Thursday, October 15, 2009

WH's Anita Dunn Admires Killer of 70 Million - Mao Tse-Tung (10/17 Update)

Tell you what people...I was in tears right along with Glenn Beck today during his exclusive exposure of Communist and brutal dictator lover - Anita Dunn - and her maniacal admission that she "admires" China's killer of over 70 million people - Mao Tse Tung. At first, I was in shock and disbelief while hearing Dunn tell a group of high school graduates of her sick and absolutely dreadful political fondness of a man who probably was responsible for more murders than Hitler!!

When Glenn played that old commercial from the sixties where Vic Damone (I think it was him) sang "will you remember the times of your life;" it brought back such fond memories of a simpler time here in America - where Republican and Democrat leaders both loved, honored, and cherished our beloved country. Today, our government has been hijacked and infiltrated by Commie-Fascist far left LUNATICS who want to "change" America into a Marxist dictatorship and thugocracy. I teared up. Then, I actually wept for our country.

There is SO MUCH that I would like to write about and say tonight. But, I will hold back on some of it until tomorrow.

I just can't believe what is happening to our nation! It is being hijacked right before our very eyes!

Could you imagine what Ronald Reagan would think if he was still alive today - seeing this Communist takeover going on in our nation's capital? He fought hard - his entire life - against Communism. To see the current bogus POTUS in the White House being surrounded by liars, tax cheats, crooks, thugs, and Communist sympathizers after all that Reagan did to eradicate corruption and Marxism in our country would probably have killed him.

It is a bittersweet blessing that my father isn't alive today to see what has happened since he and his fellow Greatest Generation military heroes won the war against Nazism, Communism, and Japanese totalitarianism. They were all responsible for saving Europe from the clutches of such evil! If he was here today, I'm certain that he would not be able to believe how the current administration has trashed all that we stand for, (and stood for back then), as a Constitutional Republic who took our Charters of Freedom seriously enough to fight in WWII and come home to nothing less than total victory!

Today, we have a namby pamby phony president, and a gaffe-filled always-wrong-on-foreign-affairs VP; and a Congress filled with far left drones who can't see, hear, or smell the evil rising from the stench of the Chicago-way thug politics which is hell bent on destroying America!


If you missed Glenn's show, you can see video clips and essays about it at the following links. Hat tips all around:

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10/17/09 Update:

This would be considered hilarious - if the topic weren't so blatantly and horribly serious!

From Glenn Beck email:

Chairman Anita

Anita Dunn, the White House spokesperson put in charge of watching Fox News all day long, had a bad day yesterday. A watchdog found out that Anita happens to be a fan of Chairman Mao -- who happens to be a fan of killing tens of millions of people. Glenn plays the audio of Anita as she talks to a class of graduating high school students about her 'favorite political philosopher' and the life lessons they can take from him. Glenn reacts, plus Jake Tapper from ABC tweeted Anita's response.

Apparently Dunn replied, "Let it be noted that I also quoted Mother Teresa, but no one is accusing me of being a saint!"

Leftist liberalspeak at its worst!


madmath1 said...

Never did I think in my lifetime I would hear praise for perhaps the biggest mass murder in human history. 60 million and that's what we know of. Take the secret executions and the four year war against the National government before his rise to power and 70 million isn't out of the question and we have "professors" praising this evil man. Nothing liberals do anymore suprises me any more. All that is evil are defended by these soulless ghouls. I remember Reagan and never after his terms were over how we're going to fall into the very enemy that he bloodied beyond recovery. Stalin would be proud of our POTUS and the democrat party. I would had though that would be an ebarassment and shame for them, but they wear that as a badge of honor, something they know nothing about. Michelle may be proud of her country now, I just weep over her death.

Scott said...

It was ok when Karl Rove, John McCain and Lee Atwater quoted him but NOW it's an issue because somebody on team Obama did it right?

I love reading this site (and rarely comment) because you truly are a scary delusional woman.

By the way, Obama breathes air, I suggest you start a boycott.

MurrayA said...

