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Kenyan Ambassador Admits Obama Born in Kenya!

The following is a copy of an email that I have sent to friends in my email address book. Please feel free to copy and paste it so that you can send it to everyone you know! It reveals that the Kenyan Ambassador stated on a live radio show that Barack Obama was born in Kenya!

I have also included additional links to the current lawsuits pending on Obama's proof of United States natural born citizenship status.

Dear Friends,

This is extremely important! I am urging each of you to take the necessary action to spread this information to everyone you know!

Kenyan Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Peter Ogengo Admits Obama Born in Kenya

Go to this site and listen:
Live link: Mike in the Morning Radio show

22 NOVEMBER 2008: During a recent program aired on Detroit's WRIF 101 FM "Mike in the Morning" radio program a decision was made to make a phone call to the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C. for the obvious purpose of having a little fun and in order to congratulate Kenyan's on the occasion of Barack Obama's election.

During the course of the call Mike and his co-host Trudy were connected to the Ambassador's office and after a short conversation with a secretary the Ambassador, His Excellency Peter OGEGO, pictured below, picked up the call. [Note: To view photo, go to The NEIN Blog:

Live link: The NEIN Blog

At approximately 12:30 into the MP3 recording another of Mike's co-hosts asks Ambassador, "President-elect Obama's birthplace over in Kenya, is that going to be a national spot to go visit, where he was born?"

Ambassador Ogego responds, "It's, um, already an attraction. His, his, uh, paternal grandmother is still alive..."

The questioner then interjects, "But his birthplace, they'll put up a marker there?"

Ambassador Ogego responds, "It depends on the government, it's already well known."

Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego just announced to the whole world on live radio that our assumed President-elect Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, his birthplace is already an attraction, and placing a marker is up to the Kenyan government, but the location is already well known, intimating the the location does not need anything further to distinguish it.

This admission is a confirmation of the multiple statements made by Obama's paternal grandmother, referenced by Ambassador Ogego, about Obama's Kenyan birthplace.

Uphold the U.S. Constitution -
Demand of your Senator and Representative in the House as well as the Supreme Court of the United States that they uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, Article II, Section 1: "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the office of President;" and to this end the President of the Senate shall not count as valid any electoral votes from any state elector cast for Barack Hussein Obama.

Live link: Constitution article

Again, here is the link to the MP3 audio file of the conversation:

Live link: Mike in the Morning Radio Show

Also see my blog post urging Americans to sign a petition requiring Barack Hussein Obama to reveal to the public his vault length COLB (not the fake one on the Internet)!

Live link: TalkWisdom Links and Petition

Here is a direct link to the petition:

Live Link: Petition to sign

There are currently (as of this writing) 33,037 signatures!

This is SERIOUS, folks. Please take action today. Share this radio broadcast with everyone you know!

52 million Americans voted for John McCain. His proof of citizenship has been shown as legal and verified. Barack Obama's vault length COLB has NOT BEEN SHOWN to any judge or to the public. If you do further research, many more of his papers (like college info, lawyer info etc.) has never been made public either. There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS!

Please. This is NOT a "hoax" or an Internet email rumor. The voice on the broadcast is the Ambassador from Kenya. He probably did not realize that admitting that Obama was born in Kenya could jeopardize his president-elect status.

Thank you for reading and taking action!


P.S. Just to prove that this is not a joke, please realize that over 11 lawsuits have been filed for Obama to present his vault length COLB in a courtroom. Unfortunately, several of the petitioners were deemed "without standing" to have their lawsuits go through and thus they were dismissed. That, in and of itself, is a travesty of justice. I suspect that the judges involved were liberal and did not want to jeopardize their presidential candidate choice.

There is a lawsuit that will be heard behind closed doors at the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 5th.

Here is a link with more information about that:

Live Link: Supremes to review citizenship arguments

More lawsuits that have standing:

Live Link: Alan Keyes California Lawsuit Against Obama

The NEIN Blog

World Net Daily

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, please read this copy of a blog post from Citizen Wells:

November 22, 2008 · No Comments
I have tried to access the Leo C. Donofrio website since late last night. Lurker, a great commenter on
the Citizen Wells blog, has provided the text from Mr. donofrio’s latest post.

“Posted: Nov.21.2008 @ 6:53 pm Lasted edited: Nov.21.2008 @ 8:25 pm

[MEDIA UPDATE:] Today, Leo Donofrio learned that New Jersey Appellate Division Judge Jack M. Sabatino has failed to correct the public record of the initial lower court case. Leo Donofrio feels it is imperative that he bring this battle public. Therefore, he will appear on the Plains Radio Network with Ed Hale tonight at 9:00 PM EST. Leo Donofrio will also appear on Overnight AM with Lan Lamphere at 11:00 PM EST as well.
Today, Leo C. Donofrio filed, with the NJ Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, an official allegation of Judicial Misconduct against Appellate Division Judge Jack M. Sabatino with regard to the initial stage of this litigation which was originally filed in the NJ Superior Court, Appellate Division. The case, having come directly from an appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court is now before the the United States Supreme Court, “DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008″ before all nine Supreme Court Justices.

