Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama: Death, Deceit and Lies

Yesterday, before attending the 12:00 service, I visited the "Rockpile" bookstore at The Rock Church in San Diego. While browsing through some Bible prophecy books, a nice man named Joe started up a conversation with me. We ended up talking for over 20 minutes!

We began our conversation discussing Bible prophecy and which authors can be trusted through proper hermeneutics. Near the end of our conversation, we discussed The Great Commission and how important it is to follow Jesus' command to share the gospel. I asked Joe if he visits blogs on the Internet, and he said he does. I gave him my card that had the links to my Angels Helper website and TalkWisdom blog.

Just before we ended our conversation (the service was about to start and I needed to pay for my book and enter the sanctuary) he asked me what I blog about. Some of the issues were listed on the card. I then told him that I have been actively discussing the election and how important I believe it is that as a Christian, I need to be informed on the issues and to "vote God" and "vote the Bible" (just as Pastor Miles often states).

I told him that I research information about the two candidates. I post about their history, past associations, positions on issues, moral and ethical subjects and where they stand on them.

I also stated that the main purpose of my blog is to help lead born-again, biblically-based Christians towards the truth in order to avoid heresy. He agreed that within Christianity, there is a LOT of error, confusion, and heresy out there.

Trying to be magnanimous, I mentioned that I know some Christians will probably vote for Obama, but I cannot. He asked why. I told him that one issue would not allow me to. He asked what it was. I told him that my reason is because of Obama's position on the abortion issue. I went on to say that Barack's view is so radical towards the death of babies - even to the point where he would not support the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (when it came up for a vote in both in the Illinois Senate and then, subsequently, in the U.S. Senate) - that I could NEVER VOTE FOR SUCH A MAN.

Joe said to me, "I thought Obama was pro-life."

People!! I was ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED! I could not believe that ANYONE would believe that Obama was pro-life!! We didn't have any time left to discuss it further. I do hope that Joe visits this blog and comments.

Please don't take this as a judgment against Joe. That is not my purpose with this particular blog post. In fact, the Lord led me to another blog where I found out why Joe and other Christians MAY HAVE BEEN MISLED about Obama's position on this issue.

Over at Gateway Pundit there is a post that contains the following:

9.) Obama is losing the God vote.
Barack Obama tried to bamboozle religious voters this year with outrageous and dishonest mock "Pro-Life" websites paid for by George Soros:

Unfortunately for Barack Obama religious voters were not fooled. They understand that Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide candidate in the last 35 years.

The following video shows - In Obama's own words - just how radical he is regarding being pro-death and pro-infanticide in his abortion views.

Go Here to view video: America's Choice Video


Gateway Pundit

Email from Susan Reinhardt who alerted me to Americas Choice Now


Matt W. said...

Apparently there are a lot of people that are only just now looking for the truth on this issue. I noticed this morning that I had gotten another hit on my blog post about his positions on abortion and such.
(Sorry, I don't know how to hyperlink in a comment window.)
I hope more people who care about this will take the time to learn the truth.

spud tooley said...

well, sadly, obama's grandmother has passed away. his trip to hawaii, as expected, had nothing to do with the birth certificate lawsuits and the lying, slandering, gossiping, rumormongering, and generally unbecoming actions of people who are supposedly CHRISTIANS. of course, there will be no confessing of sins on this or any other blog in regards to the whole turn of events. God will remain faithful and just and forgive anyone who asks, but some will elect to wear righteous indignation in the face of everything, and not care to be 'cleaned of their unrighteous'.

carry on, you vipers and whitewashed tombs. google keeps a nice record of the sins that, in spite of yourselves, Jesus still washes away.


Susan Smith said...

Christine said: “People!! I was ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED!”

I am laughing out loud here in South Carolina, my friend. Laughter is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22).

Lord willing, our one nation under the one God of Israel will elect a new president tomorrow. Our God in heaven laughs as the nations rage (Psalm 2:4). Regardless of which man wins, God is still on the throne of heaven and earth. Praise His mighty Name! Jesus is Lord.

Jerusalem was my residence during our last election. That seems so long ago. After 5 years in Israel, the American culture still seems foreign to me.

We must remember the authorities that exist have been established by God, and when we rebel against the authority, we are actually rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves (Romans 13:1-2). Humility has often been difficult for me.

As believers, we must bless those who curse us and pray for those who mistreat us (Luke 6:28). We must not be anxious about anything . . . and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Jesus the Messiah.

I admire your dedication to the truth of the gospel, Christine. You are a wonderful sister in the Lord. I am praying for you this rainy election eve night in Columbia. Much love to the West coast from the East coast in the USA. We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood and the holy nation we belong to is all over the earth! (ss)

Gary Baker said...


"God will remain faithful and just and forgive anyone who asks"

If you discuss repentance with God the same way you generally discuss issues, you might want to worry a little more about yourself. God places a premium on truth and humility. Neither has shown up as a strong suit of yours.

GMpilot said...

”I have been actively discussing the election and how important I believe it is that as a Christian, I need to be informed on the issues and to "vote God" and "vote the Bible" (just as Pastor Miles often states).”

“9) Obama is losing the God vote.”

God votes? Not in THIS country, he doesn’t…


November 3, 2008

Due to GOP voter suppression, God can't vote on November 4.

That's right, because Republicans have implemented laws that require showing a driver’s license or the like in order to vote in many states, God would be turned away at the polls.

After all, we doubt that God trying to persuade a Republican poll watcher that his/her residence is "One Celestial Avenue, Heaven" without written proof would end up with anything but the vigilant GOP hack calling the police, if God became too insistent.

We only single out Jerry Falwell Jr. because we are on his Liberty University mailing list, but of course it’s the entire Republican Party that is to blame. They’ve cooked up a phony voter fraud scare over the last decade, when actual convictions for voter fraud can be counted on less than two hands over several years – and that is a national figure!

So when Falwell Jr. quotes a recent speaker at his Bible thumping place of higher education as saying, "He also emphasized the importance of a Godly worldview over one based on man's standards and ideologies," we were struck by the irony that God cannot vote, and the Republicans are to blame.

Several years ago, Joan Osborne sang a terrific song, "What if God were one of us?" And the Christian faith is indeed built upon the assumption that God did appear among men and women in the form of Jesus.

But as for Jesus, the Republicans wouldn’t let him vote either.
He was a homeless guy, after all.

And he said all sorts of "radical" things about caring for the least among us and the like.

And, worst of all, Jesus would probably vote for someone who was closest to his worldview, which means he would likely cast his ballot for "That One."

Sorry, Jerry Falwell, if Jesus shows up to vote tomorrow, the Republican judges will cast him from the polls.

The guy doesn’t have a job or a home, after all, and that means he’s a threat to those who live in comfort and have bigotry in their hearts.

And, therefore, he's not entitled to receive a ballot.

Get the recriminations ready, hostess. You’ll need ‘em.
See you later.

Gary Baker said...

"and he said all sorts of "radical" things about caring for the least among us and the like."

Like the unborn.

"And, worst of all, Jesus would probably vote for someone who was closest to his worldview,"

You mean like someone who believed we should rely on God, not government? Someone who preached that the commandments were right, including "Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor's"? Someone who had tears in his eyes of compassion because he knew that God was going to judge Jerusalem as opposed to frequenting a preacher that calls curses on his nation? Someone who urged people to use their own means to care for the poor instead of taking it away from others?

I would not venture to guess which way Christ might vote in this election, but if it was a matter of being close to his worldview...