Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Morning After

Conservatives are mourning the presidential election results. How can anyone blame us? Obama stands for everything that we are against.

In the back of my mind, I thought that perhaps not enough of the public (or, even biblical Christians for that matter!) knew about the details surrounding Obama's past and "grooming" in radicalism.

When a Christian in a bookstore this weekend told me that he thought that Obama was "pro-life," I knew that there are probably thousands, if not millions of people who were not aware of Obama's far-left liberalism on that issue as well as other issues.

The Media of Mass Deception did a great job of keeping the lid on these controversial issues. I was hoping that the conservative Internet blogs, Talk Radio, Fox News, WorldNetDaily, and other conservative outlets would infiltrate the pro-Obama hype and cause people to realize what the Obamamedia was not telling them.

Several people who visit and comment here were cheering for an Obama victory. They got what they wanted. In fact, within the "Intercessory Prayer" blog post comments, GMPilot wrote this:

GMpilot said...
How'd that work out, anyway?

November 4, 2008 11:30:00 PM PST

My response:

Christinewjc said...
GM -

You mean my intercessory prayer?

God has the whole of history before Him. I can only see "as through a glass darkly."

Even though I mourn for our nation because of the election results, the finality of Jesus Christ being in control and ultimately the Victor - for and with those who are called by his name - comforts me and gives me the true hope that is not of this world.

I am in agreement with what Jesus responded when he asked the Father to "take this cup from me."

Luk 22:42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Nevertheless - not my will, but thine, be done.

November 5, 2008 9:19:00 AM PST

Even though the election did not go as I would have liked, there are decisions that were made that Christians across our nation can certainly celebrate!

I thank God for organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund.

Just received the following encouraging email from Alan Sears:

Dear Christine,

If you're looking for evidence that God in His mercy continues to bless, equip, and empower the Alliance Defense Fund to accomplish its mission amidst — or in spite of — the current legal and political climate... you need look no farther than last night's election results.

All three Marriage Amendment proposals on the ballot were passed — in Arizona, in Florida, and even in California, where the state Supreme Court had fabricated same-sex marriage and advocates of the homosexual legal agenda outspent our allies more than 2-1. Meanwhile, in Arkansas, voters passed a measure barring adoption for same-sex couples. Thanks be to God.

Clearly, the people have spoken. Last night's results bring to 30 the number of states nationwide that have affirmed marriage with a constitutional amendment — in fact, in every state where marriage has been put to a vote, the people have shown their resounding support for this fundamental institution.

In fact, in all three states last night, support for the marriage propositions outstripped support for the more conservative candidate for president — in California, by more than a million votes. ADF will continue to engage in the legal battle for the issues we've been called to defend and protect, regardless of who is in office.

That said, ADF, and indeed all those called to defend religious liberty, face an uphill road in the years ahead. Beginning in January, the Presidency and the Congress will be dominated by those who have openly campaigned on their intention, if elected, to "transform America" — in part by launching concentrated attacks on free speech, religious liberty, and the sanctity of life, family, and marriage.

But ADF is ready. We move into an uncertain future certain of our calling, of God's guidance and protection, and of our expanding capacity — thanks to you — to respond to every opportunity He gives us.

Look again at the final results on the presidential and congressional candidates. Then look at the polling numbers on the marriage propositions. And believe me when I tell you that — whatever the political and legal environment we're in — by God's grace ADF can and will win the battle to keep the legal door open for the spread of the Gospel.

And we'll continue to successfully defend your right — and the right of your children and grandchildren — to hear and speak the Truth.

Pray for our country. Pray for all of our newly-elected leaders, that they will seek out and submit themselves to God's wisdom and direction. And pray for the lawyers and staff of the Alliance Defense Fund, that we will be faithful to the good work our Lord has called us to do, remembering that apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5)...

...and with Him, all the things He calls us to do are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Yours for religious freedom,

Alan E. Sears
President, CEO, and General Counsel


Susan Smith said...

