Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments [Update]

Liberty Amendments

While commenting over at my friend Steve's blog, I mentioned Mark Levin's new book as being one that contains excellent ideas and solutions for taking our country back from the hardcore liberal/progressive/socialist/communist/ Islamo-fascist puppets and pawns of the ObaMAO BADministration. 

The added fact that the media of mass deception lets scandal after scandal "go away" instead of doing their job to report the truth about them shows that they are not on the side of WE THE PEOPLE.  

Congress seems to be no better (except for a few conservative heroes like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Libertarian Rand Paul); but there are currently too few of these TEA Party supporting representatives to get anything done.  The establishment Republicans are at fault because they do not do anything to counter the Democrats.  Our Judiciary is out of control, too!  And the Executive branch is the worst EVER in the history of the United States of America!

So, what are WE THE PEOPLE supposed to do about this?

I think that Mark Levin has some excellent answers.

Mr. Levin's new book is called The Liberty Amendments and you can read the first chapter at that link. I am about to read the chapter for myself and will comment about it after I finish reading it.

From what I had heard on Hannity's show last night, Levin's ideas are good and sound alternatives for the states to pursue and for WE THE PEOPLE to get out from under of the grip of the unconstitutional tyranny that all three branches of this current evil [my word, not his] government are inflicting upon us!

Be back later.

~ Christine

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The Liberty Amendments first chapter


Update:  8/14/13

I apologize for the delay in finishing this post.  With distractions aside now, I was able to finish reading the first chapter of Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments.

I suggest that everyone (who is genuinely interested in this post and subject matter) read the entire first chapter [NOTE: PDF FORM] for themselves.  It will give a much more thorough summary than what I can provide here.

Levin is a highly educated man who "knows his stuff" when it comes to the United States Constitution.  Most of what he writes is understandable for the average, educated person.  However, I found myself looking up a few vocabulary words like "profligacy" which means:


shameless dissoluteness.
reckless extravagance.
great abundance.
Well, that descriptive word certainly applies to the current state of affairs in our "softly" tyrannical Federal Government!!!  And the term "dissoluteness" runs rampant as well!


indifferent to moral restraints; given to immoral or improper conduct; licentious; dissipated.
Such words only BEGIN to show the reasons why Levin wrote this book!  When you read the first chapter, it's encouraging to see someone who sees what is going on, is horrified like most of the rest of us, but also sees that the usual "every two year congressional election changes" as well as "every four year (or eight year, as in this case) presidential election" as being more of the same kind of road to either ignoring our Constitution, or actually intending to destroy it and turn the U.S.A. into a kind of socialist=Marxist=communist=tyrannical dictator led type of country; fooling the various constituencies (whether they be poor, black, Hispanic...name your group!) into thinking that a powerful federal government will bring them into some kind of wonderful life in utopia. [Pardon the run-on sentence!] Trouble is, when the elites get power...guess what happens to the pawns who helped get them there?  [Hint:  take a look at history and the Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot regimes that promised utopia and ended up killing hundreds of millions of THEIR OWN people!!!]
Levin does not share the actual Liberty Amendments that he thinks are needed in the first chapter.  (I can't wait to get the book!!)  However, as an honest conservative who knows the U.S. Constitution better than most; as well as being known as "The Great One" radio talk show host that he is, I'm confident that he will give us excellent ideas on how to get our nation back on track towards being the Constitutional Republic that the Framers intended!

As an honest broker, he does address the fact that the state convention method has not been successful in the past.  Admittedly, I need to do some research to see how many times it has been attempted in the past and the nature behind each attempt.   He also does share how much work will be involved as well as how the current evil [my word, not his] "powers-that-be" in the federal government (as well as the lapdog media) will fight tooth and nail against the solutions that he offers.  However, there has not been "such a time as this" where WE THE PEOPLE feel so totally ignored by those who are supposed to SERVE US as representatives in our nation's capitol; but instead get in there and serve THEMSELVES.  The latest egregious way that they have shown their elitism was when they all voted to exempt themselves and their staffs from the ObamaSCARE HELLcare exchanges!!!

Nonetheless, as more and more people are being awakened to the "soft" tyranny going on via the federal government, I think that the states and WE THE PEOPLE will WANT a way out that purposely zips right past the federal branches that are inflicting so much harm upon us all!

