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Snowden and Greenwald: What Is Their Real Agenda?

Perhaps it is necessary to ask "to whom or what nation" while asking such a question?

Back in June, 2013, I had hunch (or, call it a gut feeling) that led me to hold some skepticism regarding Edward Snowden (and his cohort Glenn Greenwald)  as the debate continued regarding whether or not Snowden was a patriot or a traitor to America  (more specifically to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!)

Today, Mr. Jacobsen over at Legal Insurrection shares some similar concerns in his latest post:

Beware Glenn Greenwald bearing leaks
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 1 hour ago
Just as the NSA-Snowden leak story was being broken by The Guardian via Glenn Greenwald, and to a lesser extent at The Washington Post, I thought about writing a post with the title this post bears. In the crush of other things, and the uncertainty as to what was involved, it didn’t get written. As events [...]


Nonetheless, I’ve been uncomfortable how this has gone down.  We shouldn’t be kowtowed into silence just because some of the consequences of this espionage and theft are good from a privacy perspective.

Maybe Snowden and Greenwald have pure agendas, but I had my doubts at the inception, and still do months later.

As to Snowden, it still all seems too easy and too convenient.  He just happened to know exactly which job and in what manner to scoop up so much sensitive information that the NSA apparently can’t even figure out what he took.  He didn’t just take advantage of a position he held, he maneuvered himself into the position he needed to be in.  That’s not the usual whistleblower scenario.

Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker makes this point as well:
As part of Snowden’s flight from American justice, he went to two of the most repressive and technologically sophisticated countries on earth. (Hong Kong is, of course, part of China.) In an interview with Greenwald, Snowden said that the authorities in those countries behaved like perfect gentlemen

“I never gave any information to either government, and they never took anything from my laptops,” Snowden said.

Oh, really? Is he serious? Should anyone believe a word of this? China and Russia spend billions of dollars conducting counterintelligence against the United States. An American citizen walks into their countries bearing the keys to our most secret programs, and both—both!—China and Russia decline to take even a peek. That is a preposterous proposition. Even assuming that Snowden believes he had control of his computers 24/7 (he never slept?), there is simply no way that China and Russia would pass up that kind of bounty.


Snowden and Greenwald...patriots for America?  It just doesn't sound realistic.

Excerpt from one of my previous posts:

 In my previous post about whistle blower Edward Snowden, I linked to Trevor Louden's New Zeal Blog essay which shared an Exclusive!!! NSA Leaks Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Addressed a Marxist-Leninist Conference

After reading that article, I thought to myself...hmmm...could it be possible that Snowden is actually on the ObaMARXIST BADministration's side?  Why would he go to a journalist who is a Marxist-Leninist supporter?  Obama and his ilk support Marxism.  Plus, there seems to be confusion on both the left and right side of the political spectrum regarding whether or not Snowden is a hero or a traitor. 

So... is he currently (now, not-so-secretly) being used purposely as a distraction FOR the BHO BADministration in order to keep all of the other scandals off of the public radar and gone from the front page news?

Well, a writer over at Da Tech Guy sheds some new light upon the situation.

He tackles the idea that perhaps Snowden is actually a "gift" to the BADministration!

The author of the article lists several reasons why he thinks that the "where's Waldo-Snowden" debacle is helping BHO and his ilk:

1. It Keeps the Focus on Snowden rather than the NSA

2. It gives the press a reason to defend the Administration.

3. It divides Libertarians and Republicans further.

4a. It keeps the other scandals off the front page….

4b…and gives the White House Political Room


It has become increasingly obvious that Snowden and Greenwald are more likely on the side of the ObaMARXIST BADministration. After all, if the criminals in this BADministration wanted to, they could have easily "droned him (or both of them) out."

Mr. Jacobsen gives further reasons to think that ultimately, these men are actually on Obama's side - especially because they obviously share Obama's not-so-secret hatred for Israel.


As to Greenwald, he has his own agenda.  His obsession with deriding supporters of Israel as ”Israel Firsters” and his relentless false moral equivalencies meant to bring the U.S. and our allies down internationally make me suspicious.

Thoughts?  Opinions? Comments? Additional links?

Hat tip:

Beware Glenn Greenwald bearing leaks
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 1 hour ago
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Anonymous said...

If someone came to your house and did a search without a warrant, what statute or law could you name that gives legal or financial penalties?

Your representatives in congress are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Which representative in the course of this nation has defended the Constitution by giving financial penalties?

In other words, none unless you can think of one. They have never done their job. They can tell you to give up your first amendment rights. Your only recourse is to sue.

Your friendly neighborhood user once known as Sosthenes

Christinewjc said...

Good points Sosthenes!

Know what bothers me most right now?

The fact that RINO Boehnor (plus the other cowardly Republicans) refuse to defund ObamaSCARE HELLcare shows me that they only care about their own jobs (they exempted themselves?? Hello???) and keeping their jobs at the next election. They all disgust me NO END!!!