In the meantime, it's back to hearing the same old song: "Any day now...any day now..."

Christinewjc said...

Here's the Benghazi Bombshell information that Walid Shoebat and Pajamas Media has just released on their blogs!!

I'm sure that GMPilot will remain in the ObamaBorg Bot camp just because "he's black" - no matter how many scandals on top of scandals are discovered and revealed!

Pitiful...absolutely disgusting to see any American support this fraud in office and his obvious collusion with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists!!!

steve said...

Obviously Mr. Pilot isn't up on current events.

Christinewjc said...

You got that right Steve! And when the truth of the matter on any given scandal topic is shown, his ideological blinders will not allow himself to comprehend the gravity of deception that is being spewed by the political pundits in the media of mass deception!

steve said...

Have you seen this yet?

I place Mr. Pilot in the same category as my friend Mr. Liming. Though Mr. Pilot has an intellectual "prowess" unequalled by most liberals.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

Yes, I did hear about the 400 missles being stolen. It is hard to believe that such information is being suppressed by the media of mass deception because they "heart" ObaMUSLIM - no matter what evil he does!! It's say the least!

I received an email recently where the author tries to explain why none of these scandals "stick" and why nothing is really being done about them. The IRS is STILL targeting conservative groups!

Well, here's the email. Let me know what you think.

Copy of email:


Barack Obama is winning.

Despite the fact that he is at the center of more scandals than any president in recent history, the economy continues to limp along and his prized ObamaCare is hated by most Americans, Obama's radical agenda marches on.

Here's how he's doing it...

+ + How Obama Is Winning

Have you wondered why Obama seems all-but unfazed by each and every scandal and revelation about his presidency?

Obama hardly blinked an eye when the IRS leaked the news of the IRS efforts to target Tea Party groups.

He almost seemed to encourage the news of the NSA snooping capabilities. By the time it was revealed a few days ago that the NSA can monitor the keystrokes on your computer AS YOU TYPE, the media hardly covered the story.

And there was no comment from Team Obama when the liberal media finally confirmed what we had been reporting for months -- that the Benghazi disaster was the result of a cover up of a massive CIA operation that likely center on illegally running guns to Syrian rebels.

+ + A Scandal A Day Keeps Accountability Away...

If it seems like there is a "scandal a day" that's because the pace of scandals and revelations is unprecedented.

And there's a reason for it.

The overwhelming pace of scandal is the key to how Obama is winning, and how his agenda continues to move forward.

Obama is content with the rash of "scandals" because he knows the "information overload" will make it impossible for the average American to even track what happened yesterday, let along last week!

It's a very sophisticated game of distraction and diversion. And it's working.

The author then goes on to ask for signatures for Obama's impeachment and also to request money for the organization he is with.

No matter what Americans do - no matter how many petitions they sign, calls for impeachment they create and sign - it's all being ignored.

Liberal mental disorder is highly apparent in California. I just can't believe that Gov. Brown signed the "transgender bathroom" bill yesterday. I'm sure that MILLIONS of Californians wrote urging him to veto it! But he signed it anyway. I can't even begin to fathom all of the problems that this will cause in public schools in CA! It's so egregious, disgusting, and horrible here. And, children will pay the highest price for the evil Demoncraps who are ruining this state and running us into the ground!

Well, enough of my rant! I see a slew of lawsuits coming, and maybe like mayor Bloom-butt in NY, a judge will overturn this insane bill!!

steve said...

I couldn't agree with the email more. The sheer number of "scandals" and the slow pace of the investigations makes it impossible to stop. Not to mention the obstruction of guys like John Boehner. Even when it's established that Eric Holder, etc. out and out lied under oath to the Congress nothing happens. They simply half-heartedly investigate, write a finding, then move on.

Christinewjc said...

Yes Steve. Boehner is a HUGE disappointment! I'm sure that the evil-powers-that-be have a lot of dirt on him. Therefore, he chooses to keep his job rather than fight against the tyranny.

I'm hoping and praying that Mark Levin's book - The Liberty Amendments - takes off in a positive wild-fire way and moves the Republican governors to join in the fight against the Federal tyranny going on!

I'm reading the first chapter today and so far, I agree with everything Levin has written!

Here's a link:

Mark Levin