Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Urgency

Over the past few days, I have been praying to the Lord to guide me back towards posts that are more in tune with the reasons why I created Talk Wisdom.

Confession is good for the soul. I needed to confess that I have seen my desire to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ drift away during this time of great controversy concerning the 2008 election.

I know what readers are probably thinking - that's the understatement of year! Ha!

However, I do not think that such a focus was entirely wrong. I do think that I need to keep posting additional blog posts that lift up the name of Jesus and urge people towards repentance and salvation at the foot of the cross.

The Great Commission was the last command that Jesus gave his disciples before he ascended into heaven. Of course, this is not by accident - it is by design.

The rigor of spreading the gospel that is written about in the book of Acts was tantamount to the success of Christianity at that time in history. If we are honest with ourselves, such rigor does not seem to be evident (much) in our nation today. Don't get me wrong, many churches are doing a wonderful job of spreading the gospel. However, I do think that there is a fear to "not offend" when it comes to preaching in public.

Recall what had happened to that 80-yr.-old woman who appeared at a "No on Prop. 8" rally. You can read about the incident here or at my Protect Biblical Marriage blog.

The anchors of the news show got one thing wrong. They claimed that there was a "lot of hate on both sides."


A lot of hate from the rabid, homosexual activists - yes.

If you look closely at one point in the video, the 80-yr.-old woman can be seen mouthing the words to those who were attacking her, "I love you." Of course, it was so noisy because of the rabid hate being spewed by the demonstrators, no one could hear her words.

Crazie Lefties Attack Old Lady At "No on 8" Protest

She is certainly a brave woman to show up there and try to minister the love of Jesus Christ and what He did for ALL sinners at the cross.

We are witnessing Biblical prophecy right before our very eyes!

Jesus told us to watch for the signs of his return. In Scripture, he said that the world would be, "as in the Days of Noah, and, as in the Days of Lot."

In the November issue of Dr. David Jeremiah's Turning Points magazine and devotional, the title on the cover reads "The Urgency."

Inside, there is a true story about Cody Thorpe and his team of emergency responders.

They hovered in the storm over Lake Saint Clair on the Canadian border. It was just after 2 a.m. on the morning of May 25, 2008. A fishing boat had sunk several hours before, having been sideswiped by a large cruiser. Because of the frigid waters, there was scant hope for any of the three victims - father, mother, or daughter. Spying a dim light, Cody rappelled from the helicopter into the lake. When he saw the form of a man waving a dying flashlight, Cody swam over to him and suddenly found himself fighting for survival with the hysterical man.

Though Thorpe's suit was breached, he was able to drag the struggling man to the rescue bucket of the helicopter before he became completely waterlogged. He then grabbed the daughter, who was floating face down in the water and performed CPR on her. She didn't survive. The mother's body was found not to far away.

Maximum survival time in the 50-degree waters of Lake Saint Clair was only two to four hours, depending on body type.

Still, Thorpe and his buddies are troubled by the thought they could have done more. "If we would have got the word sooner," said one of them, "got out there sooner, maybe we could have saved one more life. If, if, if..."

I am reminded of another man who expressed his own sense of urgency. When Pastor Rick Warren's dad was dying, he told his son, (paraphrased because I can't locate the book at the moment) 'reach one more for Jesus.' Warren's dad said this over and over again until he passed away into eternity. It had such a tremendous impact on Warren that he has now built a massive church and following. [Note: as regular readers know, I don't agree with some of Warren's teachings. My main concern was his omission of the need for repentance (which relates to this post and will be subject of an upcoming post) before asking Jesus into one's heart for salvation. However, the urgency that his dad expressed was relevant to this post.]

Although I don't know the 80-yr.-old woman's background and history, the video of her carrying the large cross to the "No on Prop. 8" protest and seeing her mouth the words - "I love you" - while blowing a kiss towards all of the homosexual activists that were screaming and raging against her, spoke volumes about the reason for her presence there. I think that she had her own "sense of urgency" to witness to the people at that protest.

Have you ever noticed that many times, it is older American Christians who venture out and do such brave acts as that woman did on that day? I think that it is very true that the older we get (as Christian believers) the more we realize that no matter what, our very own personal day with destiny to meet the Lord (if he tarries) is at hand! Therefore, that sense of urgency is redoubled for us.

Think about how many people have seen this incident. It has been broadcast everywhere. Some may not have noticed what I have described above about evidence of her true intentions for being there. But I'm sure that many others DID NOTICE.

