Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Interesting Conversation

Back in August 2009, my blogging friend (and frequent commentator here at Talk Wisdom,) Gary Baker, launched his new blog One of Seven-Thousand. There is a really good conversation going on under his latest post titled Those Who Will Not See.


My family and I are going through a series of videos and discussions at our church called “The Truth Project.” (For those of you who wish to opine that the project might contain very little truth, I would appreciate it if you accompanied such opinions with a specific complaint that would show that you have actually been exposed to the material and found a fact-based complaint or error. I don’t want to make fun of you as bigoted or ignorant, but if you approach without doing the homework you really leave me no choice.) One of our related homework assignments was to watch “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” by Ben Stein. (Same notations apply).

At the very end of “Expelled,” Ben asks Richard Dawkins how he will feel if he goes through his entire life seeking to stamp out religion, expires, and then finds himself face-to-face with God. Mr. Dawkins replies words to the effect of “Why did you take such great pains to hide yourself?”

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I had participated in four sessions of The Truth Project back in June, 2008. They were very informative and I had planned to complete the course in the future. One of the most important things that participants in The Truth Project learn, is the influence of Jesus Christ and the Bible in the foundation of America. I wrote about my experience with the first lesson here.

I saw Ben Stein's movie several times. Dawkin's question was interesting to hear from someone who labels themselves as an atheist or skeptic.

Dawkin's question indicates that the subject of faith in a non-believer's mind is based on "seeing before believing." Whereas, Jesus asks us to "believe" first, then we shall see. The funny thing to realize is that those who believe in Darwinism actually hold to a faith in things not seen! They need to have "faith" that the scientists who came up with the theory are telling the truth. The more time that goes by and the more intelligence and design that we see in the universe and throughout the world of our existence - the more impossible the theory of Darwinism becomes.

Be sure to read through the comment section. You will see how relativism vs. faith, (and, to some extent, the Creation/Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism) arguments cause people to either believe in the absolute truth of Jesus Christ, God and the Bible; or, to believe in man's own wisdom and knowledge (and errors) as is contained in the belief of Darwinism, other religions, and/or the concept of religious relativism. (sorry about the long run-on sentence!)

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