Friday, November 07, 2008

How Dopey Can Obama Get?

With all due respect to Chris Tucker - I'd like to borrow one of his famous comedy lines to state:

Obama. Do you understand the words coming out of your own mouth?

Contrary to Spud Tooley's telepathic thoughts (written in a former blog post comment section) where he wondered why I was not taking the opportunity to watch "The One's" first press conference today; I am here to report that Spud's antenna must have been filled with static. I did watch the conference.

First, what is with the "office of the president-elect" sign on the podium?

There he was. Trying to look all "stately" and "presidential."

But then, when asks a fairly simple question, Obama states that he has "spoken only to living presidents." I just burst out laughing! But that wasn't all. It got even worse!

Politico has the report:

Obama says in his first post-election press conference that he's spoken to all the former presidents — Carter, Bush, Clinton, as well as the current Bush — and, looser than he's been in months, dares a joke at the expense of the widow of a deceased one.
"I have spoken to all of them who are living," he says. "I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any séances," he says.

He was responding to a question, from the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet, about whether he'd spoken to all of the "living" former presidents.

He was apparently referring to the reports in the 1980s that Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer while in the White House. Mary Todd Lincoln, however, reportedly held actual séances. Hillary Clinton also reportedly held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt.

The guy has no class...especially when he veers away from his scripted teleprompter speeches!

HT: Politico: Obama has spoken only to living presidents.

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spud tooley said...

of course, you failed to mention that he quickly saw that his comment was not in the best of humor, and he called ms. reagan directly and apologized before things went too far.

like someone with real integrity would do.

so ... should i look up the PEOTUS' phone number for you? he might even let you call him collect to tell him how sorry you are for the character misjudgments you continue to make about him.

(i bet it's frustrating having a little barking chihuahua at your ankle, biting you every minute, and calling you on your errors, ain't it christine?...)