Saturday, August 10, 2013

President Downlow

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Among all of the lies, diversions, misinformation, blame of others for failures,  and outright deceitfulness that was spewed by ObamaFraud at yesterday's news conference, there were some odd and out-of-place remarks (that were probably not on the teleprompter) regarding "gay athletes taking home the gold, or silver, or bronze" medals at the 2014 Olympics.

What was really strange is that no reporter even asked a question about the Olympics or gay athletes.  Supposedly, pResident Zero brought it up because of the recent announcement of the rejection of "gay" rights given by Putin in Russia.

Some bloggers picked right up on this oddity, and here are the articles you should review in order to ascertain the truth about Obama, as well as why one particular blogger has labeled him as, "President Downlow."

Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead
Many Conservative bloggers have been on the Obama "gay" stories from day one when he announced his run for the presidency back in 2007.  A male "escort" by the name of Larry Sinclair broke his silence, did a news conference (which the media of mass deception refused to air) and even wrote a book about his sexual encounters with Obama as well as the possibility that a former gay lover of Obama's was murdered in order to keep him quiet about their homosexual relationship.
I have a question.  Why aren't more gay and lesbian liberals angry, upset, disappointed, and calling Obama a liar about his life; "bigoted", "hateful,"  and "homophobic" because he won't "come out" [in Liberaldom, "coming out" is supposed to be cheered about these days... isn't it??] or come clean on his true sexual orientation? 

Well, there are a lot of homosexual men who have reported on this issue; some more subtlety than other (like Matt Drudge), so I will hand the commentaries of evidence that they have uncovered over to readers here so that you can read the evidence via their blog links.  After all, they would readily know and recognize the "signs" more accurately than a woman like me who identifies as a straight, Bible-based Christian, Conservative, pro-traditional marriage is the union between one man and one woman,  believer that God made them man and woman, heterosexual and faithful wife of 30 years!
Of course, I suggest that you start by reading the above link.  Next, go here:
Is Barack Obama Gay? (Hillbuzz)  [This site is one of the most comprehensive reports on the subject that I have found.]
More to read:
Talk Wisdom Reports...You Decide

Maybe...just maybe... more people who formerly refused to believe the truth about Obama would now be open to believing that Obama would lie about his sexual orientation in order to get elected.  He has lied about so many other issues and has gotten away with it all [because of the lapdog (no pun intended...) media who fear losing their jobs...or possibly being killed], so why wouldn't he and his handlers think that they could get away with this lie as well?
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Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

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