Sunday, November 02, 2008

McCain Fine Gold

There is no doubt that John McCain has a much better sense of humor than Obama. I think that his appearance on SNL last night will do more for his campaign than Obama's millions-of-dollars-from-donors 30 minute infomercial!

See video clip at Breitbart TV


Anonymous said...

Don't you think it is a bit naive to assume that this is McCain's original humor. He obviously had all the lines written for him.

Any old foll could have entered the stage and given exactly the same words. It does not say anything at all about his sense of humor.

McCain is a likeable chap but conmpared with Obama he lacks all sorts of qualities that would make him a good president, his biggest impediment being his old age.

Whoever votes for McCain risks putting Palin into office. Nothing could be worse than having a president who is as remote from reality as she is.

GMpilot said...

Maybe it will...but it's probably too late.

BTW, since when do you have anything good to say about the MSM? (Yes, SNL is part if the mainstream media...if it weren't, he wouldn't have been on it.)

It's time to put this '72 Maverick back in the garage.
See you soon.

Jamie said...

Obama has his lines written for him all the time. He can't even come up with an economic policy without asking someone for advice. He's nothing but a celebrity salesman.