I am very concerned that if the United States Supreme Court requests the official records of the case from the NJ Appellate Division, a fraudulent case file - not including all relevant documents - will be forwarded to the SCOTUS and thereby the case now pending might be jeopardized.

A copy of the official complaint - by way of a New Jersey Supreme Court generated form - will be uploaded to this blog shortly. ”

end of blog post


Thank God that Mr. Donofrio is on top of this situation. This is a judicial nightmare! It just goes to show how vast the reach of the Obama birth place secrecy and conspiracy really is!

HT: Citizen Wells

Update: How's THIS for a scary article!

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal-Cover-Up of the 2008 Election

I pray that Homeland Security is working overtime to keep us protected.


Ted said...

You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

Christinewjc said...

Hi Ted,

I started to listen to that broadcast a while back, but got interrupted and didn't go back to hear the rest. Thanks for the reminder!

Christinewjc said...

How's THIS for a scary article:

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal-Cover-Up of the 2008 Election

Anonymous said...

Dear Electrical Collage,

My frends I has hurd say on the Internets stories that'll shrivel the pants off yous about this so-called "President-Elect" what goez by the name of Barrock HUSSAYN Obama, for real. That's his name, I swear, just like that terrist middle-eastern fellow who married that real pretty white lady, what's hers, Queen Nore of JORDAN. So by this logik, him being a muslin and Jordanist royalty and such, he must be native of one of thos Ayrab lands like Kenya or Indonezhia. I ain't never hurd of an AMURKIn by that name, lest it be that of a Mexican or Hawaiin or Colored fellow, and I'll be dipped in Jello for we get a FORUNER for Prezident. I don't get it, I voted Missus Palin and Mister McCain just like any other folk I know. this are a travesty an can you pleez remedy it soon pleze?

Yrs very humbly, my frends,


Christinewjc said...

FYI to Talk Wisdom readers:

I allowed "anonymous'" comment clearly for comedic relief.

I think we all need some of that - even in the midst of what could be considered a REAL, genuine, and terrible dilemma and likely Constitutional crisis...

smrstrauss said...

Here’s what it would take for Obama to have been born in Kenya.

(1) It would have taken a lifetime of covering up by his mother before and after the birth of Obama in Kenya (IF he were born in Kenya of course).

She could not have told a friend at college that she was excited that she soon would be travelling to Kenya to see her in-laws because, of course, a friend could have remembered it all the way to 2008. Or the friend could have told another friend. So, she could never have told anyone.

And, she could not have told a friend after the birth in Kenya “Say, let me tell you, it’s really an experience giving birth in Africa” because a friend could have remembered it even to 2008, or the friend could have told another friend, who would have remembered. So, she could never have told anyone.

And, she could not have told even her son when he was a kid or a teenager because kids and teenagers tend to talk, and the friends that they have told could have remembered it even to 2008. So, she could never have told even Obama.

Even though she went to Kenya to see her in-laws and was presumably proud that she was doing that, she did not have any pictures taken with them or leave any pictures of her with them. Or, she or Obama himself arranged for all the photos to be burned in the years following that trip. Why no photos? Was she covering up even then?

Thus in order to believe that Obama was born in Kenya, a lot of what is normal about taking trips and talking frankly about your life has to be eliminated. It is normal to take photos, but there are no photos. It is normal to tell people about trips, but no one was told (or they are all dead or sworn to secrecy, which is hard to believe in itself).

(2) Obama’s mother, Ann, would have had to travel to Kenya in the ninth month of pregnancy.

This is intrinsic to the born-in-Kenya theory.

But let’s examine it. For most pregnant women, even today, if they had a chance to travel before the ninth month of pregnancy, or after it, they would. Why? Because it is easier to get around and see things when you are not carrying all that weight, and because there is always a chance of sickness. This was even more the case in 1961, when the statistics of stillbirth were higher than now.

So, if they went to Kenya at all (which is unlikely because of item 1 above), it is more likely that they traveled before the ninth month, such as during the Christmas break from college, or Spring break, or right away in June when the college ended courses for the summer. Or, they planned to travel after the birth, taking Obama with them, but never made the trip because a year later the couple was breaking up. It is highly unlikely that they took the trip in the ninth month of pregnancy, and even more unlikely LATE in the ninth month, when the birth might occur on a plane or in a car in Kenya.

Also, since it is a long trip, and they did not have direct flights Hawaii-Africa at the time, it would be more likely that they would want to see some of the sights along the way. Doing that makes a long and expensive trip seem more worthwhile, since in the process of going to Kenya you also get to see New York and London and maybe Rome or Cairo on the way to Kenya, or the other way via Tokyo. But to do this would mean that you planned the trip to take it when when walking around and seeing the sights is not so difficult for a pregnant woman, such as as many months as possible before the birth, or after the birth.

(3) Obama’s mother would not have wanted to travel to Kenya when she was pregnant because to travel to Africa in those days required a Yellow Fever shot, which is not good during pregnancy.

(4) IF Obama’s mother had traveled to Kenya in 1961, there would be official records of that trip available in Kenya.

