Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tragedy of the Uninformed Voters

Time out from the current Talk Wisdom Bible study series to keep everyone up to date on the Obama election debacle.

First, you must see the videos at the web page: How Obama Got Elected. Also, don't forget to read the results of the survey at that page. Yes. It's shocking to see how uninformed voters can be. It is also very evident that the bias and non-reporting of all of Obama's radical associations (yet, the media widely covered Gov. Palin negatively) and the lack of coverage about the crimes of several Democratic leaders in Congress is precisely because we have a media of mass deception here in the United States.

Even blogging friends from other countries saw the huge amount of evidence for this fact. Check out Bill Muehlenberg's Culture Watch post on Media Bias.

I received a heart-wrenching email from an Internet acquaintance last night. He is so extremely concerned about what will happen to our nation once Obama is in office. Can't blame him one bit. I don't want America to become a Communist nation, either!

More detailed information on Communist Goals (1963) over at the NEIN Blog.

Absolutely chilling...and scary.

Well, I still hold out hope (filled with much prayer, too) that the truth about Obama's natural born citizenship status (or, lack thereof) will be once and for all proven and resolved. There are many people - (including Janet Porter of Faith2Action.org who wrote an absolutely breathtaking article over at World Net Daily) - working to do just that!

There are several bits of information that I'd like to share which may give you some additional hope.

First, according to a post over at Locomotive Breath 1901, Obama does not officially become the "president-elect" until January 6th, 2009.


Not until Jan. 6, 2009 when the official electoral vote is tallied by Congress and entered into the record. All this is done in accordance to Article 15, Chapter 1 of Title 3 of the United States Code.

More than a half dozen lawsuits have been filled demanding that Obama produce the original document to prove natural born citizenship. The Obama camp has dismissed these lawsuits as 'garbage'.Most courts have already dismissed these suits as 'vague' and 'without standing'. But if Joe Citizen is 'without standing' to require a candidate to meet the basic Constitutional requirements for office, then who does? How about another candidate for President.

"Alan Keyes, Presidential candidate of the American Independent Party, Wiley S. Drake, V.P. candidate of the Independent Party and California elector, and Markham Robinson, California elector have filed this lawsuit to prevent California from certifying their electors until satisfactory proof is produced that Obama is in fact a natural born citizen..."

It appears that we have a very uninformed electorate out there (hey, don't get mad - I could have phrased it the way Michele Malkin did at her blog) - but I didn't! ;-)

Of course, the media of mass deception is mostly to blame for this. However, each individual voter is also to blame for their own ignorance on important information surrounding each and every candidate. When a person (on the video) claims that he gets most of his "news" from the Bill Maher show - well - you get the kind of Obama voters that we got in the 2008 election.

But take heart! Truth is on the horizon! I just know it!

I was gratified to see that a full-page ad (thanks to Philip J. Berg Esquire of ObamaCrimes.com) is going out in the Washington Times National Weekly which asks three very important questions which have, as of yet, gone unanswered:

1. Was Barack Obama born in Kenya?

2. Is he really a citizen of Indonesia?

3. Does the Constitution still matter?


As news of the questions about Obama's citizenship status spreads, more and more people are getting actively involved with wanting proof of his natural born citizen status.

The truth may very well set us free:

* free from the tragic results of our current media of mass deception.

* free from the terrible errors of an uninformed electorate whose choice for the next president may be found to not even be eligible under the laws of the United States Constitution.

* free from the Marxist type of government that Obama would inflict upon our nation.


Just noticed the following blog post over at the NEIN blog:

A Wider Conspiracy

Perhaps this helps explain why there is dead silence on this issue from Congress!!



Additional update from The NEIN Blog:

The rub here is that Barack Hussein Obama was born to a Kenyan father (British citizen) and an American mother. He may have been born on foreign soil - only the 1961 typewritten long-form Certification of Live Birth which Obama has successfully demanded be sealed by the State of Hawaii can reveal the truth of his status as a citizen.

The Senate may have passed S. Res. 511, by "Unanimous Consent" on 30 APRIL 2008 but that does not make it binding federal law. As detailed under the definition of a "Simple Resolution" on the Senate.Gov website :

"Simple resolutions do not require the approval of the other house nor the signature of the President, and they do not have the force of law."

Stay tuned indeed.

Huge Hat Tip: The NEIN Blog

Update @ 1:32 p.m. PT:

At least ONE news outlet is covering the Keyes lawsuit!

