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Bolton: America Discredited Until We Get "A Real President"

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Many people in my life agreed way back in 2008 that if Obama got into the office of the presidency, it would be an absolute disaster!   However, I recall one person asking me, "Is there anything good that you could say about him?"  I had to think for a bit, but then I said, "He seems to be a good father." 

I used the word "seems" because I don't know much about how he genuinely conducts himself as a father.  All I have to go by is the image he portrays when filmed or photographed with his daughters.  The media of mass deception will always paint a rosy picture of this man no matter what he does.

All the hype that surrounded this man when he was touted as a "smart and intellectual" Constitutional scholar didn't matter to me.  All of his radical leftist ideology certainly trumped any supposition that his supposedly "brilliant IQ" (Was this even ever measured?  After all, he has hidden and sealed his college transcripts!) would make him into an individual that I could ever support to hold the office.  His radical views on abortion are absolutely sickening!

Personally, I think that he is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the "powers that be" who have the dual ultimate goals of destroying America and Israel. 

That being said, I want to share a comment attributed to Benjamin Franklin in the "Maturing With Grace" section of a book of wisdom written by Dr. David Jeremiah called "Moments With God on Route 66."

Maturing With Grace


Benjamin Franklin commented about a man who was so learned that he knew the word for "horse" in nine different languages, but so unlearned that he bought a cow to ride on.  Mr. Franklin often used proverbial language to make his point, and here I think the point is the difference between education and true knowledge, or wisdom.

And that point applies to the Christian life as well.  We can know the facts of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but if we aren't applying the Bible to our lives, we have missed the whole point--we gain knowledge but lack wisdom.

Pursue wisdom on the road to new life.

Discover how to apply God's Word in your life...on Route 66.

From "Moments With God on Route 66" p. 237.

[Note:  For past posts about this book, please click HERE.]

Borrowing those words of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin - I state the obvious to America.   Figuratively speaking, with Obama's first and second election,  we bought a cow (twice!) to ride on.

We are seeing more and more evidence of so-called "intellectual" knowledge in individuals chosen to serve in this current administration who just don't have the wisdom to lead.  Of course, we can start with Obama himself! 

The extreme disaster that I call "ObamaSCARE HELLcare" is now being exposed for all of it's awful faults as each attempt to implement this terrible law fails one right after the other!  The clueless Dems in Congress bought another cow to ride on and egregiously, We The People are suffering because of it!

Journalists are writing about Obama's irrelevancy.

 They are describing the ineptitude of certain appointees who really should NEVER have been given the jobs that they currently occupy!

Notice that I haven't even gone into the depths of evil  and depravity that lurks in and around this BADministration!

Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton (under President George W. Bush) said exactly what needs to be said, and understood by the American people and the world:

Obama Release Your Records blog -  RS: Bolton: Obama Credibility Irreparably Damaged; World Needs To Know US Can Be Reinstated With Real President

We need a REAL PRESIDENT in Washington!  Over 1,200 more days to go with Zero and his ilk...UGGHH!!!

God help us!

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