Like you, I weep at what a far-left, radical Chicago gangster-politician is doing to your once-great country. I too was aghast at what Glenn Beck revealed regarding Anita Dunn.
However, it's not wholly surprising. Let me share with you this anecdote. Here in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood is the Presbyterian Ladies' College (PLC). In 1976 when mao died all the students, at the behest of their teachers, held up Mao's little red book and chanted a song to him - in the public assembly hall! This despite the fact that even Melbourne's most left-wing newspaper, The Age, published quite prominently Mao's dictum, "Power flows out of the barrel of a gun" (but still continued to praise him in sycophantic and adulatory language). This in 1976, in an ostensibly Christian College!
I am thankful to say that not long after, Christian conservatives regained the College and refounded it on Gospel principles, and has remained so for many years. But the pison has been spreading for a long time. Don't forget, that "the Frankfurt School" (a leftist think-tank which began after World War I) way back in the 1920s announced "the long march" to capture every institution and organ of government and society. And in capturing America they have almost succeeded.

Anti-gag said...

Hi all,

I've just taken your test, and I rated innocent on every point, but it still reckons I'm bound for Hell. What's going on, is it fixed?

It simply isn't fair God's cheating. And there was nothing about misspelling in the whole test.

Keep well
Chris Hill
(Very drunk)

PS. If misspelling is a sin then most Americans are totally up the creek without a paddle, because colour has a "u" in it.

Anti-gag said...

I've just retaken the test, but this time I lied and hit the guilty button on each question. The result exactly the same as when I told the truth ie. I'm innocent of all sin.

What's going on?

Keep well
Chris Hill

Gary Baker said...


Here's what's going on: Our standing with God is determined on our relationship with him (which is good, because based on your reported results from the test, it sounds like you are quite the liar. Anyway...) It's a lot like parenting. I don't love my daughters based on how good they are. I love them because they love me and acknowledge me as their father. And even if they didn't acknowledge me, I would still love them. It would just be so much harder for me to do everything I wanted to do for them. In fact, if they refused, it would be impossible.

Your profile says you are an engineer. So am I. Use some of those logic skills and put it together.

Christinewjc said...

Madmath1 - Thanks for confirming that 70 million figure. I neglected to do the research on my own and just took Beck's word for it.

You have said a lot in your comment and I agree with it all. Soulless ghouls - that's an accurate description of the "party of death" in - and surrounding - the White House today.

I am still praying fervently that this nightmare gangster government gets kicked out of office before the policies that would ruin this nation become irreversible.

Many states have declared sovereignty for that very purpose. So far, it has been a bloodless battle. But if push comes to shove, I KNOW that American patriots will stand up against tyranny - in any form that it rears it's ugly head. And that ugly head is this current bogus POTUS who should be jailed and then deported back to Kenya.

We must also sweep out all of the corruption in Congress - starting with Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Frank - just to name a few.

Christinewjc said...

MurrayA -

I didn't know about that. Thanks for the little history lesson.

I don't know what it will take to wake up the rest of America who have become so drunk with ObamaBORG Kool-Aid that they still can't see that our freedoms, rights, and ultimately our country is being siezed from us! Too many still think that because their guy "won" - it doesn't matter that he is dismantling our sovereignty at an alarming rate.

Yes - the statist "progressive" poison has been spreading for quite some time now. We conservatives wanted to let all "live and let live" so we let them get too far. But just like in the same-sex marriage struggle here in CA last year, when we know that it is crucial to state "you shall not pass" that line in the sand, we get to work and get it done. The same is going to happen against the Obama tyranny being inflicted upon our nation now. We CANNOT ALLOW OBAMA HELLCARE to pass! No Cap and Trade either! We shall defeat these goons because WE THE PEOPLE are stronger and more numerous than the lunatics in our government.

Christinewjc said...

Scott -

Did you view the videos at the links? Sounds to me like you didn't. Dunn did more than just "quote" Mao.

You must have issues with scary delusions. Normal people don't usually visit the sites of those they seriously deem "scary" and "delusional." Are you a Kool-Aid drinking ObamaBORG Bot taking money to comment on conservative blogs?

You are either too young, or just too ignorant (or both!) to recognize when your country is being hijacked by a tyrannical few who want to turn it into Maoland.