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Why Progressives Should Detest Obama

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Today I want to highlight a post over at The Matt Walsh Blog It is entitled Hey progressives, let me explain why you should detest Obama .  Matt's audience and commentators include leftist progressives (I have re-named them REgressives*) and he highlights one of the more nasty responses that he gets from them.


A multitude of left wingers read this blog. They generally make their presence known by sending me volumes of lovely emails and Face book messages. Here’s an example of one I received after my last post about Obama. This particularly articulate liberal showed great restraint as he voiced his disagreements in a coherent and scholarly fashion:

[Readers need to go to the site to read the trash talk comment.  It's just not language that I want to include here.]

After you read the second paragraph HERE you can also read what Matt has to say about each point he makes in his post:

1. The One Percent


 Progressives, you hate corporations and you resent the corrupting influence of money in politics? Well, guess which millionaire president cuddles with Goldman Sachs executives every night while he falls asleep on a bed of money? The guy has raked in millions of dollars of campaign contributions from corporations and big banks. And he gives back — oh does he give back. Obama has handed trillions of dollars in bailout cash to bankers on Wall Street and fat cats in swanky corporate offices. Obama loves the rich. He’s done more to steal money from the middle class and give it to the one percent than any president before him.

2.  Anti War


Liberals, you were “anti-war.” What happened to that? Pick those signs back up. Take to the streets again. News flash: Obama has troops occupying more countries than Bush ever did. He’s got military on the ground in 24 African nations, he’s deployed forces to Yemen and Syria and Libya and Egypt. Three times as many troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush. I thought you wanted to bring these men and women home? Obama’s got them spread all over the globe.

3.  Civil Liberties

Copy of points made:
(They were all too good to leave out!)

Liberals, you’re all about civil liberties? Isn’t that what you claim, or claimed? Obama has been Dick Cheney on steroids when it comes to civil liberties and privacy. He signed the NDAA into law. He assassinated American citizens. He oversaw a massive expansion of the surveillance state, including monitoring the phone records of every American. He extended the Patriot Act. He mandated the Insider Threat Program that requires government employees to profile their coworkers. His Justice Department has spied on journalists, and all of his agencies have been absolutely brutal on whistle blowers. Obama never met a civil liberty he supports and wishes to protect.

4.  The War on Drugs


Liberals, I thought you hate the War on Drugs? Good Lord, Obama has spent 300 million dollars trying to keep medical marijuana away from cancer patients.

5.  Evil Guns


This president has shipped automatic weapons (you know, the scary kind) to criminals and murderers all over the globe. He sent them to the drug cartels in Mexico. He sent guns and grenades to militants in Egypt and Syria and Libya. He sent weaponry to Somalia. Obama is a HUGE fan of guns, just not when they’re in the hands of American citizens.

6.  Race


Obama doesn’t even pass liberal muster on racial issues. He was supposed to help lift minorities up and bring them to new heights in American society, instead they’ve suffered mightily during his tenure. Black unemployment has skyrocketed, the median income of black families has dropped, and the wealth disparity between blacks and white has doubled under Obama. Maybe it’s the white half of him that’s causing all of that. I don’t know.
You guys should be more angry at him than I am. He’s simply been everything I knew he’d be, you all are the ones he used and betrayed. I knew he’d be a nightmare, but you folks thought he’d be your dream come true. Now, was this your dream? THIS? Really? Look around you. Look through the haze of your partisan passions and see reality for what it is.

I truly admire Matt's attempt to reason with the REgressives.  However, it appears to be thankless job because of the difficulty to get through to them!

The Bible tells us in the book of Jude that some who are involved with evil will be pulled "out of the fire" before it's too late.  But there will be many who will ignore such a call - to their own pitiful detriment!

Over 90 comments there, but I responded to one in particular:

VinceNT says:

Of course the idiot writing the “progressive hate mail” called you a racist. “You’re a racist” is the only argument progressives have!
It’s not so much that progressives hate the so-called one per cent — they want to BE the one per cent. Just like the Soviet Union and China were/are ruled by a very small gangster elite. That’s what they aspire to.
Progressives only hate guns in the hands of the innocent. They certainly don’t hate them in the hands of psychopathic thugs like Che Guevara. They seemed pretty content with wars waged by so-called “liberation movements” too. Progressives only hate war when freedom-loving people fight back.

My reply:

christinewjc says:

Hello Vincent,
I’m new to this blog but wanted to give a thumbs up for the truth you just shared in your comment! Years ago, I wrote a post about a photo of two far leftist protesters at an anti-Israel march in San Francisco who were holding a sign that shows the absolute lunacy of the so-called “progressives.” Clueless, uneducated and uninformed individuals mindlessly follow such dangerous ideologies like Obama and his ilk. Those who still “like” Obama (e.g., Keith Myath) are either ignorant or tolerant of the evil being wreaked upon America.

 Here is the post:

You will notice the one guy in Muslim terrorist garb, and the guy next to him wearing a Che Guevara image on his shirt! The sign says, “Thank you S.F. liberals – you die last.”

These are the types of people that ObaMARXIST/MUSLIM and his radical Alinskyites support!!   The evidence of these facts are everywhere.  

Check out!   
Communist Obama Marxist Socialist Maoist Progressive - CommieBlaster

Liberal leftists are actually REgressives and are not for true progress…but for backward reasoning towards the failed ideologies of the past. They pretend to “tolerate” everyone, but what they do is use people and groups to get what they want to accomplish and then destroy the useful idiots who helped them get there! What’s more, the truth is that they never tolerate those of us with whom they disagree, but rather disparage, denigrate, hate, and spew propaganda against us. They are the arbiters of evil and I think that Thomas Mann had it right when he wrote:

Tolerance is a crime when applied to evil (Thomas Mann).
(H/T – Atlas Shrugs)

Hat tip:

 The Matt Walsh Blog

* Regressive:
4.   Logic. obtained from or characterized by backward reasoning.


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