Saturday, October 03, 2009

Share Your Concerns!

Photo: Me and the "Don't Tread On Me" guy at the Temecula TEA Party
on July 4, 2009.

Hearing the concerns of the moms who spoke during Glenn's two shows - "A Mother's Challenge" made me realize that quite often, one mom's concern is often every mom's concern! I would also include dads. One dad's concern is often every dad's concern!

I am very grateful for the new "As a Mom" website. It gives me the opportunity to share questions and answers with like-minded mothers who are highly concerned for our children. I have posted this essay over there and am waiting for replies.

It is quite evident that millions of Americans - of all walks of life - are upset with the executive, legislative and even the judicial branch of our government. Thousands of Gadsden flags with the "Don't Tread On Me" message were displayed during the Washington D.C. TEA Party Rally for a reason - PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT LOSING THEIR LIBERTY with this out-of-control spending that our government is doing. They are refusing to listen to us when we hold signs that simply say - STOP THE SPENDING!

Just how did we get to this point? Share what you know are the reasons why we are so far off course from what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this nation! I think that listing all of our concerns is a good place to start.

The remainder of this post is a list that I had started last week. It is my goal to continually add to this list. Input from readers are welcome. Please add your concerns in the comment section.


Previous post:

This post will be my way of sharing many of the concerns that I have about the terrible direction that this current bogus POTUS, his "progressive" (meaning, Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Tyranny driven administration), and all of those unconstitutional rabidly-radical and crazy minded czars.

If you have been watching Glenn Beck's T.V. show, you already know that he is seeking 56 re-founders to get our nation back to the Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers created for us at the birth of our nation. We have 5 so far, so we need 51 more. This effort, though very noble, will take a LOT of time. Therefore, it is important to list our own individual concerns (including all of those on the 40 pages that Glenn received from moms across the nation!) so that we have a record of them and can attempt to have such concerns addressed at rallies and town hall meetings.

The following is a work in progress. It is an ongoing list of concerns regarding much of what really bothers me about our current government. This is what I have written so far:

I'm thrilled to learn that there are now 5 re-founders! Last I heard, there were only two. We need to praise God for those 5 brave people who have made the commitment to expose the corruption in Washington D.C. and work to get it (and those perpetrators) OUT! We already have our prayer answered - with just these 5 people! We must continue to wait (patiently) for the Lord's timing is perfect. We must continue to watch what is going on and watch for Christ's return. And, we must WORK during this time of chaos to alert those who:

1. Do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior according to God's Word, the Bible.

2. Have not been awakened to the fact that we have a gangster government (thanks for coining that phrase, Rep. Michele Bachmann!) where "soft" tyranny is creeping up on our citizens with the ultimate goal of hardcore tyranny eventually being forced upon this nation and our people.

3. Are not aware of the dangers of Marxism - they must be educated - and not by the Socialist teachers and professors in public and higher education.

4. Have not prepared for what is to come. The lack of trust for this corrupt government under an alleged usurper is growing exponentially and should alarm every American. People are turning to Fox News shows (like Glenn Beck's), the Internet and blogs to get the truth! They now know how the Media of Mass Deception has lied to the public over and over again! The Fringe Media can no longer be trusted. The New Media is much more truthful and reliable!

5. Have been very suspicious of the swine (H1N1) flu "epidemic" and the forced vaccination orders being given by the government. Hundreds of nurses and other medical professionals are refusing to get the vaccination - even if it means they will lose their jobs! What does that tell you? [Update: RepubX reports: Video: Ghadafi said during UN speech that H1N1 is an artificial bioweapon...maybe he's not so crazy? Naaa...that's crazy talk! Or is it??

6. Are not yet aware or highly concerned that Barack Obama IS A BIG FAT DECEPTIVE LIAR and has not released his vault-length COLB or other bona-fide documents about his past. Therefore we are only left with possible speculations about why he refuses to do so! Read everything at The Obama File each day to keep up with all of the Obaminations.

7. Are not concerned that Obama has had 30 meetings about the Olympics coming to Chicago in 2016, but only had time to meet with General McCrystal once [update: now twice - big whoop] - who has made a desperately needed request for more troops in Afghanistan in order to win that fight.

8. Are not aware of, and/or concerned about the Chicago corruption machine that surrounds Obama. Did you see Glenn's program today [9/30/09]? He stated that Obama gave an "ethics waver" so that Valerie Jarrett [link added 10/1/09] could work with him in the administration!! In fact, she is one of his closest advisers!! Have you ever heard of an "ethics waver" before? Oh yeah... perhaps it was also used when tax cheat Tim Geithner became Treasury Secretary?

9. Is anyone no longer aware of the corruption that is ACORN?

10. And - what is with this Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force? Not worried about it? Well then what about the insignia they are wearing? Check Out the American Police Force LOGO & who they are!

More will be added to this list as I think of them. Please feel free to share your concerns in the comment section. I would love to add them to this list! One mother's concern is often every mother's concern! One dad's concern is often every dad's concern.

Of course, we must continue to pray about all of these situations. God is our protector and our strength! Through Him all things are possible! We all need to continue to pray for more patriots in Congress to become re-founders.

Thank you to the five who have already stepped forward to be re-founders! May God bless you in your work, and protect each of you and your families. The mom and dad patriots of this nation will have our voices heard and will be cheering you on towards success in cleaning up the corruption in Washington D.C.!

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Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
You stated above that you want the spending to stop, but yet you are complaining that President Obama is ignoring General McCrystal and his request for more troops (and therefore more money).
Are you willing to spend more of everyone's tax dollars on this 8 year war in Afghanistan? Is that spending o.k.? Maybe President Obama is trying to stop that particular spending...

Christinewjc said...


Money spent for our national security via the efforts of our military to fight the global War on Terror is NEVER wasted.

Right now, our troops lives are at stake. Heard that 9 in one day were recently killed. 43 total last month! The rules of engagement were changed (to lessen civilian casualties) and now our troops are dying because of this!

We either win (preferred) or retreat (which is what I sadly think that Obama might do) and allow Afghanistan to become another safe haven for terrorist training. When the general that Obama picked to lead in that war tells him that more troops are needed, I think that he should listen to him. Obama has had zero military training. Therefore, he is ill-equipped (IMO) to deny what the commanders in the field say is needed to win the war.