Dear Christine—

Considering Jesus delivered me from my sin of homosexual acts in 1985 and also delivered me from the identity of a lesbian in 1988, I was watching the votes on the Marriage Amendments. God so often brings good out of what some view as bad.

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

The Lord is able to transform hearts and lives. God is able to change our culture, our government, and our president. Praise His Name!

Talk Wisdom is a blessing to many all over the world. The truth of God’s Word cannot be stopped by any man, woman, political party, or country on earth. “In the beginning...the Word was God” (John 1:1). Jesus is the Word (John 1:14). Jesus is building the One Church (Matthew 16:18).

As believers, we are a chosen people, and we are a holy nation (1Peter 2:9). We are a people belonging to God, and our nation has no end. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 1:8). The Lord rules over heaven and earth. Praise his Name!

God is using Talk Wisdom to proclaim the Name of Jesus to the world this hour. It is prophetic, because “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10).

It is a privilege to call you my “sister” Christine. Much love to you and your family... (ss)

Matt W. said...

So very true Christine,

I have done my last couple of posts on this topic, if you get a chance, check them out.


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I really hope you get over your fear of Obama. I really mean this. It feels as if you have lost something of the thrust of your blog when you went so anti-Obama. I didn't like Bush at all when he was first elected, but I survived.

And I wouldn't get too excited about the almost passage of Prop. 8. There are still millions of ballots to be counted. It passed by 52% (a little over 5 million votes). That is a far cry from 60% in 2000. An 8% drop is a lot in just 8 years. And don't forget, a little under 5 million people voted no. Certainly not all were gay and lesbian. Only about 400,000 votes separate the yes from the no.

And maybe you haven't heard yet--the lawsuits have started. Prop. 8, if it really passes (and I admit it probably will) is going to be challenged in the State Supreme Court because it goes against the core of the Constitution. And if that doesn't work, we have all seen how easy it is to change the State Constitution. If each year 1% of those who vote against gays and lesbians realize they are wrong, in two years we will have a ballot on to remove any and all discrimination from the State Constitution forever. And this time it will pass.

jeleasure said...

Hi Christine,
thanks for sharing the encouraging news. I had heard it earlier. However, it was nice to have it on record where I can refer to it. I sent it out in a few emails.
Talk to you later.
BTW. I'm beginning to feel dissed over at my blog;)

Gary Baker said...

Hi Kevin,

I seem to recall that when we discussed the matter earlier this year, you were all in favor of the matter of gay marriage being settled by the will of the people in a vote. I of course realized that you only meant that as long as the vote favored your position. Well, you have a good chance of getting it overturned. This last election signals that a great many people are in favor of bypassing things like legal process for short term gain. I fear it will come back to haunt many of them. As for your case, I will make a prediction:

I predict that you are correct, and in a relatively short period of time gay marriage will be legalized not only in California, but in most of the US as well as Europe. And for a short time you and your crowd will celebrate and rejoice in your triumph over the "bigots" of the world. But in a short time, you'll realize that you feel no better about your lives, your relationships, or yourselves. And you'll get angry again and find new people to blame it on, but it won't do any good. You just can't build a happy life on a sinful lifestyle. Until you accept that, peace will always be "just one more lawsuit away."

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Obama's victory was God's answer to our prayers, to the prayers of many of us around the world that has viewed the suffering caused by the neo-conservative Republican party with great horror. As I wrote on my blog:

"If McCain/Palin get in, this returns the party that stole an election; started three wars (Iraq, Afghanistan and the Orwellian War on Terror and finished none of them; destroyed the lives of countless Iraqis on a lie (WMD) for the promise of oil and the hawks in the GOP are currently threatening to do similar on Iran; compromised civil and human rights with the Patriot Act; that has approved the use of torture; that has stuffed up the American economy (not to mention the world’s) with its lack of economic regulation; that has backed away from dealing with the serious problem of climate change in favor of keeping the coal and oil industries happy; took from the poor to give to the rich (his tax-cuts for the rich); abandoned the Hurricane Katrina victims who suffered because of Republican approaches to preventative disaster measures; stacked the judicial system with pro-Republicans; not to mention countless other failures."

