Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Is Pulling Obama's Strings?

Answer: Plenty of Marxist, Maoist, Communist radicals and evil minds are behind this Resident in chief - yanking on the strings to make their dancing puppet react to their bidding. The biggest and most evil marketer and financier has to be Soros. Next, are Thing One and Thing Two - a.k.a. David Axelrod and Rahm "dead fish" Emanuel. But there are many, many more - who have surrounded Obama in the past nine months that make this Residency at the White House scarier than any butcher knife wielding weirdo that stars in the annual Halloween nightmare movies!

Liz Peek at Fox News asks:

"Is a new narrative starting to build? Is David Axelrod beginning to emerge as Geppetto to President Obama’s Pinocchio?"

The Obama File writes:

Liz Peek says Obama fans are in a tight spot. As the White House turns ever harsher and more divisive, supporters are scrambling to explain why Resident Obama sounds so very different from Campaigner Obama. There are two possible explanations, neither of which is flattering. The first is that Obama was insincere on the campaign trail. The second is that his advisers -- David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel -- are in control. The latter view is bound to take hold and it will not boost Obama’s flagging popularity ratings.

Many who voted for Obama feel deceived. When he said in Florida last year "we cannot afford the same political games and tactics that are being used to pit us against one another," people believed him. When he extolled "rejecting fear and division for unity of purpose," people believed him. When he said on election night "I will listen to you, especially when we disagree," people believed him.

Why has Obama left those admirable promises behind? Why is his administration going after Fox News, the Chamber of Commerce, insurance executives, AIG management, the drug industry, the Chrysler bondholders and any and all who oppose his policies?

Many believe that Obama is being manipulated by his political adviser David Axelrod and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. The aura of Chicago politics drifts over the capital like a smog. Ironically, the nasty assaults may be calculated to offset a growing view that Obama is not tough enough to stand up to his detractors. He already looks weak as he "dithers" on Afghanistan, repeatedly blames George Bush for his problems and kow-tows to foreign leaders while apologizing for our nation’s past. Surely, though, it will not help Obama if the country begins to suspect he is not his own man. Being seen as a follower in his own White House will surely magnify an unhealthy aura of in consequence.

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P.S. Go visit The Obama File and read "20 Hours." If that does not anger you about Obama - nothing will.

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