According to the theorists of Obama’s birth in Kenya, this is explained by the Kenyan government having sealed Obama’s files, which otherwise would have shown his Kenyan birth documents, his mother’s arrival in Kenya, and his own travel documents (or his being entered on his father or mother’s passport) after his birth in Kenya.

But to say explain the absence of such official documents to the Kenyan government requires it to be part of the conspiracy, and it has to be a universally successful conspiracy in Kenya. By that I mean that not only is the Kenyan government covering up, but all members of the government or hospitals who may have had a chance to look into either the immigration or birth records must be keeping the secret. That means that many people who knew about Obama’s mother being in Kenya or about the birth in Kenya must be keeping the secret. But why should they? They might mention the fact that they saw the files at a bar for a free drink. Or they might bring the story to a newspaper, or a wire service.

(5) Not merely the Kenyan government has to be party to the conspiracy.

The officials in the state of Hawaii have to be conspiring as well. You will recall that in early November they issued a press release and subsequently were interviewed by the Honolulu Advertiser, saying that they had looked into Obamas’ files and from the contents of those files could confirm the accuracy of the Certification of Live Birth that Obama has posted on and shown to and

There are some conspiracy theorists who assert that what the officials in Hawaii did not say was that they had looked into the files and found a KENYAN birth certificate in the files. If so, they were intentionally misleading and were part of the conspiracy. To say that the certificate of live birth, which says on it that Obama was born in Honolulu, on the Island of Oahau, and in the County of Honolulu, is accurate after seeing a document from Kenya is a lie, and if it were shown that Obama really had been born in Kenya after giving the impression that he was born in Hawaii, the officials would be subject to prosecution for fraud. They would be very very unlikely to do that.

So, the officials in Hawaii and FactCheck and Polifact would have to be part of the conspiracy.

(6) On the other side of the story, the only “facts” that seem to weigh against the officials from Hawaii’s evidence that Obama was born in Kenya and the vast improbability of his mother traveling in the ninth month of pregnancy, is the tape recording of Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, who apparently said that she was present at his birth in Kenya.

There are a number of explanations for this: the most obvious being that she did not understand the question, the one that is not so very nice is that she is an old lady. The point to remember about this interview (and I urge you to listen to it again) is that it was not conducted in order to obtain useful evidence that Obama was either born or not born in Kenya. It was designed to get a “yes” to the question whether she had been present when he was born.

If the interview had been a fair investigation of whether Obama had been born in Kenya, it would have asked questions to demonstrate that Obamas’ grandmother understood the question or that she was not confused about being “present.”

In such cases, it is normal to ask verifying questions along the following lines: “How long were Obama’s parents in Kenya before the birth?” “Did they travel to your village first, or go to the hospital and deliver the child first?” “How many days did Obams’s mother spend in hospital after delivering the child?” “In what month was the birth?” “What hospital?” And then there are questions along these lines: “If he was born in Kenya, why aren’t there any photos of him with his grandparents in Kenya?”

(7) Other than the grandmother, who is on tape, there are also claims that other Obama relatives in Kenya said the same thing, that he was born in Kenya. However, these reports all stem from the same sources, Corsi and WND, and have not been verified by anyone else. And, they also have not been asked such questions as how long Obama’s parents were in Kenya before the birth and why there are no photos.

Re: the simple question: “Mr. Obama, where is your birth certificate?”

The first answer to this is that a certification of live birth is a birth certificate, but not in the sense of being the original document issued either by the hospital or by the state at the time of birth. But it is a birth certificate in the sense of being a document issued by the state relevant to the birth and declaring that the person was born at that time and in that place.

But you may say, “why hasn’t he released his original birth certificate?” The first answer is that it is unnecessary. The officials in Hawaii have confirmed that there is a document in the files showing that he was born in Hawaii. The certification of live birth, with the location of birth being in the USA, is enough for the US state department to issue passports, and in this case it has.

A longer answer would be along the following lines: Has anyone prior to this election asked to see the birth certificate of any president or presidential candidate before? I mean, did we ask to see Tom Jefferson’ s birth certificate, Tyler’s, Polk’s, Lincoln’s, Wilson’s, Hoover’s, FDR’s, JFK’s or either of the two Bushes’?

But in this case, the person has already shown his certification of live birth. Despite that a few people are asking that he show even more than that.

Why, since the certification of live birth proves his birth in the USA, since it is incredible to think that his mother traveled to Kenya in the ninth month of pregnancy and kept the secret all her life, and since the only ones who are asking for him to POST his original birth certificate are right-wing bloggers, should he do it?

To be sure, there are still some law cases pending, which might have the effect of requiring Obama to show his hospital birth certificate. IF so, there is an original birth certificate, in the files, (we know because the officials in Hawaii said so) and Obama can arrange to have it shown to the court. A court would be the right place to show it, not on-line, and a court would have the facilities to authenticate such a document. But unless a court asks to see it, why should he post it?

IF a court doesn’t ask to see it, then what? Well, you can keep on thinking that he was born in Kenya, although there is no evidence and it is most unlikely, or you can get on with your life. Did you know that there are still some people who believe that the US government continues to hide the bodies of aliens in Rosewell, NM?