Now, the page has turned and American and the world can begin charting a new future, one that hopefully includes the rest of us around the world.

Christine, can I recommend that you write a letter detailing all the things you fear about an Obama presidency, so that in four years time you can open it up and see whether or not any of it came true? I do pray that God sends his peace and guidance upon you, and salves your worried heart.

Christinewjc said...

Umm Yasmin -

Briefly, all I can say is boy have YOU got it wrong! Obviously, you have been listening to (and believing) the Media of Mass Deception for too long. I guess you missed several of my blog posts over the years that have countered every one of your points of contention.

I noticed that you didn't mention the economic crisis. Not going to blame that on Bush too? Why not? Perhaps you have seen the videos that I have posted here that clearly show that the Democrats were highly responsible for the housing mortgage crisis that led to our economic turmoil.

Your "talking points" from your blog sound more like the kind of skewed and false rhetoric from those like the "Daily Kooks" (Kos).

Perhaps you should write a letter to yourself that includes all of Obama's promises that he made on the campaign trail - and see four years later - how many he didn't keep.

It remains to be seen how his "grooming" by many, many radical leftist America-haters affects his judgment and presidency. Like Sean Hannity said on his radio show today - I hope that I am wrong about the man. Trouble is, America doesn't really know the "real" Obama...yet.

We shall see.

Christinewjc said...

Kevin -

I don't "fear Obama." I fear the inevitable damage he will do to our country because of his inexperience, radical ties with America haters, Black Liberation Theology proponents, Marxist thugs, Islamic radicals...and the list goes on.

Gary answered your gay rant. I don't think I need to add anything on that.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Matt -

We all need uplifting after this election.

Trusting in "men" or a "man" disappoints. Trusting God through Christ allows us to rest in the knowledge that He is ultimately in control - and when we belong to Him - He is our eternal refuge and strength!

Your posts at your blog are awesome!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

Romans 8:28 is a verse that I live by daily. As you had suggested, God turns what is meant for evil towards good. Christians see this every day. Those who are not in Christ can't see the good arising from the evil, death, sin and sorrow.

Note Umm Yasmin's post compared to yours. She focused on bashing our current administration; thinking that Obama is now the answer. He hasn't EVER been tested. But he will be! Russia is already threatening to do just that!

Obama's only human and all that was promised on the campaign trail (just words? just speeches?) may not even come to fruition.

But Yasmin seems to think that THIS "man" - Obama, is the answer to the world's problems. That sounds a bit like idolatry to me.

She accused the Bush Administration for evil - when much of what was done was turned for good. One example. I guess to her, the freedom of Iraqis from the brutal butchery of Saddam Hussein isn't something to celebrate.

The lives and limbs of many of our brave soldiers were given in this effort. They believed in something greater than themselves - and brought victory after a terribly difficult fight.

But there are no words of thanks from Yasmin. No ma'am! Just more condemnation.

Sorry Susan...didn't mean to step up on the ole' soapbox!

Your post was beautiful and always. Thank you for your love, encouragement, friendship, and inspiration here at my blog. You lift me up more than you could ever know!

Love you - my "big" sister in Christ!

GMpilot said...

I would remind you that you also got what you wanted, Christine.

Earlier this year, you ranted against Hillary Clinton, and you certainly wished her defeated. Well, you got your wish; it just wasn't the Republicans who did it. So by those standards, your intercessory prayers worked.

CJW: "God has the whole of history before Him. I can only see 'as through a glass darkly'."
That being the case, you have no business telling your God "my will be done"--and don't give me any lame excuses that removing Sen. Clinton wasn't your desire, not his.