That woman has a divine sense of urgency.

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

Rescuers live with a sense of urgency. As we saw in the previous article, Jesus is the Ultimate Rescuer. At just the right moment, He rappelled into history, descending from the Ivory Palaces of heaven into a dark, dangerous, and despairing world. He came to rescue the perishing.

After His resurrection, rather than remain on Planet Earth for the next 2,000 years, He commissioned His followers to go in His Name, seeking the lost and making disciples. That mission has made its way down to you and me, and we need a divine sense of urgency. We don't know how much longer before Christ comes again. We're living in the last days, and if there was ever a generation that needed to be faithful, it's us. You and I are God's Ultimate Rescuers - bringing people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it should be our constant burden.

The entire article is wonderful and worth the read. You can subscribe to this monthly devotional free at Dr. David

To sum up:

1. Rescuers live with a sense of urgency.

2. To be rescuers, we need a deep sense of burden.

3. Sometimes we load our lives with so much "cargo" that we have little room left for souls.

The Christians who have changed the world are those who are compelled by the love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14). They say, like Paul, "Woe is me if I do not [share] the gospel" (1 Corinthians 9:16). They say with Peter, "We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard" (Acts 4:20).

HT: Dr. David


Susan Smith said...

The written word of God tells us to confess our sins to one another and pray for each other so that we may be healed (James 5:16). You are well this day, Christine and so am I. Thanks for praying for me.

Christine said: “We are witnessing Biblical prophecy right before our very eyes!”

Amen, my dear friend. This Talk Wisdom post is prophetic.

Christine shared: “Sometimes we load our lives with so much "cargo" that we have little room left for souls.”

I agree. My fleshly appetites have often allowed my big mouth to speak words of pride; self-protection, hatred and bitterness. So often this has happened because I simply did not agree with another human being who is created in the image of God. Words are powerful. God forgives.

The Holy Spirit of God is guiding you Christine. Repentance and rest is what saves us. Quietness and trust will make us strong (Isaiah 30:15). Now is the time of God’s favor (1Corinthians 6:2).

You have been blessed with “ears to hear” this day. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit. Many cannot hear, because of all the noise in this world. God has a mighty call on your life, Christine. I am privileged to call you “sister.” Talk Wisdom is your ministry. Keep up the great work! I love you. Shabbat Shalom. (ss)

jeleasure said...

I was wondering when and how you would tie scripture into the furry of news reports that were coming out of the pundits and cynics of today's world events.
The answer; just step away. Today, your focus is more on the need for people to hear the word of God, today and tomorrow.

What will happen is what God says is going to happen. I know God will use us to accomplish His task. God apparently spoke to you and asked you to step away from Obama and prepare people for His call.

It is ironic that you come off of this mission to help readers be informed with what is going on in the undercurrent of the political scene to a sense that God is expressing an urgency in His call.

At about the time of the election, I wrote a blog item concerned with the urgency God wants us to feel in bringing persons to the 'banquet'. Then began working to help spread the acts of our recent political 'champions'. Was it irony?

GMpilot said...

I'm pleased that you've stepped back from the edge, Christine.
You've gotten carried away these last few weeks, and I for one was worried you actually would take up the sword and smite...somebody. An Obama supporter, perhaps, or someone who voted 'no' on Prop. 8, or maybe someone like me. But you haven't.

You didn't use your standard excuse for failing in your 'duties', either. You know: "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven by a God who is." Instead, you actually took on the personal responsibility you're always shouting about.
As one of the Unforgiven, I am pleased to see this example of restraint from you. Nevertheless, I shall reset the clock and see how long it takes before you come to this point again.

I said in an earlier post, "If a religiously-fueled law succeeds it is always trumpeted as "God's will", but if it fails, no one ever concludes that maybe it's not what God really wanted." That holds true with the general elections, as well. Are you now going to trust in your God, as you always claim you do, or are you going to continue this jeremiad? If it's the latter, well...nice knowing you.

Christinewjc said...

Encouraging as always Susan - thank you!

Situations are lining up quite accurately according to biblical prophecy. Unfortunately, those who do not know or study God's Word can't see this. They are blinded by "the things of this world."

Everything points back to the Cross of Christ and forward to salvation through Him. All we can do, as believers, is warn others and share the gospel.

There are several who read and comment here - but do not "hear" nor "heed" the warnings and evangelism efforts being shared here at TalkWisdom.

Your excellent comments are included in the evangelism efforts here! Thank you for the salt and light that you continue to share!

