Saturday, November 01, 2008

Old Interview Video Nails Obama!

Oh my gosh!!! I just viewed the most incredible video about Obama over at Israpundit!! Pass this link around to EVERYONE you know!!

Old interview video found to nail Obama!! Do you accept Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement?

So much more!!!

Quoting Israpundit:

Check this evidence out! How do I miss this eye-opening video? Obama just indicted himself big time! You have never seen him stutter THAT bad like having a frog in his mouth!

Interview content: Chicago Tribune Feb 26, 2008, stated Louis Farrakhan backed Obama for President in Nation of Islam Convention

Interviewer, asked Obama in front of Hillary: Do you accept the support of Louis Farrakhan?

Obama: “He…seems to be bringing the country together”. Farrakhan is the greatest DIVIDER of America, yet I hear Obama’s answer right? WOW! This should be BIG NEWS! We all know that Farrakhan endorsed him, but the important thing is does Obama welcome or reject it?

PLEASE contact every BLOG , shows to post this damning video!

Somebody should make this into an ad quickly!

Fact: Obama & Rev. Wright supported racist Louis Farrakhan’s million man MARCH. The three were close & live or work close together back in Chicago.

How did we MISS this taped interview during the primary?

Just emailed this to McCain camp, will they have the guts to quote & play this tape? See it & you will be shocked!

Interviewer, “Do you reject his support?” incredible Stuttering, evasive answer! This is an indictment of his true belief? How long would it take McCain or you to answer that simple question?

If only the battleground voters see this, Obama’s FINISHED! Forward this to every one you know in those States!

HT: Israpundit

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