If I were as bad as you think I am, I'd be gloating every minute at your discomfort. But I have a better way of getting revenge: I won't behave like you.

jeleasure said...

Please excuse me while I respond to Umm Yasmin.

I can not believe the amount of ignorance and unwillingness for people to recognize the exact reason for the war in Iraq. The war in afganistan is obvious. But, the war in iraq; just look at what the catalyst were.
First, the Middle East is a hot bed for terror on Democratic states.
Second, Sandman Insane was the Middle East's most passsive aggressive terrorist. His ambition was to role through the Middle East and take control of as much of the regions oil as possible. Thus, a deliberate effort to control the richest parts of the world whom have built their societies on a limited resource. This is the terrorism that had to be stopped immediately.
Second, terrorist threats against democracy and religious freedom can only be stopped by turning terrorist states into democratic states. This is what is happening in Iraq. So, if you want to join those poor poeple in Iraq, you will find that their poor status is always going to be interupted by rebels whose desire is something of a Sandman Insane hangover. However, once Iraq can take care of their own new freedom in democracy, and influence their surrounding neighbors, you will find (aside from culture and geographic issues) that you would enjoy the same freedoms you have here.
Shame on you and the misinformed you run with to make such ignorant claims against the forces that stand for your freedom.

Anonymous said...

I think the stock market has been at its highest under Republicans than Democrats and sharing the wealth will only take value out of retirement and my 401K which is based on the market.

I was listening to the radio as I work for a minority company and they were saying that no longer would we see four white people in the race to be president and I think that presents a problem for the religious right because black churches are more towards social programs than issues like abortion so I'm thinking that the GOP will be crippled in tight races because John McCain lost by 8 percent of the population and Black people make up about 10 percent of the population which is enough of a surge that there will never be fair elections since Independents are stereotyped to always vote with Democrats and they did so on the economic issues. Trying to integrate minorities into the religious right will be interesting because the Black people I've talked to don't want to sound racist but they would rather have someone in the White House who can understand them because if they are going to get a bad deal, it is okay because they feel disenfranchised by white people.

GMpilot said...

It was a Republican hero, Ronald Reagan, who said "Never confuse the stock market with the economy". A great many people, prior to September, seemed to have forgotten that.

Belief in heaven will get you through life, but cash down is what gets you through the day. It's something of a cliche now, but at times like this, everyone votes their pocketbook. A man who owns seven homes is not going to have the same outlook on the economy as a man who is trying to pay for one. Three-quarters of a million jobs have disappeared from the US since January, and many of them have gone overseas. With winter coming on, it'll take more than prayers to put fuel in the house and food on the plate.

The 'religious right' has trouble attracting minorities, especially blacks, not because most of the right's programs are socially conservative. That's not necessarily a bad thing: Blacks and Latinos voted widely in favor of California's Proposition 8. But politics is the art of compromise: opposing sides get together and thresh out an agreement where both sides get some of what they want. Religion does not believe in, and does not tolerate, compromise. If a religiously-fueled law succeeds it is always trumpeted as "God's will", but if it fails, no one ever concludes that maybe it's not what God really wanted.

Your claim that "Black people...would rather have someone in the White House who can understand them because if they are going to get a bad deal, it is okay because they feel disenfranchised by white people" is simply wrong. Clinton is white. So was Johnson, and Kennedy, and Truman. All of them tried, in their own way, to not disenfranchise minorities. And if you assume from the start that you're 'going to get a bad deal', it is not okay. Only the enemies of the nation should feel like that, not the citizens.

BTW, African-Americans are 12 percent of the population, not 10. That figure's been consistent for about 50 years.
Also, historically, employment has been higher during Democratic administrations than Republican ones.

Anonymous said...


I work with Willie and alongside other black men and he said that if Clinton won, he was going to vote for McCain and I think you misunderestimate the division in this country because they aren't going to give in without a fight.