Love you & God bless you on this Lord's Day!


Christinewjc said...

Hi Jim -

Yes! You have the right to wonder about that!

Believers can be distracted from what truly matters - at times. So much of what is happening now - the chaos and turmoil going on is meant as a distraction. Those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ are (unfortunately) placing their hopes and dreams in a "change agent" who really can't deliver what they truly need.

God speaks to us directly through prayer. He also speaks to us through each other - other Christian believers. When I started watching David Jeremiah's series on "What in the world is going on" and then started reading his book by the same name, it hit me that I needed to get focused back on what truly matters - the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can you share the link to your post at your blog? I'd like to read what you wrote.

Christinewjc said...

GM - So, you are going to leave this blog if I continue to share information that is negative about Obama?

Prepare to be sorely disappointed, then.

See ya.

Christinewjc said...


One of my son's good friends since high school baseball days - a young man whom I love and give a hug and kiss to whenever he visits here (who happens to be Hispanic) -stayed overnight on our family room couch last night.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because you previously wrote:

"You've gotten carried away these last few weeks, and I for one was worried you actually would take up the sword and smite...somebody. An Obama supporter, perhaps, or someone who voted 'no' on Prop. 8, or maybe someone like me. But you haven't."

Guess what? He voted for Obama. He also voted FOR the passage of Proposition 8.

So...what was that about your "fear" that I would "smite an Obama supporter"?

Oh please....

wwoods said...

I, like many of my friends, have been greatly concerned about the direction and outcome of the national election. For me, this has been a not-so-subtle reminder that as a Christian, I may be "in" the world, but I am not "of" the world. We are called to pray for those in authority over us, and I shall be faithful to that duty- but that doesn't mean that I won't be critical of harmful/destructive political policies. It is time to be committed in my walk of Faith, and lead by example to those around me.

4simpsons said...

"A lot of hate from the rabid, homosexual activists - yes"

Yep. It is a glimpse into the attitudes of those in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Christinewjc said...

Hi W Woods,


I don't think that this election is a done deal yet. There are several lawsuits against Obama because he has not shown any proof of "natural born citizen" status - as is required for POTUS according to our U.S. Constitution.

The most recent lawsuit filed was by someone who has "standing" on the issue - Alan Keyes et al.

On the subject of being "in" the world but not "of" it - I agree with you! If we were just like the world around us ("of the world") then we could not be the salt and light that Jesus requires us to be via his command of The Great Commission.

Christinewjc said...

Neil -

Speaking of homosexuals who hate - I don't know if you have ever visited the site Americans for Truth.

That site is clear evidence of a lot of hate goin' on...

As Christians who wish to "pull such people out of the fire" (see Jude) we certainly have our work cut out for us!

Sosthenes said...

Web Definition of Jeremiad - a long and mournful complaint; "a jeremiad against any form of government"

GmPilot, that presupposes that the Democrats are the only candidates for Government.

I was getting an earful from a black man yesterday and he asked me who I voted for.

America is not #1 educationally and the other issue is that an automaker in America cannot compete with an automaker in China or India if the wage there is fifty cents a day so unless a country can compete, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference who is running the show.

It takes a whole generation to turn around education and the cost of living in China or India is different.

The other myth is that it will be better for us if they take money from the rich and give it to us.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to take money from Microsoft and they didn't like it, would they suffer? How about paying double for a Microsoft product because they could make the consumer pay for their higher taxes? You might have more money but if everything costs more, you will have less. Or how about they don't hire someone because they don't want to pay the taxes? Will it be better?

The financial bailout will drive up inflation because the government has to basically print money and Gold which once cost $250 an ounce was selling at $880 an ounce and some predict that it will be $5,000 or $10,000 an ounce so it doesn't really matter what the numbers are. You can think that you are doing better but just because we get lower taxes doesn't mean that we can buy anything with the "wealth" because everything else will go up in price. Remember that money was thrown on the floor in Communist nations because the money was like coupons and the real cost of a product was waiting in line.

You might also want to ask yourself whether these economic crisis’s are politically motivated because the last two came at election time and this current one involved hedge funds operated by a billionaire with predatory lending.

Regardless of who is in office, they act like it is the man in the chair and there isn't a personal devil that is working amongst the world system. And they don't take into consideration that only God can really heal our land.

The new administration only won by 8% of the popular vote so don't expect for everyone to feel the same way they do now in four years because they might just feel that one party took advantage of them.