Monday, August 19, 2013

Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment

This past Sunday afternoon, I headed down the freeway to pick up a few items at the mall.  There was an "Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment" protest going on just before the exit.  I waved and honked my horn in support of these Patriots! 

Later in the day as I exited the mall and went by the protestors, I enthusiastically waved and honked my horn again!  It was an exhilarating feeling to join in with like-minded people who see the creeping tyranny of the ObMARXIST BADministration, and want to SHOW OTHERS how they feel.  Their signs showed many of the scandals that have occurred over the past few years--from Benghazi all the way up to and including the IRS targeting of TEA Party groups, the NSA spying on Americans, and now the EPA scandal has also come to light recently.

There are some critics who say that Obama can't be impeached, because evidence has shown that he was born in Kenya which made him ineligible in the first place.    The phony, and digitally created fake birth certificate is another scandal which should land Obama and the person(s) who created it in jail!  But with a corrupt attorney general (who never saw a scandal that he couldn't get away with) illegally protecting the puppet Obama and his handlers, it has been exceedingly difficult to prosecute those culprits involved in all of the scandals.

Even though I don't have any photos of my experience, there are a lot of YouTube videos of the various overpass protests what are occurring on a daily basis across America!  The following are just a few.

This one was interesting because the police officers did not tell the protesters to leave, but simply encouraged them to keep moving back and forth on the bridge! It ending up drawing even more attention to their demonstration signs! One patriot had on a t-shirt asking people to remember Benghazi and those who were murdered by terrorists; while the Zero people tried to blame it all on a stupid video that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ATTACK!


This one was very sobering. It shows how the soft tyranny has already taken effect due to the radical Zero BADministration.

  Written under video at You Tube:

Published on Aug 18, 2013 Survival Doc (the videographer) and Mark M. are arrested for not obeying an officer and Mark was also charged with resisting arrest. Did he resist arrest? You be the judge. Oh, and they never read us our Miranda Rights. We spent 24 hours in the St. Charles County Jail with Missouri Hwy Trooper Jenkins acting as judge, jury and executioner. (Note: I am the videographer of this video and the activist who was arrested wearing the yellow t-shirt. Near the end, as a cop had my left hand in a handcuff behind my back I am holding the camera in my right hand and as the cop is reaching for my right hand I pass the camera off to Constitution Kim who finishes the recording documenting my arrest.)


Another video where a protester was actually assaulted by and officer!!


The following video was filmed of a protest that occurred on the street as Zero's motorcade drove by in Phoenix, Arizona!


The following is a protest that occurred in Carlsbad, CA. I know exactly where the Cannon Rd./Tamarack Ave. exit is located!

They claim to be one of the first to spur on the Impeach Obama movement and the "Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment" idea.

Published on Jun 9, 2013
This is the video of the original protest that inspired the impeach-Obama overpass protests that have now spread across America. The original protest was organized by the "Stop Obama Now!!" group in San Diego, which is a separate group and not a formal part of the current national "Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment" effort. SON is organized by Roger Ogden and has existed since the Tax Day 2009 Tea Party protests and also does other kinds of demos, not just overpass protests. SON started organizing protests for impeachment on Inauguration Day 2013, when we started coordinating such protests with California Crusader, who have been doing overpass protests for about three years already, mainly against illegal immigration.

In the past, we have done street protests against media bias and for street protests for impeachment. We flew several impeach-Obama sky-banners around the country, most notably over the Rose Parade and over the Super Bowl tailgate party in Indianapolis. Our first impeach Obama street protest was in October 2010. A few days after this demo James Neighbors of Oklahoma began setting up a national group for such demos.

A demo for the impeachment and removal of Barack Obama from office took place in Carlsbad, California on June 8, 2013. It was also a protest against the current Amnesty Bill being considered and for an investigation of Obama's constitutional eligibility.

The number of participants was estimated to be about 30 from San Diego and Orange counties, including members of local Tea Party groups, We the People, California's Crusader, Minutemen, California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), Gun rights advocates, religious freedom advocates and others.

The local paper blamed us for a 10-mile traffic slow-down, but the I-5 freeway narrows on the 20-mile stretch between Del Mar and Camp Pendelton. Such huge traffic slow-downs occur on this stretch every day. There is no reason to think we caused the slow-down, which was minor by SoCal standards.

For info on future events go to "Stop Obama Now" on Meetup

Or, in the Los Angeles area you can contact Robin Hvidston at ani232323 at

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