Monday, October 19, 2009

Obamaland: Crybabies In Diapers!

*Sigh*... the weekend is over. I so enjoy my time with family, away from the news (for the most part) and studying the Word of God. There is something about reading the Bible. It refreshes me. It calms me and points me back in the direction of what God wants to show me in this brief life that we all share on this earth.

Yesterday, as I played with our dog in the yard I thought of the Amish. Sometimes I envy them. They live the simpler kind of life - in total devotion to God and their families. Since they don't watch TV or peruse the Internet, they most likely don't even know what is going on with this juvenile, and at the same time dangerous gangster government!

The rest of us, however, need to be on guard as gatekeepers for our Republic and Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE cannot let this Marxist tyrannical group - masquerading as government "leaders" go unchecked. We must continue to be diligent, watching every move that they make.

Thank God for conservative Internet bloggers, talk radio, Fox News, and especially the Glenn Beck Program. All of these venues are exposing the ridiculous nature of the people in Washington D.C. who are currently "playing government." Take the latest fiasco designed to take our attention away from ObamaSCARE HELLcare and the Crap and Trade legislation. There latest crazy and infantile bed-wetting deed? Slam Fox News.

That's right! The most popularly viewed cable news organization is being targeted by the White House "elites" (quotes required because they should be regarded as anything BUT truly elite!) and they are crying like little babies in diapers that Fox News dares to fact check what they say!!

Can you believe that?

Yes you can!

Oops...didn't mean to use THAT tired cliche'!

I ask - what is this...Venezuela? Does Obama and his cronies champion themselves as the latest Hugo Chavez regime? What ASSES - all of them! Sorry but the word just...well...fits!

Here is one of many articles and blog posts being written about the clowns in the White House:

White House to Fox News: How Dare You Check Our 'Facts'


I must admit... I thought for sure that the Obama administration's "war" against Fox News would surely just be a skirmish. Think about it. Fox News is more popular than all other cable news channels, and yet Obama's minions still thought it was a good strategy to go after the network. Their actions paint a clear picture of an administration that is elitist and arrogant.

Rather than realize they are employing a game plan that will fail, the Obama team has escalated the war. Now they are not only refusing to supply any guests for Fox News programs, but they are also telling other news networks to "join the administration in declaring that Fox is 'not a news organization.'" Remember the picture that Obama and the media painted of him? He was supposed to be the person that brought the country together, right? What we are seeing through his use of race-baiting, prior administration bashing, and now the attacks against Fox News is that the arrogance and elitism of him and his advisers knows no bounds.

Be sure to continue reading here and view the videos.

I won't give it away, but the comment left by "Geezer" at the end of the article is priceless!

Don't know about you, but I can't wait until we have REAL, GENUINE ADULTS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!


GOP USA - The Loft


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