Former Obama opponent now suing to prove President-elect's citizenship

HT: Commenter "Frank" at The NEIN Blog

Apparently, Drudge has it somewhere on his website, too. Just looked. It's way down towards the end of the news headlines. Hmmmm....at least there is a crack in the media silence on this issue....I guess.


How Obama Got Elected

Culture Watch

Locomotive Breath 1901


World Net Daily


Update 11/19/08 @ 3:13 p.m. PT:

Update @ 3:09 p.m. PT - Just learned of this!!




Today, the United States Supreme Court scheduled the case - Leo C. Donofrio v. Nina Mitchell Wells, Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey - US Supreme Court Docket No. 08A407 - for a conference of the nine Justices. The conference is a completely private affair.

If four of the nine Justices vote to hear the case in full review, oral argument may be ordered. The conference is scheduled for December 5, 2008, ten days before the meeting of the Electoral College.


jeleasure said...

Hi Christine,
Since receiving an email from my pastor, I have felt I should not bother sending out any more information concerning the 'election debacle'.

I went to a Bible Study and began to discuss with all there the current events. All seemed disturbed and uniformed by what I was saying. Looking around the room, I realized, "there is not a single person in this room I did not send these emails to. No one is reading what I have sent!".

I have been very tired, lately. Vicki came home today and told me that she realizes there are demons around us.

My pastor seemed to imply in his email to me, that his email in box is full of "email forwards"(and here is the implication: The email forwards are from other people. I think the very people I go to church with and Bible Study have "forwarded" my efforts to inform them, to my Pastor.)

I hold to a belief the American Family Association announced a statistic on. The report was that "only six percent of all people who call themselvs Christians truly understand the core message of the Bible".

In thinking a little more about my pastor's email response to my efforts to keep him informed, I see that he is praying for me to accept things the way they are. This is creepy. It is like we are surrounded with a million people who are brainwashed.

Christinewjc said...

Dear Jim,

There is so much that I'd like to write in response to your comment. Hope I don't get too longwinded (bad habit of mine).

There could be several reasons why people are taking the attitude(s) you described.

1. They don't care - really!

2. They are afraid - afraid of being persecuted. This is probably the reason that some Christian churches here in CA did not get involved with the Prop. 8 ballot issue.

3. They are too busy and like you said - didn't bother read the emails.

4. They are looking for guidance from your pastor, forwarded the emails and your pastor didn't want to hear about it or deal with it.

5. They are not born again in Christ in the first place.

6. They do not hold to a biblical worldview (I think that the statistic you stated - 6% - is about right).

7. They just think that God will handle it - they don't need to get involved or do anything. (I don't think that William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill, or Martin Luther; or many other great historical men in history would agree).

8. They think that the matter is resolved and believe that Obama is honest enough to never lie about his American citizenship status - so we need to just accept the results without questioning anything.

I'm sure there are more possible reasons, but those are just a few of the excuses that I have encountered while sharing this information with others.

It is truly, truly sad to see so many Christians "check out" of the reality of what is going on in this election.

All we can do is continue to pray, watch and work during such a time as this.

Don't let your heart be troubled too much, Jim. The Lord can turn a nation in a day. Trouble is, we are deserving of chastisement, discipline, and even punishment for letting our nation go so far astray. However, what man has meant for evil, God turns towards good.

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

If we have to go through four years of suffering, in order for our nation to repent and turn back to God, so be it. Perhaps by then, the people will mourn in their errors and someone like Gov. Sarah Palin - a God loving, conservative Christian person - will be elected and turn our nation back on track.

spud tooley said...

9. they realize that whatever grains of truth might be in one or two of these things have been completely overwhelmed by incessant cries of 'wolf' by people grasping at any straw to keep eight years of incompetency moving forward to destroy the country - the people who are disguising their very plain attempts to bring on the end of america behind blog sites espousing patriotism, christian faith, and 'saving the constitution'.

10. they wisely cast their vote for a much needed change in direction for our country but are too scared to admit it in the presence of people who will start foaming at the mouth with accusations of satan-worship, closet homosexual activities, and - at the very least - questions about their very salvation.

11. they're left speechless at how fellow christians could be acting in such unchristian ways, daily engaging in 'idle gossip', sowing division, and displaying the same tired colors of the pharisees two thousand years after Jesus said 'enough!' and came here to straighten things out.

12. they realize that they've seen all this before, either on jerry springer or the satruday morning cartoons. and, they didn't think it was that entertaining there, either.