Frank Rizzo switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party to get nominated and he still lost against Wilson Goode. It is what caused a lot of 'white flight' from the city to the suburbs and the city imposed a real estate transfer tax to make up the difference. Just because you are a Democrat doesn't mean everything unless people of color understand you.


Gary Baker said...

umm yasmin,

I realize that we worship different Gods, but perhaps Allah has respect for truth. If that is the case, your quotes above place you in jeopardy of his displeasure.

"If McCain/Palin get in, this returns the party that stole an election;"

Every recount performed independently by the press subsequent to the election showed that Bush won. The press did not trumpet that fact because it did not suit there purposes, but if you do an internet search you can find the truth. Therefore, your assertion of a stolen election is false, assuming you didn't know that and a lie if you did.

"destroyed the lives of countless Iraqis on a lie (WMD) for the promise of oil"

Following the invasion of Iraq, the US transported 500 tons of yellow cake Uranium out of Iraq that was to be used in WMD. The lie is yours. Your premise is also a lie. Bush's stated provocation (if you look back at film of his address) was that Iraq was giving haven to terrorists and that we dare not let them gain WMD's. Files and facilities plainly show that Saddam was giving aid and cover to terrorists and planning to fully reconstitute his WMD program following sanctions be lifted. Saddam was also in direct defiance of at least 14 UN directives as well as violating an armistice after the invasion of Kuwait. I would say that he was responsible for the destruction of countless Iraqi lives, and that doesn't even discuss the atrocities against the Iraqis he committed as President. Interesting that you don't give Bush credit for the increased freedoms, including freedom from terror, that they now enjoy.

"that has backed away from dealing with the serious problem of climate change in favor of keeping the coal and oil industries happy"

Claims of man-made climate change are rapidly collapsing under scientific scrutiny. Scientists are now saying that we are heading into at least a decade long cooling trend. Your claims are specious at best.

"took from the poor to give to the rich (his tax-cuts for the rich)"

If you check statistics from the department of revenue, you will find that under the Bush tax cuts, not only did the amount of tax revenue increase, but the amount of taxes paid by the wealthiest Americans increased. The reason is that tax cuts encourage growth and investment. The poor, regardless of how you define poor, benefited as did the rest of the country.

In short, if you worship a god who respects truth, you might want to consider praying for a little extra forgiveness for maligning the innocent.

Considering how the party in "1984" liked misrepresenting facts and lying, I find your use of the term "Orwellian" while spouting such trash laughably ironic.

GMpilot said...

Sosthenes: "I work with Willie and alongside other black men and he said that if Clinton won, he was going to vote for McCain and I think you misunderestimate the division in this country because they aren't going to give in without a fight."

Well, Clinton didn't did McCain get his vote? And what is the division in this country that I 'misunderestimate'? Christian/Non-Christian? White/Other? American League/National League?

Seriously, I don't know exactly why you brought up Frank Rizzo, but I would remind you that Wilson Goode took over after Rizzo had already served two terms as mayor of Philadelphia. I was no longer living there by then, but I know what went on.
The so-called "white flight" to the suburbs didn't work out as planned. Many whites who did/do that do so thinking they'll somehow escape from violent crime; but as any cop can tell you, wherever you have people, you will have crime.

Rizzo had a reputation (and a record) for being tough on crime--especially crimes committed by black people. As a cop, and as Police Commissioner, he is remembered fondly, except by those he busted. As a Mayor, he was lousy, and made the city a national laughingstock.
Anyway, Rizzo, though nominally a Democrat, ran as a Republican only after his bid for a third term (forbidden by the city charter) was rejected. He made no secret that he was an admirer of Richard Nixon--some today might call him a DINO.

"Just because you are a Democrat doesn't mean everything unless people of color understand you."

I think you meant "anything", not "everything".
In any case, people of color seem to understand Republicans well enough; on a national basis, they know the GOP doesn't give a damn about them. Two years ago the big Republican topic was "immigration", and they didn't mean people from the former Soviet Union.

