Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Obama Reads

I did some web research on this photo to make sure that it was genuine and not photoshopped. There are several links below where you can get a somewhat "fair and balanced" explanation for why Obama would be reading such a book. I, for one, find just the title very disturbing.

NYTimes: From Books, New President Found Voice


Urban Legends

Infowars: What Obama Reads

I'm a bit rushed this morning - need to get to an appointment. Will be back for more commentary later.

Update - 11/2/09

It appears that there is not much interest in commenting on this post. Therefore, I won't bother with a long commentary.

For me, it just looks REALLY BAD that Obama would read such a book and carry it in public like that.

One of the reviews about it reads:

By Gianluca Zanna "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" (Arizona) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Post-American World (Paperback)
The Post-American World. Zakaria's book argues that a world order is emerging led by the authoritarian slave state China and India.

Zakaria is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, where he hangs out with insiders such as Brent Scowcroft, CFR president Richard Haass, and CFR member and former Clinton college roomate Strobe Talbott. Zakaria is a Bilderberg attendee, a senior staff member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a member of the Trilateral Commission. He was the editor of the CFR's house organ, Foreign Affairs.

this book is worth to buy it just to see what type of tyranny the global elite scum of the New World Order is preparing for America and the rest of the world, including the planned destruction of America and our Freedom.

So fits that Obama would read such a book.

From the discussion forum at

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2009 11:21 PM PST
The Patriot says:
To J.H.....oh, and a term as a local representative, and then a partial term as a do-nothing always-campaigning Senator is necessary experience? Obama is a joke when you consider his qualifications against what even Sarah Palin has done. Two different jobs in government with EXECUTIVE experience. The governor of a State is MORE than qualification. Obama didn't even show up in the Senate half the time, nor did he even finish out a single term. Education doesn't make for a President either. That's a snob liberal point of view if I ever heard one.....straight from the Ivory tower.

What exactly has Obama done? Trying hard to implement the Communist Manifesto for one. Implementing collectivism. Being blatant about the redistribution of wealth. Confiscation of privately held concerns. Ignoring the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Did you hear the interview where he groused that the Constitution is flawed because it doesn't say what government MUST do for you? That tells you who he really is.

People will vote for him because only he's "not Bush". That's a shortsighted view. People also vote for him because they equate Democrats to FDR and JFK, and they think the party will never do them wrong. Straight party ticket voting. Got news for today's environment, JFK would have been a moderate to conservative Republican in his views. The party has gone so far left that Hugo Chavez blushes in admiration. Hitler and Stalin if alive would be considering Obama their best buddy -- if Hitler could get around the race thing. FDR should have been impeached for high crimes against the Constitution for his power grab and was no saint. I'm glad WW2 came along and refocused his "agenda".

If you like love Obama. If you love liberty and want to keep the BUM OUT.

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