Friday, November 07, 2008

ObamaBorg Free Speech Zappers at Work

I was just about to view a video over at Faultline U.S.A.'s blog entitled:

Hundreds Of Obama Campaign Workers Demand Missing Wages

However, the video is no longer available.

Evidence of the misery about to be unleashed upon our nation. The suppression of anything negative about the Obamination and the silencing of Conservative voices has already begun.

HT: Faultline U.S.A.

Update: Found this one:

Obama Campaign Workers Enraged Over Unpaid Wages

What's even worse is the fact that many workers stated that after they had waited in line for hours - they were underpaid!


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King



spud tooley said...

you know, if you'd have taken just thirty minutes away from your slanders 'r' us website, you could have watched the president-elect in his first news conference. and maybe, just maybe, you'd have caught a glimpse of what a president should look like, how he should sound, the leadership he should provide, the clarity which should punctuate his positions, and the top-notch people he should have standing behind him, showing that one man does not a government make.

or, you can continue writing the bubbles above your head for the silly cartoons you and your readers are walking around in.

one is reality, the other is make believe.

and it's always been that way.

i hope you don't waste too much more time finding out which is which.

mike rucker
fairburn, georgia, usa

Gary Baker said...


You know for someone who was talking about rolling up their sleeves and working to heal wounds, etc., your tone is pretty inflammatory. Not that I expect a hard core lib such as yourself to keep their word, but it would be nice to get surprised occasionally. Ah well, perhaps next lib...

spud tooley said...

gary, you're exactly right.

let me try again, getting my point across, being cute :), but no so venomous:




take a break from your website for a bit. go see a movie today - but not 'zeitgist'. and nothing by oliver stone.

when you come back, go to and, watch the clip of obama's first news conference, and then write a post about it.

try to work these words and phrases into your analysis:

'natural leader'
'in control'
'surrounded by solid people'

then, in your last paragraph, do some self-reflection. in that piece of the post, try to include these words:



thanks for calling me out. i'll try to do better.


Christinewjc said...

Mike -

Please read my new post:

Powerful Post Election Message

It will explain to you why I could never support Obama's agenda.

You can go about your business of celebrating his election.

I, on the other hand, will go about mine - which will be seeking the election of Gov. Palin in 2012, or, others who follow true, Reagan conservative values, morality, and ethics; plus smaller government intrusion into our lives, less taxes, and most of all, God-centered leadership qualities and practices.

spud tooley said...

seeking the election of Gov. Palin in 2012...

if that's the case, then it seems you've put down the koolaid you've been drinking and replaced it with everclear...

ms. palin has some appealing traits, but ignorance of the world and the willingness to gossip at the lectern about things 'that might be true - we just don't know' aren't among them. the republicans can make their 2012 and 2016 defeats givens if they buy into trying to promote her as the new face of their party. gingrich wants to be that face, but in claiming that this election was a vote on performance and not ideology means that he's lost the ability to take the public's pulse.

i'm going to get involved with the american centrist party - you should check out their website. you might find yourself in agreement with a lot of things they stand for. of course, they will resist your desire to turn their platform into something that more closely resembles the national enquirer, but i don't suppose anything will be a perfect match for everyone.

i would hope that you would use this forum for a positive voice and not just be a magpie up on the telephone wire harping about everything that's wrong. while your defense may be 'the prophets did it' you might take notice that there was only ONE of them at any time. God did not send his message to a million different people - if he wanted something specific said, he spoke one message through one person at one time. the fact that you are echoing the screeching voices of naysaying thousands should make you question whether or not you are really working in God's stead.

have a good weekend - georgia is beautiful today, with trees ablaze in autumn against skies of bright blue. there is a new optimism in america in spite of our being in the holes we've dug for ourselves.

get a good pair of sunglasses, because the future is again bright.