13. they know the real problem is the fed, and the cartel of the uber-rich who run the country and orchestrate all the elections anyway. and that if all the sky-is-falling bloggers would turn their attention to something worthwhile, they might actually start providing something worth reading.

mike rucker
fairburn, georgia, usa

spud tooley said...

one other comment: to think that we had an entirely 'educated' electorate in 2000, then in 2004, and now all of a sudden we have only stupid people voting for a candidate is even more naive than your normal fare here.

the jury is still out on whether or not voters were 'stupid' in this election in who they voted for.

the evidence is nearly all in, and is clearly overwhelming, that stupidity reigned supreme in 2000 and 2004.

and i'm speaking as one of those 2000/2004 'stupid' voters.

fool me once (2000)? shame on you.

fool me twice (2004)? shame on me.

fool me a third time (2008)?

what do you think i am - stupid?...

see if one of these events is happening in your city this weekend...


Christinewjc said...

Mike wrote:

"what do you think i am - stupid?..."

Remember - you said it, I didn't!

By any chance, Spud, did you leave an anonymous comment over at The NEIN Blog yesterday? The host removed it (can't blame him) but before it was removed I responded. I think it applies to your recent rant:

Gosh anonymous - why don't you tell us how you really feel?

All Obama has to do is show his vault length COLB. If he is legitimately a natural born citizen, then he should be president. If not, then HE SHOULDN'T! It's as simple as that!

Get off your Bush bashing high horse and face the fact of this matter. It appears that your ObamaBorg mentality just can't seem to admit that there is something extremely fishy about your candidate hiring hundreds of lawyers to prevent the release and showing of his vault length COLB.

Since you are a proverbial Bush basher, Mike, I'm sure that you would never admit that one of his successes during his presidency is the fact that we haven't been hit by terrorists on our own soil over the last 7 years. Being that you never want to give credit where credit is due, I have stated it here, instead.

Secondly, President Bush has always held to his presidential pledge and steadfast position to "protect America from foreign or domestic enemies." That is the first and foremost job of the leader of our nation.

You do not seem to want to address (or care about) the fact that Obama's secrecy regarding his vault length COLB and other documents (college papers, lawyer issues etc.)is troubling to many of the 52 million people who voted for John McCain and who now know about the controversy over Obama's birth place.

Why is that?

Why doesn't this bother you?

I left a comment at Sean's (The NEIN) blog. He responded with some additional pertinent information that shows why people like me are concerned about Obama's secrecy regarding his birth place:

I wrote:

I am SO UNEASY about all of this! If Americans don't wake up and sound the alarm bells about Obama's possible ineligibility to be POTUS, then we could be in grave danger.

There is an immensely important reason why our Founding Fathers put "natural born citizen" status as a prerequisite for POTUS. They intellectually surmised that one day, a person might run for POTUS with secret loyalty to another nation which could put our nation in jeopardy.

There is TOO MUCH SECRECY around Obama's history and lack of papers - especially the fact that he has hundreds of lawyers (and Gov. Lingle in Hawaii) trying to keep his vault length COLB from being examined by the public. Why is that? There can be only three possible reasons.

1. He doesn't have one. We should know why!

2. The one he has will prove he's not a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution and is therefore, ineligible to be POTUS. Obama has taken great lengths not to let anyone see it. This scenario seems the most plausible.

3. There is something embarrassing on it that he wants hidden from the public.

I really doubt that the last reason would cause such intense secrecy.

I think that the American public deserves to know the truth about where Obama was born - and we need to demand that his vault length COLB be shown to the public!

Sean responded:

I have to go back a bit to to touch upon something which I truly intended to acknowledge earlier. It is a very profound, rock solid truth about what the Founding Fathers believed.

Christinewjc wrote...
"There is an immensely important reason why our Founding Fathers put "natural born citizen" status as a prerequisite for POTUS. They intellectually surmised that one day, a person might run for POTUS with secret loyalty to another nation which could put our nation in jeopardy."

This statement by Christine is absolutely, positively, 110% correct. I want to repeat it... but louder this time...

"There is an immensely important reason why our Founding Fathers put "natural born citizen" status as a prerequisite for POTUS. They intellectually surmised that one day, a person might run for POTUS with secret loyalty to another nation which could put our nation in jeopardy."

Nailed it! I think every Citizen of the United States should at least once in his or her life pay a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Perhaps even twice. On the tour you will learn the basis for the "natural born citizen" clause.

