Thursday, October 22, 2009

White House Emails Correction to MSNBC Lapdogs!

This is just too good! Peoples - we need to post and spread this all around the blogs! I first found it over at RepubX, then saw it posted at GateWay Pundit.

Click Here to view Video.

“Interaction with Jake Tapper was not heated.” That’s what the White House just HAD to correct via an email to the lapdogs at MSNBullCrap???

Hilarious!!! Yes – I can’t wait to hear the commentary about this on Glenn’s show!

P.S. – This must also mean that everything Glenn has reported on his show has been accurate because the assigned Maoist-loving, Fox News watching czar Commie Anita Dunn, has not called in (or used a carrier pigeon – HA!) to correct what Glenn is presenting on his show!

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