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Reggie Love and the Birth Certificate [Update]

Before I share the blog post title link, I wanted to state how interesting it was to see a brief segment of the "Reggie Love interview" on Fox New channel's "Special Report" yesterday.  During "The Grapevine" segment, John Roberts (subbing for Brett Baier) shared the fact that Love spilled the beans regarding Obama's actual location while the Osama Bin Laden raid was occurring; and unless Reggie is lying (but why would he???), Obama was in another room entirely, playing the card game called "spades" with his "body man" and others; rather than sitting in the situation room with the other BADministration phonies.

Recall how many people noticed that Obama appeared to be photo-shopped into the photo.  His head was too little to have actually been in the original photo.

Apparently, the original videotape of this particular Love interview has been taken down.  But too late!  It's still in circulation around the internet!  See Obama Release Your Records for the clip. 

When you watch the clip and turn up the volume, you here Reggie say, "When you're from Ke..."  you KNOW that he was about to say "Kenya."

Jack Cashill has written a piece about this incident over at American Thinker entitled, Reggie Love and the Birth Certificate.


See also: What Reggie Love Had to Say about the Obama Birth Certificate by Nick Chase

Most of the talk about the recently released Reggie Love interview centers on Love's admission that he and President Obama played cards -- Sp***s to be precise -- during the Osama bin Laden raid. But Love, Obama's "body man" for several years, revealed more than the White House wanted him to about Obama's notorious birth certificate.

At a forum hosted last month hosted by the Artists & Athletes Alliance in Los Angeles, Love jovially recalled the moment when Obama "finally found" his birth certificate.

The moderator chimed in mischievously: "It took a little too long, by the way." Said Love in response, "Hey, when you come from . . . " before catching his thought and cutting himself off. 

Love then went on to explain the delay, saying that when "your parents don't live together (and) you travel all over the world, documents get lost." Although the Artists & Athletes Alliance has pulled the video, the highlights are available here.


Read it all HERE


I find some of the comments there even more interesting and enlightening!


1. Maraniss has as much credibility as has Piers Morgan on the subjects of the Second Amendment and firearms.
2. Abercrombie, as does maraniss, sounds like a guilty suspect interrogated, telling long, rambling, conflicting, shifting, vague stories in vain hope of fooling investigators.
3. Does Love actually believe that when you move, the agencies which hold your Birth, Marriage, and other vital records lose them? Is he that uninformed?
If not, is he so cynical that he believes the majority of Americans would buy that tripe? Does this mean for example, that because my family and I moved from Rhode Island to Florida about twenty years ago, all our birth and marriage, etc. records were lost?
Do people believe this tripe?
And for goodness' sake, the Victim whining coming out of Abercrombie immediately tells us he's hiding the truth.
They're all so blatant.

Mike Zullo-Arpaio's cold case posse just recently presented an affidavit to the court of Judge Moore (Alabama - the Ten Commandants judge). The affidavit is 57 pages in length documenting the extent of the fraudulent birth certificate and that it was ALL computer generated. They have expert witnesses who can testify accordingly,.
Zullo states they have traced the computer production to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.and a 'person of interest' in the production of same. A spokesperson indicated on August 12,2013 more information has been obtained in the last few weeks. Nope, the issue is not dead.
Rep. Stockman (per Rep. Yoho of Fl. in a recent Town Hall) is to present a bill in the House stating the document is a Fraud. In June Zullo met with the Sheriff's Association in Kansas and laid out his findings. This is a case of FRAUD which is a felony and has NO Statute of Limitations on same. Write letters (snail mail) to Stockman supporting this effort is requested.
Now, as to why these subjects, B.C. and bin Laden, were brought up again IMO is the WH team trying to deflects ALL of obama's "phony" scandals of Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, gun running via Amb. Stevens actions to the islamist in Syria.
Flavius_Maximus   re:  fb274                                                                        

The document examiner that performed the 40 page analysis for the Alabama Supreme Court case has an impeccable reputation...
He has even been used by Perkins Coie, Obama's personal law firm.
Which if the governments lawyers or his personal law firm were to try impeach his reputation would call into question their own use of his work would allow others to appeal on that basis alone in those cases.
So, they are definitely in a tight spot to say the least...his court appointed and qualified opinion is that the long form birth certificate copy is a digital made forgery...
And poorly done at that and resides on a government website a crime in and of itself...
Latest on this Case:
In Liberty
The story is even more sordid than Mr. Cashil paints:

"Just Google “Obama Sideshow” this simple phrase “sideshow” gave cover to what has become the single greatest HOAX ever perpetrated on the American people by a sitting president with the sole purpose to place a forged birth certificate on the White House website. I have dubbed it “Operation Sideshow.” My browser showed 5,252,000 hits for this search string, you are welcome to try to ascertain this for yourself. This is my favorite from the Huffington Post “Carnival Barkers Slam Obama’s ‘Sideshow’ Remark”; posted on April 28, 2011, the day after the release of Obama’s latest birth certificate."

Follow the link if you want to read about the in depth involvement of the Governor of Hawaii and numerous other state officials that all worked together to assist Obama in the placement of the forged long form birth certificate on the White House website.
This article discusses the people, the law and the facts...the Pineapple Express edition of this saga.
Operation Sideshow Part 5:
Operation Sideshow Part 6, Governor Abercrombie>
Note: Links appear at the bottom of each article for the other parts 1 through 11.
In Liberty
God Help Us...Molon Labe!


One of the last comments (as of 8/16/13 @ 8:30 a.m. PT) asks the question, "What is a body man?  I want to know." 

I would suggest that the man reads the extensive report over at Hillbuzz for the answer to that question!!

Well people?  We all have a LOT of reading to do now don't we?

Also see: The Obama

Glenn Beck makes additional observations about the "situation room" photo: Beck’s Fascinating Breakdown of the OBL Situation Room Photo — and How What Obama Doesn’t Have in Front of Him Is Incredibly Telling 

Hat tips to all links.

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