Saturday, October 31, 2009

Did You Know That UNICEF Supports Abortion?

It is always a very sad and deeply troubling thing to discover that a charity that you may have previously supported has become involved with abortion funding. Years ago, I had learned this horrible fact about the March of Dimes. More recently, I also found out that the Susan G. Komen breast cancer charity funnels money to pro-abortion groups. Today, via The Family Policy Network, I have been reminded of another charity that, unfortunately, funds pro-abortion ideology and activity - UNICEF.

The following is a copy of an email I received today:

Children throughout the U.S. to raise money for UNICEF on Halloween

– Parents should beware of a Halloween trick-or-treat fundraising scheme that benefits a pro-abortion division of the United Nations (UN). Children throughout the U.S. will be carrying fundraising literature from house to house to raise money for the UN’s “Children’s Emergency Fund” (UNICEF).

While UNICEF purports to raise money to purchase food and medicine for impoverished children, its real aim is to fight for socially-liberal public policies for children around the world. According to a 2004 article in The Weekly Standard, UNICEF has abandoned its job of saving sick and hungry children, “to join the great march toward universal sex freedom.”

Joseph Bottum, writing for The Weekly Standard, criticized UNICEF for failing to work toward saving the world’s most vulnerable children. He wrote, “Of the world’s 10 million children who died [in 2003] of preventable diseases and starvation, two-thirds could have been saved by effective international intervention through UNICEF, according to a recent essay in the British medical journal The Lancet.”

American Life League President Judie Brown criticized UNICEF’s fundraising tactics by saying, “Parents believe their children are doing something noble when they forego their Halloween candy and collect money for UNICEF, but they probably have no idea where the money goes. Few parents suspect that UNICEF supports abortion.”

Mrs. Brown said UNICEF has strayed from its original mandate to feed and clothe hungry children around the world. “The evidence of involvement in anti-life efforts is so indisputable that several years ago, the Vatican announced it would no longer support UNICEF,” she said. “That’s a very clear message.”

In recent years, UNICEF has collaborated with other agencies in programs promoting abortion, contraception, sterilization and population control. These programs involved organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. UNICEF also honored liberal billionaire Ted Turner for his financial support of population control efforts.

“There are a number of good ways to minister to the poor,” said Mrs. Brown, “but obviously, funding UNICEF is not among them. We advise all parents to take this information to their children’s teachers, and put an end to trick-or-treating for an anti-family, anti-church, anti-life organization.”


Weekly Standard- UNICEF has been taken over by abortion activists.

National Review- UNICEF endorses worldwide abortion legalization. UNICEF Unfit to Receive Halloween Donations UNICEF Demands Abortion for Underage Girls

The official site for UNICEF Halloween fundraising in U.S.:

P.O. Box 1199 - Forest, VA 24551

(202) 470-5095 - Telephone
(202) 318-0226 - Facsimile

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Mya said...

Yes,as a matter of fact I did know that.Anything connected to the communist UN and globlaism is an abomination if you look past the glossy propaganda.