Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ridiculously Obvious Motivation In The Extreme

Many blogs are already covering the latest "story" regarding the first "capture and arrest" of one of the Benghazi terrorists today.  One is included below.  Isn't it a coincidence that this happened so soon word got out about the CNN interview of the suspect scheduled to air tonight?  Today, on The Five, it was also mentioned that Zero will be appearing on Jay Leno's show.  Another coincidence?  Yeah...right.

The only transparency that I see in this BADministration is the fact that their hypocrisy, deception, lies, cheating, criminality, treason, traitorous acts and the constant campaign mode of the puppet O'Zero is so sickly apparent that it makes me want to vomit!!!

But, of course, the lapdog media of mass deception will thumb their noses at the REAL reason something was finally done.  The Last Refuge (below) has the story.  Comments there are very enlightening, too!

~  Christine

The Last Refuge
What issues Jay Leno probably won't ask Resident Zero during interview:
CIA Takes Unprecedented Steps to Keep Benghazi Agents Silent08.02.13
Issa: Hiding Benghazi Survivors “Obstruction”, “Illegal”08.02.13
Obama Dispersing Benghazi Survivors Around U.S.08.02.13
CIA Running Arms Smuggling in Benghazi During Attack08.02.13
Benghazi: Gun-Running to Syrian Al Qaeda Groups08.02.13
FLASHBACK: Sen. Rand Paul Accuses Obama White House of Covering Up Benghazi Gun-Running Program08.02.13
Al Qaeda Front Working with US-Backed Syrian Rebels
Hat tip:  Commieblaster

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