What I was previously unaware of until a recent visit to Williamsburg was that the ultimate basis for this belief was the pre-existing fear-based rivalry between the British throne and the Papacy - which is to say between the Church of England and the Roman Holy See & the Pope - and it had everything to do with the fear of a leader with real or imagined loyalties to a foreign king. It even goes further back than that to Imperial Rome and the new Christians whose loyalty was to the Messiah King, Jesus Christ. This was translated or transmutated over time to earthly realms of kings, princes and principalities, and it still a fact to this day, and will be a fact during the reign of the future antichrist. It is the core of the conflict between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, the real God vs. false god core issue. But I digress...

Did you know this sense continued in America right on up to President J. F. Kennedy? That's right, no Catholic had been elected President until JFK was elected because of the long-standing fear that a Catholic believer would be ultimately loyal to the Pope before and above the Constitution of the United States. This is the basis for the "natural born citizen" clause. And it took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg just last summer for me to learn this important bit of American history.

Good work bringing this point up Christine, and thank you for reminding me about it.

Now we're worried about a likely POTUS who has not so much a loyalty to a foreign king, but loyalty and an agenda tied to a foreign ideology - an antithesis ideology - to that which has been uniquely American since the founding of this Republic. That is the core issue in a nutshell, and this is why I had to return to this comment.

You see, Mike - THIS ISN'T A MINOR ISSUE! Not when it comes to the presidency of the United States of America!

Obama can be just a "naturalized citizen" in order to be a senator. But according to our Constitution, he CANNOT BE PRESIDENT UNLESS HE IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

All we are asking - as fellow citizens of the United States, is for PROOF OF HIS CITIZENSHIP.

This issue is not going away. Those who a valiantly fighting for the truth of the matter will not give up until it is resolved - however long it takes.

spud tooley said...

All we are asking - as fellow citizens of the United States, is for PROOF OF HIS CITIZENSHIP.

this is NOT what you're asking, and it's NEVER been.

you're asking for him to come around personally to each of you and convince you one-on-one that he has a legitimate birth certificate.

through proper, legal means, the birth certificate has been determined valid.

YOU and the lawsuit whackos are only saying, 'that's not good enough. so-and-so debunked it.'

and what will happen when he shows it, christine?

someone ELSE will debunk it, and the endless loop continues ad nauseum.

and you know, if you stop and THINK a minute, that i am exactly right. and i will admit that, were the shoe on the other foot - republican president vs obsessed, blinded-by-their-hatred, and unwilling-to-accept-the-vote-of-the-majority-of-americans democrats, THEY WOULD DO THE SAME THING.

the endless pursuit of nixon.

the impeachment of clinton.


arms for hostages.

the list goes ON and ON and ON. whatever the issue is, there will be a vocal not-so-minor minority that will remain UNconvinced. and will demand SOMETHING else.

that he hasn't shown the birth certificate to you, or to NEIN, or to Berg, or to whomever, is irrelevant. the law isn't that the president have to show his birth certificate to anyone who asks.

and, no - i didn't make a comment over at NEIN. going back and forth here is about all my blood pressure and rationality can stand... :)

the reason we haven't seen another attack is because the attack accomplished what the oil men and war advocates wanted. they deal in the macro, and individuals at the micro are really irrelevant.

al qaeda just made some disparaging remarks about obama today. this either disproves all your ranting about obama being in bed with them, or strengthens my view that this is all going according to expectations.

in the end, we've - i have, anyway - lost the faith and trust we should have in our government - republican, democrat, whatever.

and that's our biggest issue.


Gary Baker said...

"in the end, we've - i have, anyway - lost the faith and trust we should have in our government - republican, democrat, whatever."

And yet despite that, he declares support for the candidate that has promised to greatly expand its power over the citizenry. It's little wonder that a psychiatrist wrote a paper classifying liberalism as a form of mental illness...

Christinewjc said...

Good points, Gary.

Mike - this is why upholding the U.S. Constitution is so extremely important. Our Founding Fathers knew the hearts of men. Most were Christians. They knew what the Bible said:

Jer 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

That is why they created many checks and balances within our Constitutional Republic. We are NOT just a Democracy. More precisely, we are a Democratic Republic.

It is just so unfortunate that so many politicians have become so corrupt, that it is difficult to find an honest one anymore!

Personally, I think that this is one of the reasons why Gov. Sarah Palin was so well received. As the public got to know her, people instinctively saw that she doesn't have the political bag of garbage surrounding her - like so many others Washington D.C. do.