Monday, November 03, 2008

Ignore Polls - JUST VOTE!!

My advice is not to believe the "last" polls being put out there by Zogby, Gallup, or the TV news station polls.

Over at WorldNetDaily, there is a headline that states:

Zogby in 2004: Kerry 311, Bush 213
Tarnished pollster got winner wrong more often than any other pollster in 2002--National Review

Directly above that Zogby claims:

Zogby: Obama in strong position to be elected
Democrat seen building leads in Ohio, Nevada--Zogby


Final Gallup: Obama 55%, McCain 44%

Independents break for Barack, boosting broad Democratic base--Gallup

However, the IBD poll has generally been quite reliable in past elections:

IBD poll: Obama ahead by 2

Independents who'd been leaning toward Democrat seen shifting to McCain --Investors Business Daily

My advice? Keep your hopes for a McCain/Palin '08 Administration alive and GO VOTE!!

McCain senior aide 'practically giddy
''We've got a real good shot at catching the guy'--Wall Street Journal

HT: WorldNetDaily

Also see: McCain Camp Releases Statement on Misleading Exit Polling

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