I am greatly encouraged after reading through the first chapter of Levin's book!  I really think that it will be a best seller and the liberal newspapers, T.V. pundits, and the rest of their ilk will probably go all apoplectic over it!  Once word gets out that there is a remedy - written into our U.S. Constitution by the highly intelligent and Judeo-Christian oriented Framers - for fighting (and winning) against the tyrannical forces of evil that are currently wreaking havoc upon our nation, the TEA Party and other conservative groups will be emboldened to press ahead and work hard - DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY in order to get out from under the strangle-hold of "soft" tyranny that we are experiencing; with the ultimate hope of preventing hard-core tyranny that would be much more difficult to recover from.
As Levin writes at the end of the first chapter:

What follows are proposed amendments to the Constitution--

The Liberty Amendments.
It is my hope and aspiration for our country that these amendments can spur interest in and, ultimately, support for the state convention process.  In any event, should there come a time, sooner or later, when the states convene a convention, these amendments or amendments of the same nature--as I make no claim of unassailable knowledge-- may prove useful and find their way into the debate.  But a plan is what is needed, as is a first step.  This is mine.

 ~  Mark Levin



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Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments first chapter.


Update # 2:  8/14/13

To get a sneak peek at the amendments that Mark Levin proposes in his new book, read the following review:

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steve said...

I listened briefly to Hannity talking with Levin, going over some of the book. Later I listened to Levin taking some calls, explaining the details of some of the amendments. It's all well and good and probably right on the money.
The problem is he's about five years too late in the fight for the Constitution. Suddenly everyone is "concerned" about the direction Obama (the fraud) is taking the nation. In my humble opinion, people like Mr. Levin, Hannity, O'Reilly, Rush and the rest of the pillars of conservatism figured Obama's Marxist/Socialist/Communist ties and policies would be enough to take him down. They figured they're smart enough to make him a one-term president. It was too messy and complicated to address the fraud being perpetrated on the American people. Plus they have their careers and families to consider.
Now they are trying to undo an egg that's already scrambled.
I'm going to link to your post here Christine and then just use my comment in making my point. I hope you're having a good week.

Christinewjc said...

Steve, I hear ya and can absolutely understand your feeling that way. ObamaFRAUD and his ilk have gotten away with so many crimes it's unfathomable! But with so many "protecting" him from prosecution of any type, we can see why many have given up trying.

I think that Levin has come up with a brilliant "end run" around all of this criminality chaos, and if it works out we may be able to save our Republic. It will take time, but after reading just parts of his book I have to admit that I am highly encouraged!

I think it was Charles Krauthammer who stated that one day, all of the executive orders of Obama (or any president) can be undone. But we will have to get the right kind of people in office to repeal ObamaSCARE HELLcare. I continue to pray that it won't be too late by 2016. Meanwhile, it is very gratifying to see all of the delays happening; both because the BADministration "isn't prepared" and they don't have the money to implement it, and a big reason for that is because of the ineptitude of the DemonCraps (so-called "scholars" who didn't know this would not work in the real world) who wrote this awful monstrosity in the first place!

Thanks for linking to my blog and I look forward to reading your new post, as well as all the posts that you write!

steve said...

Hey Christine!
Try reading a book by Ann Coulter! I read one years ago and I promise I had to have a dictionary next to me!
Great post! I take a beating for it quite a bit for being so critical of Levin, etc. ... can't help it, it's who I am. If someone gives me reason to think they are phony in any way, I have to say something. Anyway thanks for your continued effort to fight for what's good and just.

Christinewjc said...

Ha! I like Ann Coulter sometimes...but other times she annoys me!

Anyway, it's perfectly OK to be critical of Levin or any other conservative that may deserve it for one reason or another! Have you ever listened to his radio show? He is sometimes so brutally honest with the libs that sometimes call in to challenge him on a topic that it scares me! LOL! But after all, he is passionate about this country and is very concerned about our Constitutional Republic slipping away.

I join you in the fight for what's good and just! It is the one thing that keeps us united as we try to wake up those who are either ignorant, complacent, unknowingly complicit or just terribly uninformed. The ObamaBorg Bots will NEVER leave their dear dictator - no matter how the puppet and his handlers continue in the destruction of our nation! But I truly believe that more than 2/3rds of the states in this nation could agree with Levin's solutions, and I pray that they begin working on them immediately!

California is a lost cause - but your state of Texas would probably lead the way in this effort!

Well, God bless you my Texas friend! Keep up the GREAT work at you blog! You have a wonderful knack for educating people and at the same time, you have the talent to make us all laugh!

steve said...

Thank you dear lady!
Consider moving you and your beautiful family out to Texas and know you all have friends here already.

steve said...

Hey Christine!
Here's a great blog to visit when you get some time;