Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank A Vet Today

In honor of Veteran's Day, I thought that I would pass along a link to a wonderful organization called Operation Gratitude .

We have much to be thankful for in this nation. And, we owe our freedom to all of the Veterans who have fought for that freedom ever since we became a nation. I salute each and every one of you. Thank you - for all you have done for the United States of America!

One of my favorite photos is this one of a soldier with a young Iraqi boy, standing on his boot.

Here are some letters from the website:

To Operation Gratitude:
My husband was feeling very down yesterday when I spoke to him. Today when he called me on the computer, his whole attitude had changed. He was smiling ear to ear. He had received a box from Operation Gratitude. He had to show me everything that was sent to him. He loved everything. He had decorations hanging up in his room for the Fourth of July and he had a teddy bear sitting on his bed. You turned his whole day around. Just a few little things that reminded him of home and let him know that there were people who cared brought him great joy. I am so grateful for your support.
Army Wife, C.P.

Dear Operation Gratitude,
I'm the wife of a deployed soldier. When I spoke to him today he said his entire unit each individually received a package from your organization. I wanted to thank you for supporting my husband and his unit. You definitely brought cheer and a morale boost to each of them. This unit is a transportation unit and therefore are doing convoys on the dangerous roads of Iraq on a daily basis. They have encountered many imminent threats and my husband's vehicle alone has taken 4 direct hits. This kind of ongoing stress and fatigue can be a huge drain on our troops' morale. However, it is people like your volunteers who reach out to them and remind them that they are not forgotten. Your support gives them a taste of home and comfort that is priceless. Although we back here can't bring them home safe in body, that's their buddies' job, we can assist them in arriving home healthy in mind and spirit. You and your volunteers have contributed greatly to that mission through the packages you sent. I know you may not hear back from most of them, so I thought I would give you a little personal insight into what your efforts have accomplished. You have touched the lives of Heroes who are willing to place themselves in harms way and leave their families behind because they know that this country is full of good people who embrace and treasure the freedom they fight for. May God bless your efforts. Thank you for not only thinking of our troops but going that extra step to let them know you do. From a grateful and touched heart.
R.U., Proud Wife of a US Soldier.

HT: Operation Gratitude.com

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spud tooley said...

good reminder. i sent this poem to the people i work with yesterday:

war hero

with tears in her eyes she kissed him one last time
her son had grown too fast as children do
his uniform worn proudly, and standing at attention
the young man would not let his fear show through
with the fading of the cheering the battle zones were nearing
where he would fight a foe he hardly knew

a rifle like a brother
more dear than any other
and a picture of his mother
who would cry until her war hero returned

there's nothing to compare to the angry smell of death
a noisy morning flood of infantry
and too proud to retreat his young heart skipped a beat
as all within his eyes' gaze were enemy
and rushing on to meet them and looking to the sky
he prayed that he could be all he could be

with a country on his shoulders
he felt his blood run colder
making him the perfect soldier
to be hailed when this war hero returned

the faces of his friends from many years ago
an old dog that his prayers could not save
his life passed before him - a thousand memories
ending in his mother's goodbye wave
and in a blinding flash he knew these burning fields
would become this soldier's open grave

with heaven spinning overheard
blurring to a bloody red
the living buried a dead
young man when this war hero returned

and in another war a man hung from a cross
with wounded side and bloody hands and feet
and unknown to mourners who watched him as he died
were victories to rise from this defeat
a mother crying softly as they laid her son
in his grave made this war scene complete

as dawn breaks the night
this soldier won his fight
and carrying his light
we wait today for our war hero's return