Many a black person of my acquaintance has wondered how the party of Lincoln could stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary,

I do believe the God we both worship, but understand differently, is a God of truth.

But seriously - it's like arguing with proponents of flat earth. The rest of the world that isn't American Evangelical just sees things really different from you guys - truly!

Take climate change. Here in Australia, we don't really have any climate change denialists anymore - what we have is 'how long can we hold off doing anything about it' denialists here in Australia.

I don't say this to be dismissive, but the facts just aren't on your side mate. There were no weapons of mass destruction, everyone accepts what we were saying all along!!!

Truly I do wish you all God's peace and guidance, but I don't even known where to begin to deconstruct your mythology!!

Gary Baker said...

umm yasmin,

"Truly I do wish you all God's peace and guidance, but I don't even known where to begin to deconstruct your mythology!!"

I would settle for the truth. "Everyone accepts what we were saying all along," is hardly an argument based on fact. It's interesting that you mention flat earthers, since that's another example of what "everyone was saying." What you have is a consensus that is largely political. You have no facts. Look at it. The computer models are flawed. The sensors were improperly placed. The UN committee on climate change was a political group that tried to masquerade as a science group but didn't measure. Scientists which were convinced are now becoming skeptical. You have nothing.

BTW - My degree is in environmental engineering and I work extensively with computer models on my job. While I am not claiming to be a climate expert, this gives me both background in some of the causes and effect of climate and experience with the limitations on computer modeling. Do you have any particular experience, or are you simply taking the word of others?

As for WMD, again you are arguing a case that was never made by Bush, and even then you have the facts wrong. Bush did not claim Saddam had WMD's. He claimed that Saddam could not be allowed to develop WMD's and violated UN orders and the conditions of the cease fire. If you want to find politicians who absolutely declared Saddam had WMD's, I give you Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, and John Kerry. If you do a net search, you will find that each of them declared unequivocably that Saddam had WMD's. They only started to backpedal when it became apparent that they would have to take partial responsibility for what would have to be done about it.

As for your claim that there were no weapons, may I refer you to:,2933,200499,00.html


Saying that something is false is not the same as giving evidence to substantiate it. I also notice that you didn't even make a token effort to substantiate your "hurting the poor" line. How about it? You mentioned facts: Show me something more than opinions. How about some tangible evidence that counters the article about WMD's found? How can you say we are in the middle of global warming when the evidence now points to global cooling? Where is the evidence that any of the poor paid more under the Bush tax cuts (which raised tax revenues vice lowering them)?

"I don't say this to be dismissive, "

Pardon me, but I believe you are. You have no "facts." One of my favorite quotes is that liberals know right from wrong; conservatives need evidence." I'm still waiting for evidence. You're claim that "the rest of the world sees things differently" has no weight. Give me some verifiable facts if you can. If you can't, then how about at least having the integrity to admit you can't?

Gary Baker said...


"In any case, people of color seem to understand Republicans well enough; on a national basis, they know the GOP doesn't give a damn about them."

I think it entirely more likely that they realize that the good liberals like Jessie Jackson will crucify them in the media if they embrace conservative principles. While the democrats embrace the likes of David Dukes, they cheerfully refer to people such as Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Bill Cosby, Dr. Walter Williams, etc., as race traitors, uncle tom's, and worse for daring to buck the democrat system. Looking at who is keeping minorities in failing schools, dead end jobs, and a culture of dependence, I don't think it's the party of Lincoln that is stooping.

Gary Baker said...

umm yasmin,

BTW - Does the Quran have any kind of scripture analogous to "You shall not bear false witness?" If so, I'm assuming you are pretty lax on that or the standards of proof you accept are quite low.

For what it's worth, I wish you the grace and peace of God as well, but you won't find it by embracing lies, even if you are told that "everyone has accepted them."